Former DEA and CIA Operatives: Los Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012 (Using U.S. Government Weapons)

"Los Zetas use the Alliance Airport in Ft. Worth, Texas -- the same airport where the DEA’s Air Operations Center is located -- to fly weapons to Columbus, NM, El Paso, and Laredo, TX to be later smuggled into Mexico. CIA analysts say the weapons, which are purchased from the U.S. Government according to captured Zeta leader Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, aka. El Mamito, are being stockpiled throughout Mexico for a potential upcoming overthrow of the Mexican government in 2012. "
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NOTE:  Joke's on YOU if you are an American of the opinion that someone is going to protect your safety, rights etc...  But this isn't a joke one laughs about.  This is a horrible sick and twisted joke - designed to rub in your face the dictatorship and loss of property and rights Americans are suffering - all according to plan.  If you don't think it is according to plan - that's fine - there's no convincing you.  Your belief system is firmly in place - that is - until you feel the pain personally - and you will.  At that time perhaps we can have a meaningful discussion.

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