Texas execution 'violated international law', UN says

"Ms Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who visited Mexico this week, said Texas had placed "the US in breach of international law"."
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Note:  Can someone with access to the "Ms Pillay" please tell her to shut her fucking pie-hole?  I'd appreciate it.  I'm not important enough for her to take my call - so can one of you elitists ring her up?  I'm not sure how this unelected idiot, Ms Pillay, factors into anything having to do with my country - I don't like the death penalty - but that's what they do in Va and Texas.

Is Ms Pillay paying US taxes?  If not - what right does she have to representation without taxation?

I don't care about the UN - other than that I care enough to hope they just fall into an earthquake crack.

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