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Poor America.

It is difficult watching people destroy themselves.

It is easy to understand after some study.

This blogging is difficult for me because it can come across as "negative" whatever that means.  Call it like you see it I was told as a child - but now as an adult I am expected to pretend everything is hunky-dory - in other words - NEVER SAY ANYTHING IS WRONG or be demonized by those under the spell of ....

Those receiving their information exclusively from media outlets that share common goals will live in a world with certain boundaries.  Who picks the boundaries?

There is no problem with any media having goals - the problem arises when there are too few media owners - which equates to too few ideas presented to the ELECTORATE.  This means it is easy to get the herd to act in unison - to galvanize them with the hypnosis available from every form of media.  Owning all of these hypnosis outlets in the same market means that it is almost impossible for anyone to get through to the public on issues that really need to penetrate the smoke screen.  What kinds of issues?  All kinds regarding the well being of the public to the well being and future of the nation.  Yes - we CAN fix things and get going into a positive direction.

This country WILL BE DESTROYED if we do not change our course.  Dictatorial scumbags who torture and murder are ALWAYS destroyed - and they ALWAYS DESERVE IT.  This means YOU AND ME.

  My opinions are just opinions - and if they are dangerous to the powers that be - maybe we need to accept the ability of the government to murder us if we speak up.  I don't know - all I have are opinions.  If you wish to know the answer - I think such a thought is insane.  The government needs to be fixed  if it asserts a need to violate our rights in order to protect our rights.  This is insanity - if you can't understand that - stop drinking your local fluoridated water.

The influence of propaganda here in the 'states has become disturbing.  Those in control of the television stations here don't serve the public.  In fact they are assisting in the demise of the general population regarding standard of living.

I don't see how anyone can believe that we don't need to have manufacturing here in the US -even from a national security standpoint.  The public never gets a chance to hear anything except corporate-friendly messages since the corporations dominate media-blocs in each market - enabled by the abandonment of laws to the contrary that limited the media outlets that could be owned by one entity within certain regions/markets/population-centers etc...   In other words the media outlets were spread amongst COMPETING owners which encouraged MULTIPLE VIEWPOINTS.  Since these laws which almost ensured COMPETING IDEAS for the consideration of the public were abandoned - our nation has suffered tremendously - and can eventually die from it.

Our country - America - the U.S. - cannot exist without an informed public since elections are supposed to be based upon the decisions of informed citizens - acting upon their analysis of facts - then they vote.  When the deck is stacked, (in the media) favoring one side or the other - the dominant side gets to take advantage of the public - and have their way with them - since the public always believes the media.  That's why the media is so effective.  People really are manipulated with mass media - period.

Thomas Jefferson built the great ideas and conclusions of the country into his architecture.

Very interesting to observe and live in - but in the end......exhausting.  I don't know if I really have the energy to be the only person in the room who knows that 911 was an inside job.  911 got us where we are - that is significant - those intent on "sweeping that under the rug" will eventually be identified as the fuck-ups that gave the country away - due to their ignorance, pride, and unwillingness to consider new ideas.

The South is doomed unless they fix some problems.  First - they need to be  get past their absolutism regarding religious principles- listening to reason for a change .  One way or another.  Don't get on my ass about saying "religious" because I mean it the way we understand it to be - a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof.  That is religion  and it seems to be  the root of all evil.  There is a lot of that going on here where I haven't heard one fucking preacher - and I've been approached by a shitload of them - NOT ONE PREACHER OR ANYONE REPRESENTING CHRIST AROUND HERE HAS SAID ONE SYLLABLE ABOUT STOPPING TORTURE.  For this reason I feel the need to lambaste them - the churches and so-called "Christians" (in name only?) --------because Jesus would never torture anyone.  Therefore I have higher standards for humanity than any preacher I've met.

Can you understand when I tell  you that it does not make me feel good writing this truth.  My mother used to say "The Truth Hurts" - she was right.   How can we be in such a sorry state of morality  here in the good 'ole Yoo-Ess-AYY????  I understand the problems with defining morality - all I'm saying is that torture is un-American.  It always was going back to Washington - then recently this becomes "the norm."  What is with that?  It is called the manipulation of the public mind.

 Isn't that fucked up?  I wonder if this fact has anything to do with their dwindling numbers and defeat in the holy wars they've embarked upon?

When populations/countries are defeated in war - it always boils down to being on the side of EVIL.

That's where we are folks.  Now go ahead and bitch at me for telling you these simple facts.

If you are FOR TORTURE I AM AGAINST YOU.  Because I have high standards.

George Washington:  "It is better to be alone than in bad company."

Jack Rabbit doesn't want to be friends with anyone that supports torture, because Jack RAbbit is an American.  Americans don't torture - it's banned in the Constitution - no "cruel or unusual punishment."


  1. JR: Resorting To Evermore Desperate Lying, Moralistic Psychosis

    JR: u're just getting more and evermore psychotic, buddy--u're losing it, and u need to getting a clue. And u're no better than anyone else. U have "high standards"?--no, u're just the typical self-righteous Pharisaic who pretends u're diff. fm other humans. We're all sinners as Christianity teaches.

    For there's no "good-evil" which is mere propaganda for children and dogs, "good" meaning OBEDIENT, "evil" meaning dis-obedience, that's all. U need to getting a clue, like I say.

    So now let me demonstrate: "torture" is only bad because it doesn't give one accurate info--it only gets what the poor victim thinks u want to hear, to get u to stop the torture. Proper pt. then, regarding torture, HAS NOTHING TO DO W. UR PHONY "MORALITY."

    Christ rather tortures the sinner by means of appealing to one's conscience, for Christ is TRUTH, above all/any other precept, see Gosp. JOHN 14:6, and one only achieves Godly happiness by means of such truth.

    And u continue moronic propaganda about the Jews-media which is all Jew-friendly and spews same lies and b.s. For the root of the problem, regarding Jews-media, is the central-banking, legalized counterfeiting, putting-out the currency (not real "money") to buying-up EVERYTHING and everyone, including all the politicians and judges, not to mention the media. Central-bank also pays the lawyers to sue and cause problems for any competing voices, etc. U've been informed about this central-banking issue and Jews-media NUMEROUS times, too, but u continue ignoring proper issues, like a psychotic parrot, pushing expedient lies for Jews and satanists--that's what u're all about, political-correctness.

    Notice ur psychosis as it entails CONTINUED, Jew-like repeating stupid crap, like about Jews-media, ignoring central-bank issue?

    And there's no one more "religious" than u for ur psychotic, incessant, insistent, fanatical, insanely obsessionate anti-Christianity (for which insane anti-Christianity u have no proper basis, indeed, going against all the known facts).

    "Religion" is easily confirmed for meaning by ref. to dictionary, regardless ur self-serving lies and lying.

    "Believing without proof"?--that's PSYCHOSIS (also known as insanity), sucker--and u're most perfect example of it--religious psychoticism--that's what u're all about, JR, and u need to getting a clue, u lying about Christianity, mis-representing it, w. satanic obsession, as u do.

    And inasmuch as u're anti-Christian, u're anti-American, pure and simple. U literally have no clue about what's American--u're a joke, a sad, psychotic joke, lying and babbling as u do.

    Problem w. Jew S A is it's captured by satanists and satanism, these led by Jews, Judaism being nothing other than satanism (see Talmudical.blogspot.com, etc.), and u, JR, are a willing dupe and useful idiot for these devilish monsters, lying in ur devilish, psychotic manner as u do and as I've demonstrated here and in other blog-comments. Get a clue, buddy.


  2. JR: Perfect Micro-Cosmic Picture Of USA Madness, Hubris In Grip Of satanism

    "The South is doomed unless they fix some problems. First - they need to be get past their absolutism regarding religious principles- listening to reason for a change . One way or another. Don't get on my ass about saying "religious" because I mean it the way we understand it to be - a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof. That is religion and it seems to be the root of all evil." -JR, fm above

    * * * * * * * *

    Religion is simply integrating conscious w. subconscious--ck a dictionary. "Believing without proof" is insanity and satanism, and it's what u do, JR, regarding Christianity, lying so insanely, obsessively, and fanatically as u do about dear Christianity, cultural basis of US law which law u pretend u follow and champion, psychotic liar as u are, denigrating the proper foundation of US law.

    And it's u who refuses to reason, as regarding religion, Christianity, and many other things as I've pt'd out numerous times.

    And what's ur problem regarding Jew S A?--it's in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," the people submerged in hubris and satanistic subjectivism. Is it any wonder the law and rule thereof is breaking down?

    I thus submit: (a) US suffers due to satanist subjectivism which destroys rule-of-law which has and had been built upon Christian culture of truth (= Christ, see Gosp. JOHN 14:6) built upon objective (God-given) reality.

    (b) But now in Spenglerian "Decline of the west," Jew S A and West submerged in subjectivism, hubris, and satanism, thus destruction of Christian culture, hence destruction of law, (c) JR demonstrating, practicing, and exuding that very satanism and lying, as about Christianity, overlooking satanism and his own satanic lying (as about Christianity), along w. other things, lying about things like religion and what it is.

    For we see JR's religion of satanic, psychotic, obsessive, and fanatical anti-Christianity by which he lies about Christianity and the nature of religion, what "religion" really is, etc., JR imagining his lies are truth, as about Christianity and religion. No wonder the law suffers in Jew S A. There are lots of people like JR, suffering that satanic hubris.

    And no wonder USA suffers in Spenglerian "Decline...," submerged in psychoticism, as of JR's, satanism, and lies, lies, lies, not to mention criminality and fraud, the people fooling themselves in their gross hubris--like JR's, pretending he's "good" and "morally virtuous," lying, hubristic fool, but who mainly fools himself. JR is the microcosm of hubris and satanism which be-devils former USA, now Jew S A, going down....

  3. Apsterian,

    You still don't sound like a Christian to me. Was it Ghandi credited with saying "I like your Christ but not your Christians?"

    Perhaps Apsterian can help us understand what this means... Jesus is a torturer now? I'm not buying it.

    Torture is wrong - and it is against the law according to the Constitution. But then I would be told that our laws are based on Christian teachings. But the Christians themselves wish to torture.

    As far as accusations against me I should be used to all of that by now.




    1. JR: Continues Spewing Anti-American Anti-Christianity, Lies, Lying, Etc.

      Christ is TRUTH, sucker--ck Gosp. JOHN 14:6. U simply hate truth, JR, and one, among others, of those truths is u're "religious," as I noted, for ur obvious insane, fanatical, obsessionate hatred of Christianity, lying and mis-representing it as u do (a).

      (b) Another of ur moronic lies, as fm ur above text, is about "religion" itself, u alleging (see above) it is "believing without proof," when this is really, at worst, mere species of insanity and stupidity--as of believing against proof (which such "believing against proof" is what u do, as regarding Christianity).

      For people can have suspicions, who "believe," so to speak, but without what might be called conclusive evidence, yet continue to looking for evidence, etc.--it's also called "theorizing," prior to that conclusive sort of knowledge given w. full proof, etc.

      Religion has to do, primarily, for the system and nature of one's thought, how it is integrated both for conscious intellect and then further, for subconscious effect, which all then gives an integration to the whole of one's spirit, both for intellect and emotion.

      Thus "religion" and the habit thereof could be rational or irrational. Most Christians strive for reason and rationality. "Religion" is NOT a synonym for mysticism as u mis-represent, due to ur brainless ignorance and simple moronic failure to consult dictionary.

      Further, we see u continue to repeat, idiotically, about "torture," insisting in ur religious, irrational, moronic, repetitive manner it's "wrong" without saying how or why. I explained torture is simply useless as it doesn't render real info, only what poor victim thinks u want to hear. And doing it (torture) to enemy gives them right to do it to u.

      Torture is done by psychotic Jews of Israel, and now adopted by Jew-controlled Jew S A, as it gets victim prisoners to say whatever propaganda the Jew-oriented psychopaths want them to say, which all began, I believe, w. Bush and Cheney. Bush, Cheney, and neo-cons, continuing w. Obola and Democrats, use this phony "info" gotten by torture to then make excuses for what they say "al Qaeda" and now ISIS (which they created, funded, armed, and supplied) is planning to do, thus justifying more of the police-state they are imposing on the stupid goons of Jew S A.

      U're not and couldn't be "American" as u're enemy of and traitor to the people of original USA and their Christian culture, lying and mis-representing that Christianity as u do so psychotically, insistently, incessantly, and fanatically. Truly, u're most "religious," in a satanic way, thus playing the willing dupe and useful idiot for the real enemies of USA, now become Jew S A, as I've noted.


  4. JR Engaged In Same Old Same-Old, Lying Repeating Lies, Etc.

    Having responded in general way to ur blog-text, here I'll take note of more specific passages of urs. Ap commentary in caps, bracketed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    "Because I have high standards." [HO HO HO--NO, JR, U'RE JUST SELF-RIGHTEOUS, PHAARISAIC, AS WE NOTE.]





    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    So we see JR continuing in his psychotic manner, lying repeatedly, over and over and over (as about "religion" and Christianity), ignoring facts which have been made clear and explicit for him, JR filled w. that HUBRIS-borne Pharisaic self-righteousness.

  5. Don't Forget JR's "Religion" Regarding Non-Existent "Good-Evil"

    JR says above: "...a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof."

    So where do u get this moronic "good-evil," JR?--here's perfect example of ur TYPICAL psychotic hypocrisy, pretending to ur "religion," just a kind of irrationality or mysticism according to u. So where/what is the "proof" of this so-called "good-evil"?--tell us, explain, by all means.

    1. Apsterian,

      It's in the Bible - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

      Apsterian, since there is no sane person that would invite torture to be done the them - then it is "wrong" according to Christ's teachings.

      Now you must criticize Christ...


    2. JR: Drowning In Madness

      JR: u're just a RAVING psychotic, buddy. In first place, ur entry, just above, was not relevant to my original which had to do w. the reality of "good-evil" which is integral part of ur "religion" in which u "believe" without any proof, sucker.

      I must criticize Christ?--no moron, I'd just pt. out (once again) u make no sense.

      Torture would be justified if it could produce real info, as I noted. But torture is rather used precisely because it produces the lies Bush-Cheney wanted to justify their aggression and then police-state, they telling the Judeo-Christian hereticalist scum they had proof and genuine info about terror plans and "imminent threat," etc., the excuse for their police-state and spending money attacking innocent people, etc.

      But now if enemy does torture, then it's justified to doing it to them. And if enemy shoots ur prisoners, it's justified to shooting theirs.

      I'd suggest u continue to not answer-up to my challenges here, buddy, as ur "answers"/responses are absurd and obviously evasive to the relevant issues which u cannot handle. U seem to be now effectively reduced evermore to pathetic absurd--like a child or a little girl, even.

    3. Apsterian,

      You are correct. Even a child can understand the golden rule, "Do unto others ..."

      Give it a try.....


    4. Ho hoo ho--sucker, u're psycho moron--which u duly demonstrate, living in ur little world, calling them "as u see it," evidently, ho ho oho. So if u think this is satisfactory sort of dialectic on ur part, u have no one else to blame, ho o ho o ho ho hoo

    5. JR's Blogging Has Broken-Down, Reduced To Absurd--Like Culture Of USA

      JR: We've now analyzed u for ur own anti-American religion of extreme, fanatical, furiously obsessionate anti-Christianity and "good-evil" which u cannot prove (for criterion for "good-evil").

      It's hypocritical, to say the least, to knock "religion" as being incapable of "proof" when u suffer very same problem (as for criterion for "good-evil" which u cannot demonstrate or prove).

      U're the problem JR, dis-loyal to American people and Christian culture for foundation of law, u a willing dupe and useful idiot for the satanist enemies of USA, now Jew S A, going down.... U're micro-cosm of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," in gross, horrific hubris.

  6. "When populations/countries are defeated in war - it always boils down to being on the side of EVIL." -JR, fm above text

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Gad, but how dumb can u get, JR? Aside fm the emptiness of "evil," u're saying the victims of imperialist wars of aggression are "evil," ho ho ho ho

  7. "That's where we are folks. Now go ahead and bitch at me for telling you these simple facts." -JR, fm above text

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Sorry to break it to u like this, JR, but it's perfect picture of ur psychosis, buddy. But u give no "facts" at all, whatsoever; u merely state ur opinion and then assert it's "facts," w. no substantiation, no references, nothing. And it's not "bitching," buddy, just the truth which u have serious difficulty with, we see. Take heed; good luck.

  8. Journey's End For Anti-American

    Thus we have JR's "American's Journey" now reduced to final destination--at least so far.

    Is he really "American"?--how could he be as he's so contemptuous of essence of USA, now the Jew S A, and indeed, the entire West, that basic Christian culture?

    JR says he endorses law, US Constitution, and B. of Rights, BUT cannot handle the necessary, obvious cultural basis of it?--Christianity.

    So at best, we see JR comes-off as patronizing for fellow Americans--for they're not quite "rational" enough for him.

    But then and now we take JR up on this "good-evil" balderdash, and he can't give a solid criterion for it--so how's he any better than the "religion" he pretends to abhor and disdain?--HYPOCRISY.

    So here's where JR's "journey" has brought him to this quite literally insane anti-Christianity, pretending it's "un-reasonable," not to mention this mindless hypocrisy regarding "good-evil" superstition/delusion.

    And the enemies of US Constitution and the real America surely exult as they have such as JR so befuddled in patronizing hubris, self-righteousness, and hypocrisy--the very frustrated state of mind they surely seek to make use of in their satanic plans for destruction of the real USA (not Jew S A), reason, Christianity, and the West.


  9. South: Risen Again!

    "This country WILL BE DESTROYED if we do not change our course." -JR, fm above text

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    JR: the country is ALREADY destroyed, gone w. the proverbial "wind," get a clue. US Dollar is good as GONE as "reserve currency," Chinese now introducing gold-backed Yuan. USA was destroyed back in the 1860s w. the mass-murder of white folk of the south, including the death of up to a million blacks, don't forget.

    And we're fighting the very EXACT same struggle that was waged back then 150 yrs ago--states rights and sovereignty will do the trick for people's rights, and Trump is the instrument of that cause, he standing for national sovereignty against Jew world order dictatorship and AGENDA-21 genocide.

    Thus the struggle is against satanism, extreme subjectivism, which is given pretext by means of moralism of the very same sort of "good-evil" as u spout, buddy.

    So it's such as u who's the problem, don't doubt. U don't seem to be an avowed satanist, but u do their work, as I note, willing dupe and useful idiot as I've extensively described and pains-takingly analyzed.

    So u see, the great cultural struggle is fought first, and perhaps most, by small numbers of people at the POLAR ends of the political spectrum, both ends composed of small minorities, the crux of the struggle to be decided by the folks in the middle, LIKE U, u so clouded for ur anti-American (anti-Christian) vision and deluded upon this moralism/Pharisaism u are presently so mindlessly addicted to.

    U've got to cure urself of this anti-Christian insanity of urs and learn to come to terms w. Christian culture for what it is. U don't have to be a Christian; FIRST, u have to see what it really, truly is--a philosophy, genuine, real, and verifiable--not merely this idiotic "religious" something u brainlessly imagine is not proven or provable. For such an impractical and actually patronizing attitude towards fellow citizens is not tenable--get a clue.

    Historically, note Christianity REPLACED the Homeric ideals of the ancient Greeks--just ask urself what role and function did the Homeric Ideals serve and provide? Why and how then did Christianity succeed in that replacement?

    And note regardless what I say, u can easily look for urself and grasp that cultural transition actually did take place. So it's not like u have to take my word for anything significant.

    And by understanding that cultural/historical transition, u can place the present political dichotomy btwn the nationalist Trump vs. "globalist" (as Ajax Jones of InfoWars.com likes to say)--it's simple continuation of EXACT same basic conflict of the 1860s, I submit. The South will rise again, by golly.

    1. Apsterian,

      All smartassing aside - give me a minute to read your last reply then maybe something relevant to answer - not sure yet...



    2. JR: Ready For Retirement

      JR: u've reached ur "journey's" end, haven't u?--as u're pretty much fully exposed, right? Not that u were trying to put up any kind of a front, except for pretending u know anything about non-existent "good-evil." It just never occurred to u u need a criterion for such "good-evil."

      But, like I say, ur religion is now plainly apparent--anti-Christianity, pretending everyone else isn't rational enough for u, u pushing Pharisaist "good-evil," while not capable of identifying a criterion for such "good-evil."

      "Smartassing" is all u have. Ur entire career here on ur blog was (a) pretending to complain and criticize, while (b) never ever having any criterion of ur own, as for "good-evil," (c) only pretending to respect for "law" while trashing the very cultural (Christian) basis upon which such law necessarily rested.

      U tell us, "[d]on't get on my ass about saying "religious" because I mean it the way we understand it to be - a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof"--which only describes u for ur use of "good-evil" mysticism, for which u have no criterion.

      So maybe u're not avowedly satanist, but u're their willing dupe and useful idiot, on top of ur hypocrisy, pushing this non-existent, meaningless "good-evil."

      So u can retire now, JR; I don't know if u can be too proud as u're exposed for gross, even comical, hypocrisy, on top of ur patronizing of the Christian people u pretend aren't rational enough for u, ho ho hoho.


  10. JR Should Take Stock For His "Journey"

    JR: look at ur above replies--u seem to have been caught flat-footed, eh?--flailing about rather frantically to think of a response to ur being exposed for (a) ur REAL "religion"--anti-Christianity, absolutely fanatic, obsessionate, insistent.

    (b) At same time, u pretend to be champion of law and B. of Rights, overlooking the slight fact it's all product of Christian culture.

    (c) U then define "religion" as "believing without proof"--which isn't true, but regardless, is PRECISELY the exact description of ur own belief in "good-evil," isn't it?

    (d) And u won't face-up to fact and reality of satanistic war against USA, people of USA and Christian and Western culture.

    (e) So, as I note, u seem to be taken-aback, eh?--to have been confronted w. ur demonstrable treason, pretending u're "American," yet rejecting Christian culture and foundation of law, playing so perfectly the willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists.

    So my question, JR, is are u now considering becoming outright satanist?--traitor, anti-Christ, and hypocrite as u're demonstrated to be?

    It's like u didn't realize this about satanism and ur own hypocrisy, and now u're rather STUNNED as to be so confronted w. the simple truth.

    So will u be retiring fm ur blogging now that u've discovered what u're really all about?--anti-Christ hypocrisy, willing dupe and useful idiot for satanism? Will u be going all-out now for satanism, now that u understand what it is and how it works (extreme subjectivism)? "American's Journey"?--now arrived at full-out, avowed satanism? Tell us, JR.


    1. JR's "Journey"--Brought To Facing Horrific Truth

      And again, note the pt. I make, as above, the multi-faceted HYPOCRISY of u invoking "Christianity" as some kind of defense to my notes and arguments, u having asserted Christianity is mere "religion," something which cannot be "proven."

      Isn't this where ur "journey" ends?--w. the discovery u're NOT really "American"?--as u reject the very essence of America, built on Christianity? Thus ur journey has brought u face-to-face w. fact u're actually quite anti-American (anti-Christian)--isn't this the actual truth?

    2. JR: Satanism Or No?

      So JR, now that it's all been explained for u, u need to get past ur shock, and tell us?--will u come-out now as full-out, explicitly avowed satanist, or what?

  11. JR And "High Standards" Still Leaves Us Without Info

    "Because I have high standards." -JR, fm above text.

    U have "high standards," JR?--undoubtedly "higher" than everyone else, eh?--because, like Jews, u're better than everyone else, right? Ho ho ho ho ho

    But how do u know u have "high standards"?--is there a standard for standards by which u can judge?--do u have the "highest standard"?--or just somewhat high standard? Everyone else merely has average standards, evidently, eh?

    So are u going to get overtly in w. the satanists behind world gov. and dictatorship and population-reduction of Agenda-21? Where is "Americans' Journey" headed? Do u think u'll retire at this pt. in ur "journeys"?

    So far, this blog-article, u haven't been too terribly informative, have u?

  12. Final Destination Of "American's Journey": NOWHERE

    "The South is doomed unless they fix some problems." -JR, fm text, above

    JR, as I've noted, U'RE THE PROBLEM, sucker, and I've analyzed these problems for u, at length and in detail. Of course, u deny it all--and that's the problem too.

    U reject Christianity as u do?--and lie about it?--U'RE NOT "AMERICAN," sucker. Then u have the gall and chutzpah to invoke Christianity (which u know nothing about, as anyone can see) in ur defense? Ho ho ho ho WHO do u think u're kidding?

    So that's what ur "American's journey" is all about--ur efforts at fooling urself, buddy.

    And I wonder what u think u've accomplished w. ur blog--I challenge u to tell us. U pretend to criticize and complain, but upon what basis?--there doesn't seem to be any--aside fm the general, platitudinous, non-existent "good-evil."

    That's my pt.--that this non-existent "good-evil" is used as pretext for extreme subjectivism and satanism, for which satanism u're mere willing dupe and useful idiot.

    Thus u do their satanistic work, knocking Christianity when u know nothing about it. Such is ur idiot, moronic "American's journey."

    So JR, I'm here to tell u u only do the same basic thing which has so long been done by so many--knocking our dear Christianity--and u FAIL, sucker--how does it feel?--tell us.


  13. JR's Present Ending Place For "Journey"

    "Jack Rabbit doesn't want to be friends with anyone...." -JR, fm above text

    Ho ho ho, JR, we now see what u're all about--just another anti-Christ, and additionally, dupe for the satanists conspiring against humanity, etc. U imagine u know all about failure of "religion," i.e., that it has to do w. stupidity and irrationality, "beleeeeeeeevin' without proof," this despite ur own belief in non-existent "good-evil," ho ho ho ho

    And of course, u're a fount of reason and rationality, ho o ho oho ho ho.

    Further, u insist u're "American" on top of ur hostility to Christianity and hence the American people, tradition, culture, etc. So we see u have reality well in hand, evidently, smart, "moral," and secure in ur "American"-ness--as if anyone should envy u.

    But we KNOW u're hypocrite, not capable of demonstrating reality of or premise for alleged "good-evil."

    And we know also u lie about Christianity and religion too, actually, as if u know anything about them. So this is ur "journey's" present place and destination, buddy--are u entirely satisfied? Tell us.

  14. Why/How We Righteously, Rightfully Hate And Repudiate Such As JR With Disgust And Contempt

    See JR: I want u to KNOW why/how we say u're NOT and couldn't be "American"; u're just a scummy piece-of-shit that lies.

    U're not Christian, but the worst thing is (a) u mis-represent Christianity, (b) lie about it, and (c), not only a and b, but u don't even grasp what it is.

    (d) Further, u then pretend to know more and be better than the Christian people, whom u presume to lecture, as we see above, and whom u also patronize and treat w. condescension. U'RE AN ENEMY OF THE CHRISTIAN AND AMERICAN PEOPLE. U're no "American," u lying puke filth.

    On top of these, above, a through d, u're a scummy, stinking hypocrite, invoking non-existent "good-evil," "believing without proof," as u dis-approve above in ur text.

    Thus, u're a TRAITOR, deserving death, I suggest, as u end holding w. the satanic enemies of the original USA, giving them comfort, a willing dupe and useful idiot.

    So ur "journey," such as it is, ought to end w. some DISCOVERY of the truth having to do w. what u really are: an ANTI-AMERICAN, traitor, ENEMY of the American people who are Christian--the real people of the USA, properly understood.

    U're not ultimately going to be tolerated, and indeed, the fact that, so far, to extent u are tolerated is the very reason the real USA suffers and is in such horrific danger.

    So I suggest u move to another country--u're not long for this one. And of course, there are probably quite a few like u, so it may be a while before the Christian people will once again be organized enough to be able to dealing w. u.

    But it's that horrific process by way of separating sheep fm goats that is yet to taking place. Trump-nationalism vs. satanic-world gov./dictatorship is merely the first stage. For Trump himself, for example, is actually just a dissident part of the Jew-dominated ruling establishment, and it's this larger Jew-infested establishment which needs be dealt w. by Christian people.

    So u see, this blog-written accounting of ur "journey" isn't entirely useless, for in ur HUBRIS, u were interested enough to putting-down ur thoughts in quite an amazing honest manner, I'd observe. Ur blogging then just goes to showing the pathetic nature of u as willing dupe to satanists, u not being an outright satanist.


  15. JR To Be Credited For His Candor, Limited As It Is

    "If you are FOR TORTURE I AM AGAINST YOU...." -JR, fm above text

    JR, u scummy punk, sanctimonious puke: who do u think u're kidding? Who's doing the torture and why, dumbass?

    The people doing the torture are the neo-con agents for "Israel-first", following their Israeli training and -funding, moron. And why do they do this torture?

    Torture is useful as it produces WHATEVER THE TORTURERS WANT THE VICTIM TO SAY, BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY WAY TORTURERS STOP THE TORTURE, the victim learning and knowing this, stupid moron--and this is well known about torture and why it's inadequate way of getting real info.

    Torture wouldn't otherwise be bad IF it could produce real info.

    Thus the victims of torture talk about "Islamic jihadists and terror" which then the neo-con and Israel-firsters turn around and sell to the stupid Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) hereticalist filth and scum--which JCs u pretend are indicative and typical of real Christians, u scummy lying, anti-American puke.

    But thanks a lot, JR, for this amazing blog-posting of urs, so valuable as it is, in so many ways, for exposing ur stinking, putrid mentality and psychotic manner of analyzing things cultural.


  16. JR Provides Excellent, Invaluable Info, Despite Himself

    Don't get me wrong, JR: u truly do deserve credit for ur honesty and candor, without any doubt, for ur blog and all its postings--it's shown me quite a lot, frustrating as it is.

    And ur exposition is truly informative, in its way, esp. for ur mentality, way u think about things, etc.--it all giving rise to my present thesis to effect u're serious part of problem, sucking-along w. the satanists, satanists being the cadre leading the suckers in the "middle," as I describe such "middle."

    There are lots of "satanistics"--extreme subjectivists, insisting all reality is only emanation fm their own mentalities, etc. But it's the ORGANIZED satanists who lead and determine things, surely most of the satanists being quite dis-organized and even sadly mentally -affected.

    Note also there are lots of subjectivists, esp. in way of MORALISTS, pretending to "good-evil," for example, like u, who wouldn't say they're "satanist," but who nonetheless are quite and extremely susceptible to the satanic prop., these satanists at the top running and ruling things, esp. by means of the central-bank legalized counterfeiting controlling everything, etc.

    It's interesting that one wouldn't say u're really stupid in general--excepting for ur continued insistence for anti-Christianity and ur dumb, brainless lying about it, pretending u know anything about it. Yet, u're such a sucker for the satanist prop. and mentality, and u don't seem to even realizing it--esp. as in the way u keep pretending to utterly empty, baseless, non-existent "good-evil" fallacy/delusion to which u seem so dedicated.

    1. JR, Regarding Christianity

      In other words, JR: u seem to know as much (or less) about Christianity and New Test. literature as u do about Homer's "Illiad" and "Odyssey"--get it? For that's what it (New Test.) is to begin with--and u have greatest difficulty grasping this.

      Thus u come off sooo stupidly, sooo ignorantly when u attempt to discuss Christianity--in similar way as some brainless ignoramus who attempts to discuss Homer, knowing nothing, not having even read the literature or knowing what it's about.

      But there's additional problem too, u not even understanding what religion is (a), and (b) not grasping ur hypocrisy regarding "good-evil" delusions, not capable of demonstrating realistic premise, etc.


  17. JR: Very Picture Of "American" Hubris

    See JR, u're significant as u're not terribly diff. fm sooo many people of Jew S A--who imagines u know ALLL about Christianity, eh?

    For what is Christianity?--well, it necessarily begins w. the literature, doesn't it? But now how well do u understand this literature?--amazingly miserably, truth be told.

    For again, it's like the literature of Homer, "Illiad" and "Odyssey": these are stories which say specific, distinct things. And one who read and studied the literature could say some definite and distinct things about the literature.

    And so now, could u tell us anything about Christian literature?--ho ho ho ho ho ho--of course not. And indeed, it would be hard to find anyone more brainlessly ignorant than u about Christian literature, eh?

    And what do u tell us about Christianity?--not much but for what u say others say about it, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho. And u couldn't even BEGIN to say definite things about Christianity in accord w. distinct citations--perish the thought, ho ho ho ho

    So that's one of the important problems for Jew S A and the dumbing-down of the people--that horrific HUBRIS, one pretending he knows allll about Christianity when, in fact, he really knows sooooooo little, so much actually just totally false information, if not actual lies.

    Such then is the GRIP of hubris and satanism upon formerly and present-day American culture, such as it is, and the people of Jew S A. Christian literature being so sublimely simple, yet so amazingly poorly understood and mis-understood, u JR, being excellent case-in-pt., eh? Ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,
      I try to understand Christianity by the actions of Christians.


    2. Does JR Understand Anti-Christianity & satanism By Observing Anti-Christs, et al.?

      So what, JR: u're a anthropologist who observes Christians?--a Christian anthropologist?--ho oho oho ho ho ho. But how could u judge Christians upon Christianity UNLESS u understood something about Christianity, the real thing (in the literature) itself?

      And how then are we to judge anti-Christianity, unless we judge anti-Christ like u, JR?--a willing dupe of satanism, eh?

      Thus u admit u don't understand Christianity by what it is in accord w. the literature, the philosophy, the basic source. It would be like trying to understand Homer by "actions" of random Greeks u might observe, eh?

      And HOW would u know who are Christians?--merely by those who say so? U pretend u're "American," but u're obviously anti-American, as u're so insanely, obsessionately anti-Christ, aren't u? "American" is actually just ur cover for anti-Christianity, and really, anti-Americanism.

      U invoke Jefferson, but can't figure-out Jefferson endorsed Christian culture. U endorse "law" and B. of Rights without grasping the Christian cultural basis upon which they rest.

      And ultimately, one judges the culture and its history, Western culture the manifestation of the Christian-founded culture. B. of Rights was/is thus product of Christians and Christian culture.

      So therefore, u try to judge Christians by means of humanity, or anthropology (pretending u understand anthropology). So we understand humanity, "SINNERS," according to Christianity. Question then is how "sin" actually takes place--we see hubris, as in ur case, and we KNOW Christianity abhors hubris.

      And we see finally, JR, what a liar u are--u hate Christianity in accord w. ur insane nature, filled w. hubris, pretending u're "good," hypocritically pretending u know all about non-existent "good-evil."

      Thus u actually just confirm my description of u JR; u knock Christianity and lie about it, and ur excuse is, "gee, but this is how so-called 'Christians' act," u being selective for what "acts" u observe, of course.

      Note then JR: we Christians judge anti-Christianity by anti-Christs like u, eh? What's good for "goose" being good also for proverbial "gander."

      And we see how anti-Christians like u lend urself to HUBRIS and manipulation by SATANISTS (extreme subjectivists) who now rule and dominate the culture and people of the world, don't we?

      So I'd say u LIE (again), and DON'T try understanding Christianity--proven by ur gross lack of understanding of Christian literature.

      So tell us JR: do u understand anti-Christianity by observing anti-Christs and satanists?--I do. For u may not be satanist, but u're un-questionably anti-Christ dupe thereto, as I've always noted.

    3. blah blah blah

      "Deeds not words."
      George Washington



    4. See below, dumb, brainless, ignorant piece-of-shit scum.


  18. Christianity Must Be Judged By Basic Source In Literature--Obviously

    See JR: Don't forget my basic thesis, the cultural struggle controlled and mostly fought by small minorities at either end of polar scale, presently the satanists (extreme subjectivists) dominating fm one end, esp. by means of their central-banking instrument (legalized counterfeiting) which buys everything and everyone--including, as u pt.-out, the mass Jews-media.

    Thus the great drama then is regarding the great mass of people in the MIDDLE of these minorities on the polar ends--which includes u, JR, a mere dupe of satanists, right?--along w. soooooo many others.

    So u say u "judge" Christianity by means of "actions"?--well, Christianity produced the B. of Rights, for one thing, along w. everything else about Western culture, which B. of Rights u say u respect. Regardless, u need to improve ur understanding of Christianity by judging it for what the literature, the basic source, says it is.

    1. Apsterian,

      Thanks for the bad advice. Deeds not words. Practice what you preach and I won't have to read anything will I? iF You claim to be a Christian - ACT LIKE IT.

      So far as far as Christians BEING CHRISTIANS I'd say most of you based on your actions are going straight to your so-called "hell" based on your own rules.

      Isn't that one of the most difficult things? Following our own rules?

      Sure is.



    2. Stupid Piece-Of-Shit Can't Figure-Out Just HOW Stupid He Is

      U say "practice what u preach," but how do u know if what's "preached" is the real thing unless u understand the literature, stupid, ignorant, punk scum?

      If someone "claims to be a Christian," how would u know if it really was "Christianity," stupid, ignorant puke?

      U say, "So far as far as Christians BEING CHRISTIANS I'd say most of you based on your actions are going straight to your so-called "hell" based on your own rules."

      HOW do u know what the "rules" are, stupid ass scum?

      If someone claimed to follow Homer, HOW would u know if it was really Homeric UNLESS u knew what the real thing was in first place, u dumb son-of-a-bitch?

      And like I said, Christianity produced Western culture, modern science, rule-of-law, and B. of Rights, which piece-of-shit like u enjoys and makes use of while u pontificate about Christians and Christianity, pretending u know more, being so patronizing as u do so stupidly, u scummy hypocritical, sanctimonious piece-of-shit punk.

      U should think first, a little bit at least, before u start running ur stupid mouth, scummy ignorant, little punk scum puke.

    3. Apsterian,

      I thought Christians were so full of love. Where is it?
      I don't have a problem with Christians except for the hypocrisy they exhibit - exactly like that hypocrisy you exhibit above.

      I suppose preaching and practicing are two different things.

      Oh well - the rest of us will have to lead the way to peace.



    4. JR: Perfectly Demonstrates Moronic Presumption

      What?--u "thought"?--well, maybe that's the problem, eh?--u dumb, presumptuous son-of-a-bitch, piece-of-shit punk scum, ho o hohohohohoho.

      "I thought Christians were so full of love. Where is it?"--THAT'S NOT NOT NOT NOT WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, stupid ass, scum, ho ho ho hohohoho ho ho ho.

      Did it ever occur to stupid little bastard like u, U GOT THE WRONG IDEA? Ho o ho ho ho hoho.

      What "hypocrisy," stupid, presumptuous little bastard?--I always noted Christianity is not primarily about moronic "love," u brainless little piece-of-shit.

      So then HOW could I be "hypocrite," u ignorant little bastard? Ho ho oh ho ho ho ho

      Then the little punk bastard says, "Oh well - the rest of us will have to lead the way to peace." But u're just a lying little piece-of-shit, moron--don't u get it? It's stupid, presumptuous puke like u who've sold-out to the satanists, u stupid little punk.

      So we see AGAIN, u don't know what u're talking about, ignorant, little bastard, presumptuous little son-of-a-bitch, ho ho ho ho oho

  19. See JR: basic problem, in first place is U DON'T KNOW WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS, IN FIRST PLACE, stupid ass, dumb brainless moron scum, ho ho ho ho ho

  20. Go ahead, JR: prove me wrong--TELL US, in ur own words, briefly, what u think Christianity is all about--tell us, ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      From my observations of Christians so far what I see are expensive churches with brainwashed flocks of sheep led to war against people that never attacked them. I see preachers that never utter a word to stop killing and torture - but instead fan the flames of war with Americans flags. I see money grubbers on the teevee. I read your words - you claim to speak as a Christian.

      That's part of what I see and it ain't too great.

      So you want me to read something to fix the observations of my own lyin' eyes? Good luck.



    2. Smug Little Bastard Demonstrates My Entire Pt.

      JR: I don't give the slightest shit about u, sucker, ho ho ho ohho ho. I couldn't care less WHAT u "read" or don't "read," stupid little punk, bastard, filth, ho ho hoho ho

      The whole pt. is the veracity of ur "observations," u stupid, smug, little mother-fucker. U say, "FM [ur] observations of Christians so far..."?--question is, WHAT are u "observing," dumbass?--are u SURE those are "Christians"?--U DON'T KNOW WHAT "CHRISTIANITY" IS, IN THE FIRST PLACE, U BRAINLESS, PRESUMPTUOUS, LITTLE MORON, DUMBASS, ho ho o ho hohohoh.

      U're sooooooooo goddam, utterly stupid, u essentially admit my thesis: U DON'T KNOW WHAT U'RE TALKING ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE--u don't have even the first, beginning understanding of WHAT Christianity is, stupid little presumptuous bastard puke--get it? Ho ho ho ho


  21. Ho ho ho ho ho--do u begin to getting it now, u poor, stupid, brainless bastard?--U DON'T KNOW WHAT U'RE TALKING ABOUT, SCUM--KNOWING NOTHING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, EH? Ho ho ho ho ho ho. So Then HOW do u pretend to criticizing in ur moronic, sanctimonious way, idiot? Ho ho ho ho ho ho. Stupid son-of-a-bitch piece-of-shit moron, ho ho ho ho ho

    1. I guess I never realized what a truly stupid son-of-a-bitch piece-of-shit scum u really are, JR--NO WONDER u're mere play-thing for satanists, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho. U hypocritically knock Christians and religion for "believing without proof," which is utterly, idiotically false in first place (a), but then what do we see?--(b) it's u who beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeevs in "good-evil," for thematic example, without slightest idea for a criterion, ho ho ho ho ho ho. U absolute dumbass, hypocritical scummy puke, ho ho ho o ho ho ho. And I swear, there are at least several million stinking puke stupid as u or even stupider--if that can be imagined, ho ho ho oho. Scummy, hubristic anti-American filth: u deserve death sooooo richly, and I do believe so many of u are gonna get what u deserve, for once in ur miserable, putrid life, ho oho oho hoho oho ho ho ho ho

    2. Apsterian,

      Blah blah blah. I don't think Christ would think much of those words. What should I think?


    3. The Poor, Stupid, Little Bastard, Ho Ho Ho Ho

      "What" should u think?--who cares? My whole pt. is smug, hubris-filled little bastard like u presumes u KNOW what Christianity is, for example, but then u PROVE u don't. Hence then u have no grounds upon which to criticize, ignorant little piece-of-shit--get it?

      U "don't think Christ would think much of those words"?--on what basis, ignorant moron? U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CHRIST, u little presumptuous moron--that's my pt., ho hohohoho ho ho. But u're toooo goddam stupid to grasping it, eh? Ho ho ohho ho ho ho ho ho

      Like I say, u stupid shit: U'RE THE PROBLEM, willing dupe and useful idiot for Satanists, u pretending u know anything about Christianity when u obviously don't, ignorant little bastard. Ho ho ho ho ho ho


  22. JR: Psychotic, Presumptuous, Little Piece-Of-Shit

    U see, JR, in the end u're just psychotically presumptuous, imagining u KNOW anything about Christianity as u hypocritically pretend to criticizing.

    But now I've PROVEN (see above notes): u don't know what u're talking about, ignorant little presumptuous bastard as u are, pretending in all ur smug sanctimony to criticizing Christians, Christianity, which u know NOTHING about, stupid little scum as u are.


  23. JR: Epitome Of Satanist Dupe

    So JR: here's question--(a) we've now PROVEN u KNOW NOTHING about Christianity. (b) How is it then u pretend to criticizing Christianity?

    U call Christians "hypocrites," but how can u do this without grasping what Christianity is in first place, dumbass?

    U know nothing about Christianity and enjoy the civilization and what's left of rule-of-law, including B. of Rights, yet u have the gall to bad-mouthing Christianity?--what kind of un-grateful, presumptuous, scummy puke are u?

    How are u not mere willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists (extreme subjectivsts) who hate Christianity?


  24. JR's Psychoticism Manipulated By satanism

    Once again, JR: here's how we see ur psychoticism. (a) U KNOW NOTHING about Christianity. (b) But u say u "judge by actions"--which is IMPOSSIBLE as u know nothing about Christianity in first place; hence u wouldn't know whether actions were consistent or not w. the real thing.

    It's like pretending to judge Homeric literature by actions of Greeks. U couldn't know anything about consistency of Greeks' actions without knowing Homer, what the lit. actually says.

    U see how thoroughly, totally insane u are, u brainless little babbling bastard?--perfect dupe for satanists and useful idiot. Ho ho ho hohoho ho

  25. JR's "Journey": Arrival At Confrontation W. Pyschosis

    Thus JR's "journey" arrives at the sad facts: (a) he's no "American"; rather, he's anti-American and anti-Christian.

    (c) But he knows NOTHING about Christianity, (d) saying he judges by "actions." But HOW could he judge these "actions" without knowing what the real thing is?

    JR is thus exposed for totally ignorant, psychotic, babbling little anti-American traitor--such is the destination of JR's "journey."

    1. And I forgot to add to above summation that JR is totally ignorant, psychotic, babbling little anti-American traitor, willing dupe of anti-American, anti-human Satanists.

    2. Apsterian,
      What I "know" about Christianity is the words of one of Christianity's representatives - you. What have I learned from a Christian - yourself? I've learned that Christians may not necessarily act in a Christ-like manner. Therefore, I must try my best to lead, not follow, and try to set a better example.

      I cannot criticize you really, for anything, because that would make me a hypocrite. I'm guilty of all the same.

      Anyway - thanks for the comments.

      Sticks and Stones...



    3. JR's Lying, Self-Deception Never Ends

      The lying, smug little queer punk (JR) says: "I've learned that Christians may not necessarily act in a Christ-like manner."

      But that presumes u know anything about Christ, u utterly psychotic moron--ur stupidity never ends, u brainless little lying scum.

      For u, JR, ur stupidity covers ur lying, eh? Tell the world what u know about Christ, scum--u can't and won't do it, as u're utterly ignorant, brainlees, lying little bitch, pretending to be soooo smug, eh?

  26. JR: WHY can't u just be HONEST and admit u have NO BASIS for ur idiot "criticisms" of Christianity?--u're simply insane psycho, right?--tell us about it, buddy.


    1. I mean, seriously, JR: aren't u embarrassed?--criticizing something, Christianity, which u know NOTHING about?

      Then, u tell us something equally stupid, i. e., that u "judge by actions," but HOW does that change anything when u still don't know anything about Christianity?--regardless the "actions." U utterly psychotic, moronic scum--what happened to u? Are u really satisfied w. ur "journey's" destination?


  27. "Americans Journey"?--To What?--Smugness, That's About It

    Hohoo ho ho ho, And now we see what "Americans Journey" blog is really all about, eh?--a big joke for this queer piece-of-shit calling himself "JR," who hates Christianity FOR NO REASON, hypocritically calling Christians "hypocrites," ho ho ho ho--is this a joke, or what?

    And we see now this JR puke is not merely anti-Christ, but anti-American, and actually anti-human--this entire blog just a huge joke.

    And who/what is this little bastard? Above he says, "Oh well - the rest of us will have to lead the way to peace." Sounds like a moronic queer piece-of-shit, I'd say, little punk scum.

    Smug little bastard, JR: that's how u come-off, after all is said and done, u utterly brainless little piece-of-shit puke.

    U make no sense, but u don't care; u just want to pretend to some moralistic-type virtue, like u're better than anyone else, scummy little filth. Such is destination of the joke blog, "Americans Journey," ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      Thank you for offering your opinion. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

      Ghandi: "I like your Christ - but not your Christians."

      I wonder what he meant by that if he actually said it.


    2. JR: Smug Little Bitch

      It's not just "names," u scummy little queer piece-of-shit liar. U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, practically by ur own admission and inability to say anything of substance about Christianity, scummy little lying punk scum.

      It may be "opinion," but it's also fact: u know nothing about Christianity, and ur "criticisms" utterly lack in any substance.

      No doubt u "wonder"--for u know nothing, right?--scummy little lying queer puke.

      It's not only "Christians" u don't like, u little queer filth, it's Americans and all humanity too, isn't it?--smug little sanctimonious piece-of-shit.


    3. JR: Lost In Hubris, Moralistic Insanity

      JR: get a clue, sucker. People can see (the few still reading) u know nothing about Christianity--that u have no case against Christianity. But, "ooooooooooh, people are hypocrites," u bleat--as if anyone doesn't already know that, humans long since well-known as sinners.

      And we see ur problem is with Americans and humanity in general, not mere Christians, which u only try to hide by means of idiotically knocking Christianity and Christians, scummy little punk filth.

      This is ur destination on ur "journey," JR--lies and lying by a scummy little hypocritical, satanically anti-Christ and anti-American--and anti-human--u, sucker. Face facts, u idiotic self-righteous puke.

  28. JR Should Take Stock As For Where His "Journey" Has Led Us Readers

    Bottom line for u, JR, and ur "journey" here on ur blog, is we see what lying, scummy, empty puke u really are as u're anti-human, anti-American, ur excuse being anti-Christianity, pretending "Christians are hypocrites," but u're not, u pretending to non-existent "good-evil," u not capable of demonstrating a criterion.

    And above is all ASIDE fm afore-mentioned obvious fact u have no case against dear Christianity, knowing nothing about it, stupid, brainless, lying
    little sanctimonious puke.

    "Americans Journey" has led to where, JR?--care to tell us?

    1. For goodness sakes, JR: the dead give-away for scummy little psychotic puke like u is u just ignoring ur use of fictional "good-evil"--and u just ignore this like little bitch girl u like to act, ho oho ho ho ho. And u're not embarrassed, eh?--ho ho ho--psycho, the only word for u, buddy, ho oho ho oho ho ho

    2. Who're u really kidding, pathetic, brainless little scum?

    3. I know: u just gotta pretend u're soooooo "good," right? Ho ho ho ho ho


  29. JR's Psycho "Journey": Contempt For Humanity, Reality, Wrapped In Moral Virtue

    "Americans Journey" has now become simply the babbling of a psycho obsessed w. pretending he's "good," while ignoring any obligation for demonstrating a criterion for such "good"--little psycho doesn't think he has to do that. After all, "everyone knows" there's "good-evil," ho ho ho ho

    Then the little piece-of-shit compares himself w. Ghandi, ho oho ho ho ho. Piece-of-shit looks down on Christians and Americans--and, though he won't admit it, all humanity--they're all hypocrites, says the babbling little psychotic puke--but not him, nooooo.

    Then JR plays the little bitch, saying, "sticks and stones will break bones...," etc. Little psycho lives in his own little world--such is "Americans Journey," anti-American psycho, w. contempt for all humanity--he's achieved moral virtue, and he doesn't have to prove anything--about "good-evil," or whether he's fit and capable of criticizing Christianity. Ho ho ho ho ho--such is psychotic "American's Journey."

    1. For JR: everyone is a hypocrite, ho ho ho ho. And he doesn't have to provide a criterion for his pretended "good-evil." This is our present destination for "Americans Journey"--aren't we sooo lucky and thrilled?

    2. Ho ho ho ho--to reduce things down for JR and "Americans Journey," JR wants to know why folks can't be "good" like him, ho ho hoho ho--it's all about "good-evil" and moral virtue, for JR, ho ho ho o ho ho

    3. Oh yeah: and the other thing for JR, don't forget, is everyone else is a "hypocrite," ho ho ho ho--excepting JR, of course, ho oh ho ho ho

    4. Ho ho hoho--JR: Mr. goody-two-shoes, who's all about "good" and morality, ho ho ho, for whom everyone else is "hypocrite," ho o ho ho ho ho--this is destination of "American's Journey," ho ho ho. Golly gee, but why can't everyone else be like JR?--ho ho ho ho ho

    5. JR: do u think u're reduced down now to naked self-righteousness?--aside fm cowardly lying and hypocrisy? Ho ho ho ho ho--such is destination of "American's Journey." Ho ho ho ho ho


  30. JR's Blog At Least Demonstrates Workings Of Dupes' Psychosis, Illogic

    "Oh well - the rest of us will have to lead the way to peace." -JR fm above, Jun 14, 2016, 8:44:00 AM

    Sure fire sign of psychotic morons is like above fm JR, pretending something is possible (such world "peace") which has never happened and will never happen, for humans are sinners, always have been, always will be. Life is war and struggle, as Darwin, and many others have reminded throughout hist.

    So the self-righteous piece-of-shit lives in la-la land, a legend within his own mind, wherein he's "good," which "good" he cannot define (in sound and substantial manner), above everyone else who he assures us are "hypocrites."

    JR compares himself w. Ghandi and knocks Christianity, which he knows nothing about, pretending he's "American."

    Such then is "American's Journey," a self-serving exercise and indulgence in self-delusion--a joke which only JR himself cannot figure-out.

    The stupid puke triumphantly tells us he "judges by actions," but doesn't say how that tells about Christianity or Christians if he knows nothing about Christianity in first place--and he just ignores that little detail, like the little bitch of a girl he so often acts.

    Thus we see the sort of self-righteous little shits who are the willing dupes and useful idiots for the satanists who run things, working for world gov. and Agenda-21 genocide.

    So at least "American's Journey" shows us the sort of mentality (and inferiority-complex) that effects and props satanism--making use of moralism as excuse for the massive and necessary illogic which takes place, moralism so often the worst enemy of truth.


    1. What "American's Journey" Has Shown

      Yes indeed folks, this is where "American's Journey" has brought us: (a) we learn about JR, a self-righteous piece-of-shit, as we've noted so many times (see comments above, and previous blogs), etc., for whom EVERYONE else is a "hypocrite."

      (b) And JR pretends to non-existent "good-evil"--his own moronic hypocrisy which he fails to grasping, the stupid son-of-a-bitch.

      (c) Then I guess one could choose several if not many particular issues/subjects, but regarding Christianity, for sure, we note this little brainless bastard (JR, again) knows nothing but for moronic, idiot buzz-words, like about "love," for example, yet the scum (JR again) pretends to disapprove--UPON NO BASIS WHATSOEVER, CERTAINLY NOT OUT OF ANYTHING HE ACTUALLY KNOWS about actual Christianity in accord w. its literature.

      (d) Yet, despite this putrid, stinking, self-righteous attitude in general (1), and (2) in particular, towards the people's Christianity, the little puke imagines and insists he's "American," ho ho oho oh o ho, right.

      Such is "American's Journey," folks, seriously.

      But u know, it may be sad, pathetic, whatever, but AT LEAST it is HONEST, so far as it goes for this amazing sanctimonious creature, JR--and I would have to admit he's NOT the only one who presents and displays this idiot, moronic self-righteous sort of PSYCHOSIS, not too strong a word, I'd say. "American's Journey" does that for us, if nothing else, in way of such genuine, "authentic," as the existentialists always like to say, information, and we must appreciate it in proper fashion. "American's Journey" does, in fact, tell u quite a bit--like about people in present Jew S A, for sure, ho ho ho o ho ho.

    2. Apsterian,

      I think your "record" is "skipping."



    3. Restatement Seeking Ever-Greater Brevity, Concision

      Yes, maybe, but it's significant for restating the simple fact(s) w. ever-greater brevity, concision: all ur "American's Journey" efforts are essentially to play Mr. Goody-two-shoes, whence everyone else, according to u, is hypocrite (a), (b) u babbling about "good-evil," but (hypocritically) not capable of giving a premise for it, (c) pretending to criticize Christianity while knowing nothing about it, (d) pretending u're "American," (e) among other lies like pretending to Jefferson's law and B. of Rights against what u ignorantly understand as "religion."

    4. And don't forget or doubt: it's actually ur "record" that's been "skipping" in its way, u being Mr. Goody-two-shoes, everyone else "hypocrites," u being sooooo "good," knocking Christianity without knowing anything about it, pretending to law and B. of Rights, etc.

    5. Mr. "Goody-Two-Shoes" And His "Journeys"

      Of course, to boil it down, perhaps furthest, would be that JR's "Journeys" amount to "gee whiz, but look at Mr. Goody-two-shoes, foremost "American."

      But Mr. "Goody-Two-Shoes" KNOWS NOTHING about "good-evil," or Christianity, or religion, though he takes dim view of the latter two and calls everyone "hypocrite." Such is Mr. Goody Two Shoes, foremost "American" and his "journeys"

      Thus Mr. Goody Two Shoes spreads his goodness and "American" example on his "journeys," inspiring the masses of hypocrites he meets along the way. Golly gee, but isn't it sooooooo kind of Mr. Goody to being an example of good and "American" as he is?

    6. Apsterian,
      you wrote:
      "But Mr. "Goody-Two-Shoes" KNOWS NOTHING"

      You are probably aware that you are using a blanket statement which really doesn't make any sense.

      Also: It is my job to inspire hypocrites to stop their hypocrisy.


    7. U're a liar: u know nothing about any "good-evil" or Christianity, and very little about religion. AND U'RE THE HYPOCRITE, sucker, pretending to "good," but not able to substantiate. Such is the course of "American's Journey."


    8. Mr. Goody: Perfect Picture Of Western Cultural Problem, "Decline"

      In short, u're the typical sucker with inferiority-complex who seeks to prove u're "good," foundation of ur obsession w. "good-evil."

      Fallacious "good-evil" then is pretext for subjectivism by which satanists (extreme subjectivism) manipulate the population of suckers intimidated by such "good-evil," moralism the worst enemy of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

      Joke is u pretend u're "American."

    9. U're perfect picture of the problem: SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, hypocrisy, all built on utter ignorance, pretension, etc.

    10. "Journey fm self-righteousness to madness" would be good title for ur blog, Mr. Goody-two-shoes, perfect tool for satanists.

    11. Or, perhaps title should be, "Journey fm self-righteousness to TREASON" (anti-American, anti-Christianity).

    12. Mr. Goody And Hubris Of Self-Righteousness

      The madness and insanity of Mr. Goody's self-righteousness?--perfectly demonstrated in his utterly idiotic (a) spiting of Christianity while (b) knowing nothing about it--this is just tooooooooooooooo goddam stupid, but further, imagine the psychotic hubris involved, not even knowing what it (Christianity) really is, ho ho ho ho--pathetic, moronic, and utterly insane--purest TREASON, the moron imagining he'll get away w. this--effrontery--the insanity of sanctimony.

    13. "Good" Is A Lie, And Mr. Goody Is A Liar

      ""But Mr. "Goody-Two-Shoes" KNOWS NOTHING"

      "You are probably aware that you are using a blanket statement which really doesn't make any sense." -Anonymous Jul 6, 2016, 6:19:00 PM

      * * * * * * * * * * * *

      That's ANOTHER thing about u, Mr. Goody: U'RE A LIAR. Note how u truncated the quotation, above, changing the context in order to back-up ur lies.

      It's what goes along w. ur psychotic obsession to pretending u're "good" or "moral," u self-righteous scum, ur willingness and propensity to LIE in order to back-up ur psychotic wishful thinking (to effect u're "good").

      Fact is, which u don't refute, is u know NOTHING about Christianity, merely substituting LIES, as usual, like u know NOTHING about any fictitious "good-evil," and very little (at best) about any religion.

      U're a scummy, stinking piece-of-shit liar and traitor, Mr. Goody. And ur lying and treason, aside fm hypocrisy, follows fm ur psychotic obsession for pretending u're "good," u hubris-filled, self-righteous puke.


    14. "Also: It is my job to inspire hypocrites to stop their hypocrisy." -Anonymous Jul 6, 2016, 6:19:00 PM

      * * * * * * * * * *

      Of course, above is just a joke, right? Ho ho ho ho ho

    15. Apsterian,

      If you are human, unfortunately your comments resemble more of the output of a machine - perhaps a "broken record" or a computer in an "infinite loop."

      In any case you are not commenting on the subject matter, just picking out segments and then resorting to various logically fallacious tactics.

      That's OK - but the effectiveness of your argument may suffer.


    16. Who Is Mr. Goody Fooling?

      U utter psychotic piece-of-shit, ho ho ho ho. It's ur moronic blog-article which is lacking in coherence moron (a), and (b) u urself don't clarify what is proper "subject matter," stupid little moron, ho oh ho ho ho--who do u think u're kidding, sucker? Ho ho ho ho ho

      And "fallacious tactics"?--another lie, another assertion un-substantiated, as usual for u, little psycho Pharisee, Mr. Goody, hoh o ho ho ho

  31. This should prove to be interesting and relevant....

    Mark Passio Most Christians Are Practicing Satanists

    Take heart JR, you have a dedicated fan!


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