Please watch the first video from Danish TV (English captions) and consider the journalist's questions. Then watch the second video if you haven't seen it already. Perhaps the journalist in the Danish video can re-direct his questions regarding how this caper could have been pulled off away from the scientist and (as the scientist in the video recommends) onto those responsible for the security of the WTC buildings?


  1. Waterboard Larry.

  2. I thought waterboarding was for for people who haven't talked.

  3. Ask the guy who had the security contracts at WTC towers and two airports--how Nano-thermite was brought in. ( Hint:WTC towers were shut down for a week prior to 911 attacks and many nights)
    That scum bag's name is Marvin Bush.
    Capture the son of a bitch and make him squeel

  4. Marvin Bush (George W. Bush's brother) was the head of the security of the Towers during the days leading right up to 9/11. There was a power-down for a few days prior to 9/11 and the entire building was evacuated.....

  5. Torture G W Bush, it is legal in the USA. The little weasel will lead to the Puppet Masters.

  6. Anonymous 1:25 AM
    ha ha ha - good point - he made it legal right?

  7. This scientist is not proposing a conspiracy theory, he is presenting rock solid evidence of murder and treason, If indictments don't follow, this means our govt and justice system has been hijacked by criminals. Now Silverstein, after collcting billions, wants some bailout money.

    Viva La Revolution!!

  8. According to wikipedia, the 'security' was handled by Kroll, Inc. Maybe others can dig deeper as to what subsidiaries they own, or who they are owned by.

    BUT, a red flag to me--one of the services they provide is "comprehensive screening services" for employment. *That's* how you move tons of explosives into a building.

  9. Installation of a totally new security system for the towers had been completeted just prior to 911. Interesting coincidence.

  10. even Danish MSM is confrontational about this issue, although at one point, it seemed that the reporter was actually trying to put words into the mouth of the scientist, which might not have been the exact words the scientist himself would have liked to have used.

    as for Securacom putting the explosives into the building, there are witnesses who knew that this was taking place, because the floors that most of the work was done on were 'vacated' and 'empty' and the bomb sniffing canines were intentionally kept out of the building after this, as they'd been pissing theirselves silly and alerting every fifteen seconds in any of the buildings after the thermite/thermate was installed in critical structural choke points.

    I think that you have to get Marvin Bush and Larry Silverstein deposed, as well as query all of the security guards who worked in the building, if some are still breathing, and have them have a chat with special investigators NOT OF THE F.B.I. or any other U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT ORGANIZATION.

    it's pretty clear that the F.B.I. was an active participant in the cover up and destruction of evidence, and their 'gag order' on Ms. Edmonds is part of this.

    the technical hair splitting points about who held the security contract and who actually was providing the explosives installation service, needs to be fully aired out and brought to light. certainly, the estimate of 10 tons of explosives may be a tad 'light' and if you tally up the total for all '3' of the buildings, it might be more reasonable to go as high as maybe 30 or so tons in a whole lot of places in the buildings. In the twin towers themselves, they'd have had to have thermite/thermate in at least '3' or more locations throughout the height of the structure, perhaps more, and there must be a map of 'occupancy' of these White Elephants that were mostly 'vacated' due to the asbestos problem, prior to 9/11, and those locations might be the ones most likely to be where the stuff was mounted to the beams.d I do know that the skeleton / beam structure of the core was indeed accessible throughout the building and that it did not take extensive modification and rework to attach the cutting charges to the beams, but it did take several days for sure. the order to remove the bomb sniffing dogs would be a good 'begin point' to start examining timing for this, as well, because these dogs could not have ever been let back into the building after the charges were in place. It's possible that other canines without the bomb sniffing ability were 'switched' into the building to provide the illusion that bomb sniffing dogs were there, and this too would be easily borne out.

    in any case, the records for the electricity shutdowns and forced, mandatory evacuations would need to be exposed to daylight, and a bunch of people who might still be alive but otherwise unwilling to talk, might need to be enticed into coming forth and providing evidence to a special investigations unit from another nation, say, like Denmark or Sweden or some other fairly 'neutral' country that does not have Military Industrial Complex ties with the U.S. or a vested interest to keep their trap shut or further the silence of the information we are seeking.

  11. pull it = pull the team out

    only a liar and deceiver could think otherwise

    malcontents are sucking on the teat of a dead bull (except bulls don't have teats!).

  12. seems like a silverstein fellatrice there with the "pull it=pull the team out" line of garbage. talk about milking bulls, you sound like quite the expert, why don't you show us how it's done, rocket scientist? eh?

  13. Silverstein and his insider accomplices are still dancing around the Golden Calf counting their $7.2 Billion ill gotten Insurance dollars.

    The ink was barely dry on the Policies and KABOOM as TWO planes hit TWO buildings causing the entire complex of SEVEN buildings to be destroyed.

    The Pentagon was hit it was sold as an attack on America so Silverstein had the clean up paid for by the sheeple.

    Silverstein's cronies, who own America's Media, keep stumm and make anyone who questions the lurid Osama in a cave with 19 Arab Kamikazes out to be a 'conspiracy theorist'.

    Now science finds explosive material in randomly collected samples of WTC dust. Count on Larry's mates in the Media to keep that very quiet indeed.

  14. the right wing shills are having a hissy fit over this stuff coming out about the THERMITE found in the rubble story. Just about every blog, and even the mormon dirt rag, the Deseret News, is with all sorts of shill attacks of comments in their reporting of this story. if it were just stupid moron stump jumping republicans, you wouldn't see such a flurry of "oh no, you guys are losers" comments from the cointelpro shills, but man oh man, are they coming out of the woodwork to attack this.

    my best guess is that the European media will have a heyday with this, and then it'll little by little, leak it's way into hometown newspaper 'letters to the editor' sections, one writer at a time.

    will the Obombanation do anything about it? no, he and his shill, Eric "I will arrest anyone who opposes my draconian post 9/11 security measures" Holder, are going to pretend that Sept. 11, 2001 never happened. and, they feel that the american sheeple are too stupefied and tele-lobotomized to want to get to the bottom of this treason.

    Obombaton is dead wrong, if he thinks he can whitewash (no pun intended here) this evidence and ignore it.

    Silverstein and the whole cabal need to be very very very afraid. there is a storm coming. a very big one.

  15. People I am in contact with are now saying,"OK OK They did it. Before I saw this guy I just couldn't believe it. Didn't really want to believe it. But this Danish guy is the real deal. This nan-therite paper is the real deal. This has to be true. etc. etc.

    My answer? For now? Just be aware.
    Tell everyone you know. Don't let this one slip down the memory hole. Don't let the cointelpro shills shout you down. (There's a HUGE Pentagon budget for this BTW) Whenever you can and in whatever capacity you have, GIVE THIS THING THE TRACTION IT DESERVES.
    Sooner or later someone will whistle-blow. Someone will leak. There'll be a deathbed confession or two soon. It's coming. They ALL know it.
    Criminal bastards.

  16. Somebody has to come clean, somebody in the U.S. Govt. has to find their cajones, defy the herd, reject the facsist "let's torture them with bugs" or "let's torture them by throwing them against walls while protecting their neck and shoulders" crowd and actually come clean. There has to be someone in the United States government who can think for themself, who knows that there is a world outside the DC quagmire where American people really stand against TORTURERS.

    I'm one. I abhor torture. I will never allow torture in my presence. I'm a real so-called American. We don't torture. Those who do have hijacked my country and falsely represent me.

    Torture is akin to serial murder and rape - the realm of the sadistic and sick minded. The antithesis of everything America stands for.

    Torturers are SCUM. I don't care where the work or what their justification, they don't defend, represent, or have any affiliation with ME, because I'm an American, and they are SCUM.

  17. Jack Rabbit, you know their game. It's called; "let us make the population fearful of us, for they know we may whisk them off in a BoxSox Gulfstream bizjet somewhere, and torture the shit out of them, perhaps even 'murder' them and nobody will know they existed. "We, the torture mongering government, have the ability to erase your existence after we murder you.."

    well, there was a trial at Nuremburg. They tried Nazi criminals who claimed; "I was only following orders" there. They hanged them. One of them took his life using a conveniently afforded to him by his guard, 'cyanide' capsule. We should at some point have a trial again at Nuremburg. We should not only try the Bush torturers, but we also should try their enablers, their cheer leaders. Their mainstream media. The congress. The senate. All who actively voted to let the 'Patriot Act' become a law on the books. Those who voted for the monstrosity called the John Warner Defense Act. And yes, we should also make sure we try and HANG the fuckers in the military who participated in not only the torture, but the murder of American's on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as the illegal murder of Iraqi's in 1991, when they were, against the Geneva Conventions, 'slaughtered' by George H.W. Bush and his generals, during the first Gulf Grasp for Oil in Iraq. We should also try and HANG those who profited by this war, every last one of them. And yes, we should TRY AND HANG every single member of the F.B.I., and C.I.A., and Dept. of Homeland Security and every single federal agency, inclusive of those at the N.S.A., who, illegitimately took away the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution from about 280 million American citizens. Yes, we should hang the piles of putrid shit that used DEPLETED URANIUM on the Balkans, and also, in Iraq.

    in short, Jack Rabbit, we have a lot of trials to conduct, and a lot of hanging by the neck until they are dead, to do. And yes, we can afford every single one of these piles of shit a 'cynanide' capsule, if they're man or woman enough to take that, and spare us their HANGING.

    the time has come. Justice, and RULE OF LAW, must be RESTORED.

    I ask every single American to join in the REVOLUTION.

    DO NOT TREAD ON ME, they said.


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