How Confident are You that finding Osama bin Laden is a U.S. goal?

UPDATE MAY 11, 2009 Pakistani president says Osamar is a goner    
Please watch the following video where Ed Schultz asks Rep. Dennis Kucinich what he would do about Osama bin Laden - "would he just let him go?" (at time 3:34)
    Then please watch the second video of President GWB answering whether he thinks the threat from Osama can be eliminated until his capture or death.
     Next watch the third video from CBS where a Delta Force officer states that he was prevented from killing bin Laden at an opportune moment.  His plan was "...disapproved at some level above us..." and that the order may have come from as high up as the President at the time. (at time 3:30)  
     Finally please view the last video from CBS where President Obama states his resolve to kill bin Laden (at time=00:50).
     How confident are you that finding Osama bin Laden is a U.S. goal?*see note below

Ed Schultz asks Rep. Kucinich about war budget vs. bin Laden:

Bush not concerned about Osama bin Laden:

Delta Force officer prevented from killing Osama bin Laden:

Couric-Pres. Obama interview:  President Obama hopes to capture or kill bin Laden:

----------------UPDATE APRIL 11, 2009
*note on linked FBI most wanted poster 911 attacks not listed

Finding Osama bin Laden is a U.S. Goal


Bin Laden NOT WANTED FOR 911 on FBI most wanted poster


  1. See related poll at bottom of blog page

  2. Interesting story line: This is part of it also.
    Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered
    AT 2.15

  3. Jack Rabbit, I didn't know if you knew. but Osama has been rather decomposed for some time, as in rotting in his grave, since 2002. Benazir Bhutto made it a point to ensure that David Frost knew that, but B.B.C. (british bullshit corporation) edited that portion of her interview out before broadcasting it. If you search, you can find the unedited version without too much struggle.

    so going after a 'corpse' makes no sense, and if you use your noggin, you'll realize that Bush knew he was dead, as well; "I'm not that concerned about him, really I'm not..." (comment Bush made when asked directly about whether he was still looking for Osama Bin Laden (his family's bosom buddy, by the way!)

    so, at the risk of sounding like I'm scolding you, the real truth is that this 'de-legitimizes' the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, and that's precisely why they murdered Benazir Bhutto. The couldn't have her out there telling that truth too very often, and they had to retaliate against her for doing it the first time.

    p.s.: the U.S. killed Bhutto. oh yeah, I know, not directly, but AL-CIA-DA did it as sure as if their hand(s) pulled the trigger before the blast took place.

  4. Thanks above: It's OK to scold me once in a while - maybe I'll learn something. But I have a lot of fun like they do on Jeopardy - I try to put things in the form of a question. Reason: to give those who have unshakable faith in their flag-wrapped leaders a chance to see contradictions first - then when they are ready - like a flash they are ready to see. Maybe.


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