Foreign vs. Domestic Media: Lessons from the Past

The BBC series "The World At War" - one of my favorites. The somber music - so appropriate it seems to me. The series seems to tell so well the recurring nightmare of waste, tragedy, and folly that accompany war. One reason I like the series so much is the video footage. They seem to have covered everything - including Nazi propaganda - a topic with modern parallels.

I often find myself struggling to understand the world around me because there are so many conflicting accounts of reality. Who is telling the truth? Which facts are accurate? So hard to tell - logic helps to test our reasoning - but there are two sides to every story. How to discern? What about foreign broadcasts? I think I'm capable of sorting out truth from lies. Isn't that what citizenship demands? That the combined collective wisdom of informed citizens is the foundation of just and representative government? How should "Good" Americans inform themselves? Are we best served by our domestic media?

Please look at time = 6:13 in the video below from the "Inside the Reich" chapter of "The World At War." Santayana said "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

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