"Pullit" ... no not the building...

the lever! You can fill in the blanks as to which lever that is. That is the sentiment expressed in the comments appearing below a recent Rawstory article regarding Larry Silverstein, of 911 fame, begging for taxpayer money because of what appears to be business failure.

My attention landed on (CLICK HERE) this article informing us peons that we have to "pony up" again and give this gentleman more money?

From the article:
"The rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, already hobbled by years of delays and infighting, is facing fresh problems as private developer Larry Silverstein asks the government for crucial financial assistance, according to people familiar with the matter."

What did he do with the approximately 7 BILLION BUCKS he made on 911? He cleverly claimed 911 was two attacks not one so doubled his insurance net after the pyroclastic cloud of concrete dust settled. What he was not clever about was coming up with an explanation, (an explanation not for public consumption, but consistent with science) for why a third building, WTC7, collapsed mysteriously that day - after NOT being hit by an airplane as were the twin towers. Two planes - three gigantic towers. What gives? Just say "Pullit" and watch the building collapse.

UPDATE APRIL 8, 2009 FOR SMART PEOPLE ONLY: This paper is from "Truthers" - Go to volume 2 - Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
UPDATE APRIL 9, 2009 Watson on Beijing fire vs. WTC7 fire
---UPDATE NIST report is CRAP---------


  1. alrite,we know what he said whatcha gonna do about it ?

  2. The fact that NOTHING has been done, nor anything SERIOUSLY investigated, already proves that we will get no satisfaction unless something radical happens. One thing that CAN make this all come clear is getting rid of the JDL and AIPAC.

  3. I realized the only way anything hinting towards justice for what happened 9-11-01 is everyone who knows that the official story is a lie needs to just stop pushing any type of truth idea and start proclaiming that the ENTIRE spectrum of 9-11 from the right to the left is nothing but a pile of steaming dung! It needs to be said everywhere, all the time and never retracted. Then one day our children or theirs will need to know something on it and ivestigate it unhindered. The truth never dies so I said fuck the whole god damn thing!

  4. Let us stop pretending that there is going to be an "official" investigation. They are not going to investigate themselves.

    We are the investigation. They have underestimated us. Let us make them eat that mistake.

  5. Like the article says, WHERE DID HE STASH THE CASH?

    Did he use it to help fund the next "Pearl Harbor"? Did he help Israel fund even more government buyouts? He can't still have it otherwise, he would be foolish to ask for a bailout.


    Give him a bailout and I'll bet he leaves the US for Israel.



  7. The 9/11 attack in New York was an operation by the Jewish Mafia, same as the Madoff gang. Where is that $65 billion? They do the crime and the money goes off to Israel. The bank bailouts are the same. We bail out AIG, and the money immediately goes to Israel via Goldman Sachs. All the top regulators are Israeli's masquerading as American bankers. The heads of GMAC and Chrysler are partners of Madoff, they sucked those companies dry and bled off everything to Israel.

    Viva La Revolution!!

  8. Kill the fucking lot of these lying murderous bastards, tear their throats out, go much further than the 1930's Germans. We're at war with these reptiles in human form and losing badly. What we need is a final solution.

  9. ignore the shill above.. the agent taking it too far. there are solutions that are not in step with nazis and lizard invasion.. final solution? deportation to israel. for all of them. permanently. let them fend for themselves... and we take our money back.

  10. The forensic evidence is totally damming. The eyewitness statements and behaviour of the main players turn suspicion into certainty. Under hostile interrogation Larry would soon spill the beans. Which means his life wouldn’t be worth a moment’s purchase if he didn’t fly the coop.

  11. yea everone knows but what can we do about it

  12. the people who did this see 9/11 as a small part of the bigger picture. in terms of lives, 9/11 was nothing. what came after is far worse. is anyone on this board the slightest bit angry about the killing of one innocent iraqi girl or boy x's a million?

  13. What amazes me is the dearth of discussion regarding obstacles to the reconstruction of WTC7. That building seems to have been planned, negotiated, built, and staffed in less time than it takes to boil an egg - in New York City. Why don't we see the same efficiency demonstrated with regards to the twin towers replacements?

  14. we know that the Israeli's set this up, and the '5' dancing MOSSAD agents were involved in the demolition setup with TURNER CONSTRUCTION, but now that all of this TRUTH is out there, it's bringing down the government one TRUTH at a time.

    they know they cannot maintain power over a people that know them to be mass murdering criminal bastards. They know their time is nigh.

    their time is indeed nigh.

  15. That's right in the previous comment. We the people are the investigation and have over the years compiled evidence for a very compelling case for controlled demolition just like all our eyes were telling us on that day. The latest smoking gun evidence is the recently released rigourously peer-reviewed studies done on the red layer of dust found everywhere around the scene of the Twin Towers. All dust samples tested conclusively for cutting edge manufactured particles of nanothermite. No wonder the official cover-up by NIST made a point of never even considering any tests for evidence of explosives at the WTC site. And they call it an investigation?!? Just that fact speaks a mile of government complicity to me, and that's just one piece of a mile of evidence.


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