Resveratrol Ultra - Any good?

Here is a vid from 60 minutes regarding Resveratrol and its "fountain-of-youth" potential:

So should I start taking it? The video is convincing - at least the part about the monkeys.

A quick (CLICK) look around the internet led me to conclude that the compounds involved decay rapidly and can only be captured to put into a pill by a time-dependent freeze-drying process. I wonder if this is true? Check out the comments here: (CLICK HERE) I wonder if any readers of this blog can enlighten the rest of us? The last link I think is worth looking at.

I suppose that a company utilizing the proper methods above would be supplying a valid product - that is, if the product does indeed work.

So here is a set of standards one company adheres to: (CLICK HERE) This link shows what appear to be rigorous quality control steps- are they really?

Another "diet pill" - what is the truth of the matter?


  1. I learned a long time ago, anything they are selling on 60 Minutes is a scam. 60 Minutes is well known for running stories that send consumers out to buy or invest in something that is rotten to the core.

  2. i think you need about 10 bottles of wine a day to get the potency you get from resveratrol ultra, great product


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