Real Heroes and Media Misrepresentations

-----Here's what real heroes look like.  Our country would be in such better shape if our police followed this man's example.



...and then we have the enemy calling them "demonic"

...more veterans the Faux News media shills claim to support...

...don't forget this veteran's famous stand

...but who is this special person in the suit that doesn't have to move?

...look how Hannity thanks our troops when they return from fighting the wars he served as cheerleader for...there is some appropriate disgust expressed by a "narrator" that uploaded this vid...

Fair and Balanced.  Yep.  Fair and balanced - the occupy protestors are "liberals" - the occupy protesters are lazy and don't want to work the fair and balanced people tell us.

What a pitiful misrepresentation our real heros suffer from paid media liars.  It is becoming painfully obvious to the public that the "mainstream media" - has become a moribund embarrassment.

As more police and veterans join the cause - those in the self-proclaimed "fair and balanced" corporate disinformation machine will no longer be able to pretend to "support the troops" - they will be shown as the users they are - users of people - abusers of our military - 

Yes - our moribund "mainstream" personalities are finally showing their true colors as the "sunshine patriots" they really are.

Many thanks to police and veterans for joining the Occupy cause as their ranks will help put the final stake in the vampire media.
UPDATE:  Just came across this clip at Spartacus Jones' blog:  this is really worth watching concerning media lockstep...

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