Movers, sheriff's deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman

"Fulton County sheriff's deputies and movers showed up at Lee's home Tuesday after Deutch Bank planned to kick the two women out.

The moving company and the deputies took one look at Lee and decided that would not happen."

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Note:  This IS a miracle - the police didn't shoot anybody!  Just kidding.  This is encouraging.

I must give credit to law enforcement here for realizing what they were doing - simply carrying out orders for a bank.  It's too bad that something as insane as kicking these seniors out is what it takes for them to actually wake up and realize what they are doing when they carry out the orders of banksters.

But remember - somebody at the bank gave the orders.  Who?  Were they aware that they were throwing PEOPLE out into the street?  Where did they think these PEOPLE would have gone had the sheriff been the Sheriff of Nottingham and not these good guys?  Obviously the folks at the bank couldn't care less.  Obviously we are all just numbers on a spreadsheet, another 1 or 0 in a computer somewhere...

These banks are no good for any of us.  Let's get rid of the Federal Reserve.  Let's get Ron Paul in there since he is the only candidate with the sense to stop the bleeding from the wars, bring the troops home, and kick out the banksters.


  1. I'd like to watch the banksters get stripped of everything they own and see them thrown out into the cold streets.
    May they receive the mercy they have shown.

  2. We need to do what Iceland did.

  3. if the beat cops and veterans start waking up and understanding they are part of the 99% the 0ne percenters will reap the whirlwind.

  4. Ron Paul would be miles better than any of these others. However, DC needs to go the way of the dodo STAT. I don't need ANY of these criminals, even with a handful of actually honest people included. That being said . . .

    Where was Ron Paul when the bankster bailout was passed by the criminals in the Senate, in the most amazing display of pissing on the CONstitution that I've ever seen in my lifetime? I've never heard a word out of him that it was a blatantly illegal act. If you have any doubts about this, remember what the vote was in both the House and the Senate, and then read the first two paragraphs of Article I, Section 7.

  5. Pres. Andy Jackson had the right idea!
    If only there were someone like him!

  6. I think we have many wise men - warriors in fact in the mold of Bush and Obama - Newt and Mitt along with Michelle would be excellent choices. What we really need is more military spending offering a larger global footprint - without the security we have nothing and I know all will agree - all roads lead to Munich.

  7. Ron Paul cannot fight every battle everywhere. He cannot be the champion of every cause for everyone.

    What he CAN do, if elected, and protected from assassination, is what he has promised to do during the campaign, and during his entire political service life - abide by the Constitution. His presidential powers would be limited to the law. That's for sure.

    He is not supposed to be perfect - he's a human being. There is no one even close running for president. And there probably won't be for a long time. We are at a historical juncture here in the USA. I know we keep hearing that each year - but look around you.

    Those enforcing the police state must awaken and act accordingly with principles showing common human decency. Just following orders has been tried as a defense - it won't work this time either.

  8. I am shocked to see people do what is right, just when I thought satan had won.

  9. Must be shitty being a cop these days.

  10. How ironic that the woman should live through the unenviable testimony of chattel slavery only to be facing a new form of chattel slavery that includes all races of men & women; losing her home & everything she ever worked for. The police should be commended in this rare instance but criminal still occupy the Whitehouse while slaves occupy wallstreet. Its time for their eviction.

  11. the house should have been free and clear twenty years ago. what did she do with the funds from the two refi's.that part was left out.

  12. Maybe she paid for a car, food, insurance, new roof, new tires for the car, food, insurance, another washing machine, another dryer, another washing machine, another dryer, (they keep wearing out after three years) - yes - I'll bet that's where the refi money went.

    But you can supply your own reasoning.

    To defend banks, especially those foreclosing on people in Florida who owned their house free and clear, who foreclosed on the bank - to defend these crooked institutions - to look for ways to blame their victims - makes me wonder why you have so much sympathy for a usurous illegal institution that creates money out of nothing, lends this funny money to local banks - which in turn gouge us for using the lubricant of commerce all of us need to get on with out lives.

    Don't forget the robbery we all experience - of inflation.

    Yes - the poor poor bankers that lent that money to these seniors.

    Maybe the 103-year-old bought a new comforter with the money? That's probably all you can buy with a Federal reserve note these days.

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