Spring Forward NOW


Take a good look.  There is only ONE way to even the playing field.

Where were the police?  I'm sure the TSA will show up soon to fix all of this by sticking their hands down the pants of all the children.  Yeah that'll do it.

It is obvious that the very foundation of civilization - American or not - morality - has left the building.

HA HA HA! ????? 

Our recent generation has been raised on a steady diet of poison food, toxic vaccines, violence-glorifying entertainment.  Those whose brains have not yet matured to the point where they can understand the consequences of their actions - are having a party.  After all - look at the examples they follow.

An immoral military - one not interested in the reason for fighting - only interested in the fight itself.  

An immoral government - where the overwhelming majority holding seats go there for the cash reward awaiting those willing to sell their souls for a buck.  

Immoral corporations - not only blind to the wasteland left in their path - as they inhale every last nickel of profit from their funnel-like organizations - worse.  Immoral corporations selling poisonous vaccines, genetically modified stupefying, fattening foods to families desperate to fill their groaning bellies as they scurry from shit-job to shit-job.  Criminal corporations led by me-first, I've got mine - venal reptiles.  Corporations adept at escaping taxes and enriching just a few.  Corporations that will deliver anything anytime anywhere  if you have the money - one minute producing Agent Orange and the next minute a case of fake oranges designed for shipping - not for nutrition.

Immoral schools and universities - where professors can keep their jobs as long as they keep their goddam mouth shut - that is - unless - they are willing to cook the data to present the conclusions from their fed-funded "study" in the light needed by those providing their grant.  Where a football means more than a kid's soul.  

Immoral religious institutions - where covering up child molestation is more important than stopping child molestation.  

Immoral everything - everywhere - all the time.  Greed, avarice, status, medals, bragging rights - yes - that's what Americans value.

It is time for the good guys/gals out there to stand up and turn the tide against the crooks.  War profiteering is nothing new - as you'll see from the snippet below.  There have always been scum ready to profit by whatever means possible - life be damned.  The problem is - that today - at least in America - the scum has certainly risen to the top of this pond.

 From "The Story of the Fifty Fifty Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War 1861-1865..." LINK HERE



Perhaps our pond is going through a natural cycle that all ponds do.  We are emerging now from a winter of frozen activity - where the dominant entities have had their time in a dominant role.  With the springtime thaw - now apparent with the new rays of light brought by the information age - the internet - the awakening of the sleeping and now hungry population - we will see the natural emergence of the good moral people as they awaken from their idle slumber.  A natural awakening - where realization that individuals DO count and individuals CAN make a difference:  From THIS LINK:

"As the ice melts away the first thing you may notice is that the pond water begins to get "murky" — in contrast to the crystal clarity of the winter water. This is a sign of bacterial and phytoplankton blooms.
A new cycle of pond life is starting up, beginning with the microscopic inhabitants. Warmed by sunlight and increasing water temperatures, the decomposers start to break down organic material on the pond floor and suspended in the water. This releases nutrients and energy locked up in the dead organic matter. The decomposers consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide and ammonia as wastes.
Meanwhile algae start to grow as a result of amazing recipe of sunlight, carbon dioxide and ammonia. As almost all pondkeepers come to learn that this is when the pond turns green — bright, impenetrable pea-soup green. Algae and bacteria form the base of the pond food web, and warming temperatures stimulate the birth of microscopic and macroscopic herbivores and subsequently, carnivores."

YES - the ice is melting away - and as the ineluctable critical mass of moral people awaken, find their courage, and ACT to bring the immoral rot to heel - a summer of a new golden age will emerge.  

It's right around the corner.  Won't you join me?


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