Americans Journey Spam filter reviewed

I didn't know that there was a spam filter deleting comments on this blog.  I accidentally tripped over the tab in the "settings" for the blog and "un-deleted" some comments.

I am loathe to delete comments - and have done so deliberately - only when the conversation became inane, zany, or irrational.

I like all comments, friend or foe, constructive or destructive, helpful or hurtful - I'm over all that.  All I ask is that statements are made from your heart - whatever that means.

I apologize to commenters whose comments were deleted unbeknownst to me - and understand that an apology is not good enough - since the comments are time-sensitive - and usually offered during the heat of the discussion at hand.

I apologize again.

I hold Freedom of Speech Sacred - a small part of me dies every time  - however infrequent - where I've deleted a comment - stifled an opinion - muzzled a contributor.

Those times I have, and I can count them on one hand - were justified.


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