Two Secret Service Failures interviewed on JFK assassination

Why weren't these idiots fired?  The president was killed.  If there is something a secret service agent tasked to protect the president from assassination does NOT WANT on their resume - it is "I was the guy protecting the president when he was shot to death in broad daylight."

These guys in the following video just show us our government's finest - and that isn't much to brag about. As they complain that people are making a living on conspiracy theories writing books about the JFK assassination - they profit from their books writing about the JFK assassination THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT.  Ha ha ha ha!  What a joke!  

But don't be discouraged - they said they'd work "twice as hard" to protect the next prez.  Hmmmm.  Last time I  checked 2X0=0.  Ha ha ha ha!

Then we listen to the drivel about a lone assassin firing almost simultaneous shots from a bolt-action rifle - a pile of junk rifle, by the way.  Aren't these goofs supposed to know something about firearms?  

Anyway - here it is.  Yukkin' it up with the Secret Service about their failure...

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