Which Candidate really Supports our Troops?

"For whom, it suddenly occurred to him to wonder, was he writing this diary? For the future, for the unborn. His mind hovered for a moment round the doubtful date on the page, and then fetched up with a bump against the Newspeak word DOUBLETHINK. For the first time the magnitude of what he had undertaken came home to him. How could you communicate with the future? It was of its nature impossible. Either the future would resemble the present, in which case it would not listen to him: or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless."  George Orwell 1984

I've been asked why I just don't "enjoy my life."  This blogging and discussion of the affairs of my country are such a waste of time.

Perhaps this is true.  I've been asked what I hope to accomplish - I have no answers to these questions.

I've been accused of being a "liar" and other things...

Many blog posts ago, and in several between I mentioned that the genesis of this blog was in my discovery of the collapse of World Trade Center 7. *

To this day people I've known my entire life look at that controlled demolition - and now - since they can see it is a controlled demolition are stuck becoming, themselves, so-called Conspiracy Theorists as their brains try to come up with reasons that their government would actually do something like that.  Perhaps it was done to protect "secrets" they will surmise - then they will come up with all kinds of conspiratorial scenarios as their mind tries to rationalize the monstrous implications that the building really was demolished with preplanted charges.  But there must be some "good" reason!  Yes - it was this or that - or maybe....  I've heard them all - it is pitiful to watch - these people - friends, family, new acquaintences... from all walks of life - they cannot come to grips with this concept that we as Americans may have been taken over from within.  IMPOSSIBLE!  Ha ha ha.  I know the feeling they are experiencing and it took me a long time to come to terms with it.  What I struggle with is whether or not there is any point anymore in trying to reach such a group when confronted by a media that participated and participates to this very day - in the deliberate hoodwinking of my friends family and acquaintances via the mechanisms of TeeVee and computer and smartphone NOOZ.

I am impressed with the ability of the United States government to convince not only the taxpayers - who remain most ignorant of all - but the government employees who worked mostly for the armed forces.  These folks have a lot of "unlearning" to do before they can become functioning full-fledged citizens.  Many never will be.

It's a windy day here in Bibleville.  The stowstorm of last weekend has passed and all of the snow has melted from what was a major snowstorm - Today was sunny and springlike - grass visible on the ground not a bit of snow in sight.  In fact if you didn't live through it I probably could never convince you of the magnitude of the change in weather we've had in such a short period...But now very windy - wind whistles and howls at times through the telephone and power wires strung from the street poles to the houses.  I am in the bedroom of one of the houses here in this has-been and now being rebuilt neighborhood.  A sliding window is to my right as I type onto my computer in its cubbyhole...

Folks I know are still going to vote for this candidate or that - but for me I can see that the ones that are up for sale have been put before the public for years leading up to this fake prezidental race.

The democrats have Bernie Sanders and the Clintons.  I've had it with the Clintons since they've been in government too long - in other words - my entire adult working life.  In a nation of 300 million people isn't there somebody else - and somebody that isn't a fucking lawyer?

Bernie Sanders - he is there to convince the democrats that their government really does have a heart and that if he somehow gets into office all of the warfare will stop.  Admittedly I haven't listened to a word he's said since I used to listen to him on Thom Hartmann's radio show every Friday during a segment called Brunch with Bernie Sanders where he would take questions etc...  Thom Hartmann lost all credibility with me when he said on air that Oswald was the lone shooter that killed Kennedy.  What an idiot - even Congress said there was a second shooter because of the police microphone - but listen - if you are an American - I'm sure there is a game or something on right now so I don't want to disturb you and ask you to go do your own research about that.  LINK HERE

"The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The HSCA completed its investigation in 1978 and issued its final report the following year, concluding that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. While the basis for that finding of "probable conspiracy" was a since-discredited[1][2] acoustic analysis of a police channel dictabelt recording,[3] the HSCA also commissioned numerous other scientific studies of assassination-related evidence that corroborate the Warren Commission's findings.[4]

After observing the effectiveness of the propaganda machine on the American public - of course the findings of any truth will later be retracted.  We live under the rule of murder incorporated - it's really just a question now of the public waking up from their stupor.

Kennedy was killed by people who didn't like the direction of peace that he was taking the country towards.  He was going to invest more money in the peaceful pursuits like science , aeronautics and the space race - rather than helicopters, M16s and the military industrial death industry.  Why not do something positive for a change it seemed was his objective.  Does it sound conspiratorial to think that people who like killing others for profit would kill him for profit?  How stupid do you have to be to keep swallowing this crap?  No wonder the bad guys are in charge of the United States - they are leaner meaner smarter and more engaged than the good guys.  They have more money than the good guys.  They support each other - because yes - there is some sort of honor amongst thieves - it is called being organized.  The rest of us are arguing about whether or not the US Military had to be deliberately misdirected just not to stop the attacks by default.  For all the Americans I know that are in the military - they are so brainwashed that not only can't they see the last attack on the country for what it was - they will NEVER see the next one coming.

Anyway Hartmann had Bernie on forever and they talked about all the stuff that Democrats think is so important - you know all the responsible adult stuff like health care etc...  Let me ask you how any of that will happen when we cannot address the most basic problems confronting this nation - like why we are the worlds policeman and how we can afford to run an empire and our own nation at the same time while we are losing all of the wars?  I'm losing and so are you.

The republicans are just as funny.  Donald Trump pretends to support our troops but has anyone asked him how he will support our veterans in the United States Navy who served aboard the USS Liberty and were attacked by middle eastern terrorists?  Oh that was a long time ago you will say.  Presidential candidates on the right have been part of ignoring this event for a long time - and the existing ones will too.  Don't you want to know why?  What are they afraid of?  Why are we so concerned about this tiny country in the middle east?  Why do they have such power over those running for the highest office in our country - and they don't even live here?

At this present time I don't know how this nation will really be great again if we don't start taking care of our own problems first - then pontificating and meddling in other people's countries second.

Right now the right wingers love Trump because he seems to be good with a crowd and is already a TeeVee star.  Will he ensure ME that is is an America-firster and not and Israeli-firster?  That would be difficult as it would require him to fix the USS Liberty situation.  Why?  Because there are clues here and there and everywhere that the same powers that committed that crime committed another serious crime nobody wants to talk about.  Another giant scam that got us all right here where we are - in the wars we are in - looting other countries while none of the citizens of America get to share in the profits.

On an on we go never addressing the past - pretending that it doesn't matter.  If Israel did the Liberty deliberately with the aid of higher-ups in the US, and Israel did 911 then our military are simply the pawns of globalists.  Armed thugs mandated to steal from other countries at the command of the monsters that weaseled their way into the government of We the People.

Since we are all torturers and murderers now in a global war-for-profit empire - as friends remind me is just the reality of our existence I pose a question: "Where is my cut?"

I keep hearing that "We are just like Rome"  - well we are not like Rome.

Rome was a bloodthirsty nation with no regard for human life.  In that respect I agree we are just like them.  Rome was an efficient organized military killing machine with no mercy.  In that respect I agree again.  Rome finally ended up diluting their own money and collapsing due to lack of vigilence of their own leaders and citizens.  I agree again.

But when Rome invaded and plundered other countries the people doing the fighting got a cut of the booty.  Where is my cut?  I'm constantly asked to pony up for taxes to support this globalist scheme for so-called world peace and world carbon taxes, and a global currency - where do I get to benefit from all of this?  If I'm making an invesment - where is the return on investment?

I see no return on investment.

The current presidential race is disturbing in its blatant disregard for reality.  On the Republican side I would suggest people support Rand Paul as he was the only Republican candidate that expressed any reasonable and rational viewpoint for a thinking voter.  But are there any real thinking voters on the Republican side?  I'm doubting that.

America has really lost her way.  The manufacturing and agricultural aspects of this nation are not what they were when I was growing up.  I used to put references in these blog posts but found that nobody ever read them.

I am not sure why people who care about their country cannot see the things we were warned about except that I blame our media for their ignorance - and I don't consider the failings of our media to be an accident.  It is an agenda.  It is deliberate.  Entertainment, like Rome has been carefully crafted to keep the public hypnotized - Trump would have been perfect running the Circus Maximus.

Although I am constantly harassed as a "conspiracy theorist" I am in good company.

JFK warned us... but when people here this - their face becomes contorted for a second or two - then they get back to Hollywood.

It is something to ponder that we are fighting and fighting and fighting everyone under the sun - but we never stop to think about what it is we are actually fighting for.  What are we fighting for?

Should we be concerned about poverty in other countries when we have people starving here?  Why are there bums standing on the corners in all American cities? -Beggars were few and far betwen - an anomaly when I was growing up and didn't exist in most places I frequented (including this town I knew as a young man) for most of my life.  The generations growing up now probably think that this is all normal.  Things have changed - I can tell - but how to describe any of this to those in the present who were not around to see America when America WAS a greater country than it is now?

What sense does it make to fatten the asses of CEOs while our country burns.  I keep hearing that the richer rich people get the better it is for me.  OK - that is great if one is a bootlicker and doesn't mind shining the shoes of the rich for a chance at the American dream.  Am I next in line to be the beggar asking some fat fuck with 26 bathrooms for a job?  What if I don't agree with their politics?

America was the "land of opportunity"  and it still is.  I don't want a handout or even help from anybody.  I am not advocating that.  What I am talking about is a nation of manufacturing and agriculture that is so dynamic and inventive and widespread that it is a given that there is opportunity for all citizens everywhere withing the country.  Those conditions do no presently exist.  Perhaps we can all open hamburger stands and sell hamburgers to each other for money.

I was pushing a lawn mower and a newspaper delivery kid.  I did whatever it took to survive and I still do.  I keep hearing the Republicans complaining that the cause of our ills is that there are too many lazy poor people in this country that don't want to work and that is the genesis of our problems.

It is funny that these supposedly economically astutue people completely ignore the expense of having troops occupying over 135 nations in the world.  They ignore that cost.  Their kids work for the military industrial complex which they pretend does not account for a nickel of our national debt.

It is also very curious to me that these very same war-loving and Muslim-hating Republicans and Evangelicals will never say that those very same poor people are lazy when they join the military for a "job."  Now suddenly these poor from America who had no opportunity for upward mobility in their own run-down hometown are suddenly heroic as they get on the dole as a soldier - having signed up to be a soldier sailor airman or marine.  Now these very same "lazy" Americans are our troops - sent off to plunder and pillage foreign people in their own lands - but what is in all of this for me?

So what do I get out of all this?  What is in it for me?  Is it worth the gas money to go down and "vote" on a corrupt computer with an ethernet cable plugged into the wall - the voting machine nothing but a programmable computer - and ATM - if you will that never provides a receipt and always counts the money wrong.

Although the sky is still blue outside cumulus clouds have blown in - the gusty winds continue to blow.  I've lowered the window a bit to reduce the harassment from the blasts of air knocking my drawings over.  There is nobody outside as I look up the grassy slope between these brick single family homes from a previously prosperous era.  Cinderblock basement courses with brick on top.  Some of the houses are run down and not cared for.  Every yard seems to have way too many cars for the number of people the houses were designed for .  

So I do wonder from time to time if there really is a point to all of this.  If We the People cannot get together to agree on anything because our news no longer serves us maybe I should listen to the rabble and just sit here and watch Rome burn again.  It gets old being called a "Conspiracy Theorist" all of the time and being the lone voice.  They have even got to the people in the psychology/psychiatric community - some of the most mentally unstable people on the planet.

I have a theory that most people in the psychiatric and psychology professions are there because they started their studies trying to figure out what their own problems are.  Look at the state of the population.  I do agree that there is a role for the psychobabble people - but only as tools of an out-of-control government and greedy pharmaceutical companies.  None of them make that much money - so they are in weak negotiating positions at work.  This makes them easily manipulated by their paymasters.  They are order takers and dissidents in the field are not tolerated.  Presently the psych -community is being hijacked to take over where the corrupt police are ineffective in dealing with dissidents.

Not long ago in Virginia Brandon Raub was locked up in a psyche ward for the weekend since the corrupt police agencies that went after him couldn't find anything to charge him with.  There is a post somewhere on this blog with links to the events as they happened.  Virginia - at a state level said they would not cooperate with the NDAA but when it came down to it they rolled over - being impressed - as all employees of the slave state are with federal power.  Virginia is a tool of the federal government and is overrun with employees and varous worshippers of federal power.  That's an opinion but that' OK I don't think they are illegal yet.  Perhaps I will eventually be admitted to a psyche-ward in one of the slave states for that opinion if they cannot make it illegal.

I've even had conversations with people about so-called cloud formation and weather modification - but because the American public is not stupid enough to pollute their own air supply they think that their leaders also would not pollute their own air supply for the benefits available with the control of weather.  I've been called "crazy" (Americans learned to do this on TeeVee and ape behaviours they learn from their media) - for my personal observations where I thought I'd seen cloud spraying under various conditions.   Hell even Scientific American agrees with me - yet the ignoramuses that call themselves citizens keep calling me names - it's fascinating to watch how stupid they really are - thanks to their TeeVee.

Here's a snippet - do you still wanna' call me crazy?  Ha ha - I'm used to it!  Ignorance is bliss!
Here's a link - 
The white haze that hangs over many major cities could become a familiar sight everywhere if the world decides to try geoengineering to create a cooler planet.
Scientists have long suspected that one oft-discussed geoengineering technique -- shooting tiny sulfate particles into the upper atmosphere to deflect sunlight -- could turn the blue sky white. Nature has already provided a basic proof of concept. When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, spewing tons of sulfate particles in the atmosphere, it temporarily whitened the sky.
Now a new study by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science attempts to determine just how big the effect from man-made geoengineering would be.
Adding enough sulfate to the stratosphere to block 2 percent of the sun's light would make the sky three to five times brighter, they report in a paper that will be published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.
Concerning the above - with all the global warming etc... we are constantly supposed to piss-on-cue for - who the hell is spraying stuff into the air we all breath?  Would you do that?  I wouldn't!  But once again you can be sure of one thing - our leaders do not share our values.  I want  clean air and clean water for everyone - not just for those in filtered environments with private water supplies.

America is still heading down the wrong path.  We have to make up our minds what we stand for.

The sun is setting, the temperature has suddenly dropped - another two gusts blow through the barely open sliding window to my right looking down onto the grassy slope descending between the house I'm in and the neighbors house.  I see their outdoor unit for their air conditioner.  Pipes are loose and hanging off their house.  A downspout gapes off to the side away from the house - the drainpipe it used to connect to uselessly rotting on the side of the house overgrown with grass.  An old satellite dish sloppily installed with the coax cables rolled and hung on the post behind the dish like an old extension cord.  A bird somewhere in the distance just said something...

I wonder if there is a point to all of this - and for whom I write this......

* remember that WTC7 fell in the afternoon of 911 - the info in the video makes it sound like it was in the following days during cleanup.  If you wish to understand 911 you can learn by beginning your research into WTC7.  The gentleman in the video made a lot of money from insurance payoffs due to the buildings he controlled getting hit that day.  If I were an insurance investigator (not an American one they are obviously too stupid) I would have some suspicions - but maybe these days insurance investigators are no longer suspicious of anything and cannot consider conspiracy since people would call them names since the TeeVee says to call people names who think there was planning behind a crime...

P.S.  I just tried to sign out of my google blogger account three times - and the thing "pretended" to sign me out - even asking for my username on another screen, then using safari browser, I used the forward and back buttons to navigate right back into a signed in screen on my blogger account I had just supposedly signed out of.

This is an Apple computer - and I know on my other computers I don't have these problems. What does that tell you?  Ha ha.

Google took adsense away on this blog - and Apple somehow always has a way for me to get hacked anymore - where in the past it was easier being a blogger.  Apple is a big security risk in my opinion and I knew that signing in to this account on this computer was an avenue to get hijacked by the computer weirdos.  But I did it anyway - now I get to watch to see how they attempt to exploit it...



  1. JR Needs Doing Some Serious 'Splainin'

    JR: this rambling, babbling blog posting of urs is just cover for ur own war against Christianity and Christians. So is it the Christians who are behind USS Liberty attack?--if not, then who? Don't u admit it was Jews?--or what?

    So now what are u saying?--that there's "good" Jews?--what about Christians?--and what distinguishes the "good" fm the "bad"? Is there really such thing for adults as "good and bad"?--why don't u tell us?

    So don't u have a problem for ur cultural analysis? And wasn't ur last posting about the US Federal Reserve Bank?--so what's ur problem about figuring-out what's going on? How can people be defeated who are capable of just printing-up all the currency they (practically) need/want?--aren't they the ones who own the "media" u like to complain about?

    How is it u have a blog on US Fed Reserve Bank (the last one before this one), then next blog--NOTHING (about the Fed). U ask all these moronic questions but never mention what ur own blog just preceding was all about--the Fed.

    U're anti-Christ, yet u say u're "American"? Buddy, if u're anti-Christ, u're anti-American, and I think u're psycho if u can't figure this out. Do u deny USA was made by Christians?--yes or no?

    Isn't it the very essence of psychosis to have a blog on US Federal Reserve (like ur last one), then the very next one (this one) says NOTHING whatsoever about it, yet u asking all these moronic questions?

    The problem is u're an anti-Christ and u don't want to admit it--u need to face-up to this simple fact. Why do u continue to invoke T. Jefferson and B. of Rights when they follow as integral parts to Christian civilization?

    How can u endorse Jefferson and B. of Rights and then slander Christianity?--this is a gross contradiction, and it's ur problem, buddy.

    U got some 'splaining to do, don't u?

  2. Apsterian,
    I'm beginning to think you are a computer.

    I don't give a crap about your stupid Christian nonsense. The way anyone can identify a Christian is that they shoot .223 Remington. That's really all you need to know. I see no behavioural patterns resembling Christlike behaviour. So Christians don't deserve any extra time from me for their problems. It really is a shame Christians can't get along with anyone - even themselves.


    1. What's Real "Problem" With Christians?

      JR: I'm simply examining here ur insane war against Christians/Christianity, for we see this is really what u're all about--the KEY.

      What "stupid Christian nonsense" are u talking about?--be specific so we can analyze ur psychosis here buddy.

      U say u began blogging because of 9/11?--so was it Christians who did 9/11?--is that it? Ho ho ho ho ho. It was actually someone entirely other than Christians who did 9/11, isn't it?

      Identifying Christians by means of ".223 Remington"?--that doesn't really make any sense, does it?--so what are u talking about?--u need to give some details here.

      "Christ-like behavior"? Well, no one's perfect, eh? And isn't the proper pt. that one heeds to TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)? What exactly do u think "Christ-like" is, anyway?

      And if u assert Christians have "problems," then it's only fair for u to say what these problems are, isn't it?--and if u can't, then u've got the "problem," don't u?

      "Christians can't get along w. anyone--even themselves"?--hmmmm, but can u give examples? We know there's the real thing (Christianity), heeding to truth, etc., and then we know there's the fake Christianity, like supporting Israel and the killers of Christ.

    2. Apsterian,

      Are you saying that one must be perfect to try to emulate Christ's teaching? For example: "Turn the other cheek"
      Can't we give that a try once in a while? Or must one be perfect to do that?

      Also regarding .223 remington - that is what the US rifles shoot - as opposed to the caliber used by the so-called "dirty mooslims" - who use different ammo. The point is that both sides love killing each other - there fore getting no points for differentiating themselves or putting themselves above the other side for displaying Christlike behaviour. Therefore I simplify differentiating sides of the Christian/Muslim war by looking at their weapons. Not much else. Both are equally unbending in their violent religious zeal - neither seems that willing for peace. Israel has benefitted greatly from this conflict in my opinion as some countries that posed a threat to them in the past have been attacked by the US and some are now embroiled in conflicts within their own national boundaries. Who benefits?

      The concept of religion and killing is just a little weird for me - I was raised in an environment where, and maybe my perception is incorrect here, that the purpose of religion was for us to find a way to come together for reasons other than warfare. I thought the lessons of Christ included the pursuit of peace - but no, it comes down to the pursuit of more .223 remington to kill more people from another religion.

      Also - you cannot even define a Christian for me so there is no way to even discuss the matter since there is no common concept to discuss. I use that term here very loosely -

      I've met many people who described themselves as Christians - to me - and they like seeing Muslims die. They want more to die. Same is true in the other direction I would imagine. America seems to be embroiled in these unamerican war-endeavors. However the profits from making the loans for the wars are a very lucrative business for a monied few. I wonder who they are - can you help me understand the specifics of that without going into some religious hatred-rant? Your use of "blanket statements" to describe unhomogenious groups of people is not only illogical - it presents a depiction of reality that I submit is inaccurate. Probably half of any group we blame is blameless - just like a large group of Americans are blameless for the actions of this nation.

      The percentage of Americans that really agree with a majority of the actions of the US government is becoming more and more miniscule every day - that's why the country has so many problems. It is the desires of the few that direct the actions of the US - which seem more and more evil and money-driven all the time. It is not ME that wants all of this war - it is the arms dealers etc... that want the wars - as they are the ones that always want the wars.

      And as I put in the article - I believe that the Christians have indeed been somehow working in concert with the Israelis/Jews (the militarist ones in power) just like

    3. Christian Literature MUST Mean Something; Otherwise We're Just Idiots

      Ok, u give me something to work w. here, so I believe I can produce a worthwhile and informative response. But I'll have to alter the order of subjects to be discussed in order to make sense.

      (a) U write, "Are you saying that one must be perfect to try to emulate Christ's teaching?" But then u say,

      (b) "Also - you cannot even define a Christian for me so there is no way to even discuss the matter since there is no common concept to discuss."

      Greeks teach human existence is TRAGEDY--which has defined our Western culture fm beginning. Christians, following fm even the Old Test., agree, following Greeks, noting humans are sinners--get it? Life sucks--Life is war, according to Homer, Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, and all the wisest men of the West. Life sucks.

      Christian philosophy is contained in New Test. literature, and Christ preached TRUTH as greatest virtue, the only "way" to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

      "Peace" is meant only as some inner reward for the pursuit and somewhat partial achievement of TRUTH, the greatest virtue.

      Thus "turning other cheek" is mere means to end of foremost virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other--u need to grasp this greatest Christian virtue, Christ = truth, which truth cannot be killed, and which resurrects, as at Easter.

      Reason truth cannot be killed is that reality (understood as "God-given") is OBJECTIVE, truth then simply reflecting.

      So I think that's ur greatest problem: not understanding foremost Christian virtue--IT IS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT mere "peace," peace coming only as a product of foremost virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ).

      No wonder u're so horrifically hung-up on what New Test., hence protagonist Christ character teaches--"peace" is minor and mere after-effect of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

      U must face fact that "Christianity," whatever it is or isn't, is contained in literature of New Test. New Test. lit. must be the criterion, the necessary "COMMON CONCEPT."

      So in order to understand New Test. as the basic literature, u must realize it's where the basic "common concept" must lie--if it exists. And there MUST be a "common concept," otherwise it's all meaningless for any possible coherent Christian philosophy.

      Remember "religion" is simply poor, illiterate folks' substitute for formal philosophy as contained within lit. of New Test.

      Get away fm the compulsion and illusion that there's such thing as "peace," except as something inner which u only get fm knowledge of truth. For only that inner peace w. oneself is possible, and only by means of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ) is basic msg of New Test. lit., that truth which cannot be killed and always resurrects.


  3. JR Simply Demonstrates Further The Real Problem In Analysis

    "To this day people I've known my entire life look at that controlled demolition - and now - since they can see it is a controlled demolition are stuck becoming, themselves, so-called Conspiracy Theorists as their brains try to come up with reasons that their government would actually do something like that. Perhaps it was done to protect "secrets" they will surmise - then they will come up with all kinds of conspiratorial scenarios as their mind tries to rationalize the monstrous implications that the building really was demolished with preplanted charges. But there must be some "good" reason!" -JR

    * * * * * * * * * *

    The WTC bldgs., etc., were destroyed as a "false-flag"--to putting blame on someone else, like Osama Bin Laden and the Moooselmen--this serves Israel's purpose (a) and (b) provides a "clash of civilizations" as the war-mongering Republicans like to cite "Islamic radicalism/extremism" (which was built, financed, armed, and supplied by the West, including through their agents, the Saudis--"al Qaeda" and now "ISIS").

    Additionally, the false-flag promotes world gov. as way of solving all problems, including "Islamic extremism" and "climate-change."

    (c) Perhaps most importantly, these criminal acts, including 9/11, the JFK assassination, and all the other major events, were all necessarily organized and perpetrated by the master criminals at the top who are allowed and enabled to legally COUNTERFEITING the currency (not "money") and which thus owns everything, including the mass-corp. Jews-media.

    Ur last blog was supposed to be about the US Federal Reserve criminal enterprise--why is there not even a single word said about it here?

    What sense does it make to blame the Jews-media, but not the entity that OWNS and controls the Jews-media?

    So we see the problems in simplest logic extend even to ur own incomplete and inadequate analysis given here, JR, as u mention the Jews-media, but not the entity which necessarily finances it and makes the monopoly possible, the central-bank--why is this?

  4. "I wonder if there is a point to all of this - and for whom I write this......" -JR

    JR: the only thing we KNOW is u're in a war against Christianity, telling lies about Christianity and Christians (as we see). Strange thing is u bring in T. Jefferson and B. of Rights, pretending "law" is opposed to religion.

    1. Apsterian,
      OK - if U say so. I hope that makes you feel better saying that. Whatever.


    2. Truth Is Truth; I Feel No Different

      It's either true or not--(a) u're in war against Christianity, u mis-representing it, against the text and necessary "common concept" which u want to deny.

      (b) And the bizarre thing is ur attempted use of T. Jefferson and B. of Rights, u attempting to use them against Christianity, supposed "law vs. religion," when the Christian "religion" contains distinct philosophy which u idiotically think, in all ur lying to urself, is ignorable and negligible.

      It all doesn't make me feel any diff., knowing who/what I'm arguing with--a psycho, insanely prejudiced against Western civ. and it's signature "religion"/philosophy.

  5. JR's Anti-Christ Incompetence Exposited

    So u see JR: We see now HOW horribly, miserably mis-conceived u are regarding Christianity, (a) having ANYTHING at all to do w. "peace"--except of the inner sort as one is reconciled to TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ).

    (b) And the other thing is New Test. as the necessary criterion ("common concept") for what Christ and Christianity is all about: TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any, including "faith," "peace," or "love."

    So before u pathetically and incompetently attack Christianity as u've done, u need to know (a) what it's really about, the real philosophy within the "religion," and (b) the necessary "common concept" as u call it, the criterion upon which Christianity is to be understood, New Test.

    1. Apsterian,

      No I don't need to know any of that to use my God-given brain to reason for myself. If God exists and God made me - then fine - why not go with that and realize that you cannot substitute your thought for what God intended for me.

      My job is to call it like I see it.
      Are you implying that God made a mistake making me this way?


    2. JR's Mis-Representations Never Cease

      Can't u read English?--I pt.d out there's plain "common concept" (u're phrase) which is in the New Test. text, necessarily the criterion for Christian philosophy, whatever it might be.

      And then I pt.d out ur gross mis-conception about "peace"--which isn't at all guaranteed by Christ or Christianity except as an inner peace of the individual who's reconciled to TRUTH (= Christ)--which u're not (reconciled, pushing ur stupid lies and mis-representations).

      But obviously, the best chance for the political sort of peace u seem to indicate and imagine would have to begin in foundation of inner sort of peace of individuals featured in Christianity.

      Like a child, u simply continue on, "[n]o I don't need to know any of that...," babbling about ur idiot "brain to reason for myself," which I said nothing about--what a moron.

      Then, "...why not go with that and realize that you cannot substitute your thought for what God intended for me." Just another of ur idiot lies about what I'm supposed (by u) to be doing.

      "Calling it like [u] see it"?--this is a lie, for I pt. out what the necessary "common concept" is, in the text of New Test., dumbass.

      "God made a mistake"?--impossible, obviously--U MADE THE MISTAKE, sucker, lying as u do. U only fool urself for ur psychotic lying and war u conduct against Christianity, Christian truth and the simple text of New Test., necessary "common concept" as u urself noted. U fool no one but urself.

      So I've done the necessary job for exposition; u have no excuse.

    3. Apsterian,

      I never asked for peace guarantees - otherwise I wouldn't be writing anything here at all!

      I am "complaining" that I am investing money in an "enterprise" called "Yoo ess ayy,,,Yoo ess ayy"

      and I get nothing in return. In fact the cry is that war is getting worse - we are losing all the wars so things are going to get worse! Of course - worse! Why? Because that keeps the gravy train rolling.

      But what is my $ cut of all this? All Gods aside where is my cut of the payoff - the loot? Oh .... heh heh - I'm suppowzed 2 accept diminishing returns for my time and labor....yes I see... so what is your reason that I shouldn't be made emperor?



    4. JR Is Part Of Cultural Anti-Christ Problem

      JR: following is what u wrote, fm above:

      Anonymous Feb 2, 2016, 7:27:00 PM


      "The concept of religion and killing is just a little weird for me - I was raised in an environment where, and maybe my perception is incorrect here, that the purpose of religion was for us to find a way to come together for reasons other than warfare. I thought the lessons of Christ included the pursuit of peace - but no, it comes down to the pursuit of more .223 remington to kill more people from another religion.

      "Also - you cannot even define a Christian for me so there is no way to even discuss the matter since there is no common concept to discuss. I use that term here very loosely -

      "I've met many people who described themselves as Christians - to me - and they like seeing Muslims die."

      * * * * * * * * *

      So I consider my response was quite accurate. And I explained for u what's going on--regarding the necessary, inexorable CYCLIC course of hist. whence West and Jew S A are now well into "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the people (of West) over-populated, filled w. hubris, and now SUBJECTIVISTIC, thus SATANIC, the leading satanists being Jews, in accord w. their filthy Talmud (see Talmudical.blogspot.com), Jews foremost satanists (subjectivists), most organized and "connected."

      So of course u're right about Jews and Israel benefitting--and I'm sure many, many would agree. But what do u expect?

      So quit ur (satanist-like) lying. To unite the volk people need serious, genuine anti-semitism (anti-subjectivism), hence Christianity (Christ = truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), return to gold/silver as money, states-rights, dissolution of present ZOG dictatorship, ultra-centralized fed gov.

      But the people are horrifically deluded, STILL, as dumb-shits can't see or even believe US Dollar is collapsing. SO things just have to keep getting worse, this worsening only thing to persuade the morons--IF they can be "persuaded."

      We need a sea-change for sociologic understanding among the moronic masses, the people grasping that those preaching socialism/statism merely want power in order to KILL and genocide the people--as we see happening w. toxic vaccines, GMO foods, other poisonous food additives, glyphosate poisons used as pesticides, "chem-trail" poisons, etc.

      It's tough trying to "reason" w. stupid shits among the masses who care only for "bread & circuses." And u don't help w. ur insane, mis-conceived anti-Christ prejudice built upon gross ignorance as I've noted and quoted fm u. Hence u, most of all, shouldn't be "emperor."

    5. Satanism, Subjectivism, Hubris: Primary Sociologic/Cultural Problem(s)

      So JR, to re-capitulate, u're quoted, fm ur above entry, Feb 2, 2016, 7:27:00 PM,

      "...[T]he purpose of religion was for us to find a way to come together for reasons other than warfare. I thought the lessons of Christ included the pursuit of peace...."

      So ur utter, complete mis-conception is exposed. Christianity only brings an inner emotional-pcychologic "peace," founded upon real Christian virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the ONLY way to Godly-type happiness.

      So then one must observe and conclude ur insane hatred of Christianity is (must be) built upon such gross mis-conception of Christian virtue and purpose.

      Thus u blame Christianity for ur own lacking and fault, the tragedy then being that u FAIL to see the great meaning for Christianity--ANTI-SATANISM, satanism built upon (extreme) subjectivism in which there is no truth, or that ANYTHING is truth--against the Christian truth founded upon the objective reality.

      So it's amazing to think about HOW u could have been so miserably, utterly mis-conceived, imagining that any sort of political peace could be achieved by ANY means, humans being sinners, hopelessly doomed to fiery flames of heck.

      Of course, Aldous Huxley, in "Brave New World," suggested a way--chemical lobotomization by means of forced drugging of the population--which seems to be what's actually happening--along w. deadly, toxic vaccines, poisoned GMO food and food-additives, glyphosate poisons in quise of pesticides, "chem-trails," etc.

      And "Georgia Guide-stones" tell us they're (CFR, Tri-laterals, and Bilderbergers) going to genocide us all and "reduce population."

      Who/what created ISIS?--it wasn't mooooooslims or Arabs--it was/is Jew S A, Israel, NATO, Saudis and allies among the oil sheikdoms (like Qatar).

      So our greatest enemies are anti-Christ satanists here in Jew S A, satanism built upon lies and frauds like the central-banks which legally COUNTERFEITS the currency, their primary practical weapon (primary abstract weapon being subjectivism--upon which these frauds are based and by which they're justified, as in fallacious "moralism" of "good-evil").

      Thus we see the details of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spenger, by which an over-populated, hubristic mass of goons are liquidated, killed-off, and reduced--even after they've had things explained to them in detail for how things happen ("Brave New World," etc.).

      So I say dear Christianity, the real thing, is KEY to uniting the people for practical purposes against satanism, which satanism is not some MYSTIC thing impossible to understanding, satanism being essentially and simply (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, thus hubris.

  6. Most of the "problems" I had with Christianity disappeared when I came to understand the theology of Christian Identity. This fundamental understanding of the Bible separates the world into two racial camps. The sheep care for God's law, while the goats don't. The sheep are largely unaware of separation required for their well-being. They are being punished due to their ignorance.


    1. JR Wants To Use CI Hereticalism As His Excuse

      So that's ur excuse?--u pick out a bunch of hereticalist scum, "Christian Identity" (CI, who merely mirror the Jews themselves w. their racial theories and say, "oh, it's really us who are the real kikes, chosen of God," ho ho ho), and because u finally figure-out they're morons, somehow now THAT dis-credits Christianity, the real thing?--which is presented in New Test.

      Why can't u just face-up to the story given in New Test.?--Christ goes about preaching the Mosaic law (Torah), clarifying it, esp. in contrast to the Pharisees who sought, and still seek, to change that law by means of their self-serving interpretation ("midrash") and "Oral law." Pharisees then conspired to kill Christ--pretty simple, eh?

      And in the midst of it all, as Christ clarifies and simplifies for his expo, he pt.s out TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ) is the very greatest, highest value for achievement of greatest, Godly happiness, Gosp. JOHN 14:6. Thus TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH ALWAYS resurrects, as u can't kill truth anymore than u can kill the objective reality upon which the truth rests.

      So Christ tells us what the Torah preaches, and he opposes the Pharisees who want to "interpret" (midrash) the Torah for their own interests. Christ then stands for "strict understanding" against the Pharisaic liars who tell people that their "interpretations" are the real law of God, making the Pharisees (and rabbis) into God.

      So don't forget, JR, this USA is OUR land--Christians--made by and for Christians, just like the entire culture is founded upon Christian principles, including T. Jefferson and B. of Rights. Too bad u can't exert due diligence for the real, true, and proper meaning of that precious Christian foundation. CI may be execrable, but ur own failure is worse.

  7. Sorry for the confusion Apsterian and JR. You can call me TS (Truth Seeker), since I replied to this post anonymously. I'm proposing that CI does represent and properly defines Christianity, and is not heretical at all. Christ is indeed the Truth, but He is also the Way and the Life in addition to being God himself. The New Testament is built on the Old. Christ came to fulfill the OT, and establish the New Covenant which was prophesied in the OT. When the terms of the New Covenant are understood then a lot of confusion disappears as to who may call himself a Christian. If one believes himself to be a Christian, then he should as well be obedient to all the standing commandments in the Bible. One of these not taught in most churches is 2John9-11. This is an admonition to keep away from all who do not abide in the doctrine of Christ. Many of the early founders of America did practice Christian separatism, and I believe states were even settled accordingly.



    1. What's "Real" Christianity?

      TS, u need to give a ref., aside fm New Test., for ur particular hereticalist doctrines. Christ = truth, the ONLY way to Godly happiness, and New Test. thus is sufficient for restatement and clarification of Mosaic law defended by Christ against those infernal satanic Pharisees.

      And when u grasp the Holy Spirit is simply reason and HONESTY, giving integrity then to the whole spirit, conscious and subconscious, u see and understand best there ARE NO "COMMANDMENTS," simply a philosophy by which those "commandments" can be understood and no longer need be commandments.

      Of course, MOST people cannot grasp logic or reason, at least fully, and need "commandments" to guide them, so Christian religion provides that also.

      But what u overlook most of all is Christian philosophy which affirms Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY, necessary basis/criterion of TRUTH (= Christ), this in opposition to SUBJECTIVISM of the Pharisees who pretend, insist, and imagine they can "interpret" (midrash) the original Mosaic law, in accord w. their infernal "Oral law tradition." See Talmudical.blogspot.com for best expo on Talmud, midrash, etc.

      Thus the Pharisees and later Talmudists pretend God is their slave beholden to kike filth, that kikes are God, collectivistically, which everyone else is required to serve, and who can change ("midrash") the original law of God at will and by rabbinic edict ("Oral law tradition"). God also does miracles and changes reality for his blessed kike filth, such a slave is this Jew "God," subservient to his precious Jew filth.

      And naturally, according to Jew liars, God allows his chosen filth to kill any others pretending to humanity whom kikes call "goyim," God even "commanding" kikes to kill the goyim.

      So u see the BASIC philosophic/cultural conflict: Christian truth founded in objectivity vs. Jew, satanic subjectivism--which is redundant as satanism is (extreme) subjectivism. Thus we see significance of Holy Day of Easter whence truth (= Christ) resurrects--because u CANNOT KILL truth (= Christ)--why?--because u cannot kill or change that God-given, objective reality.

      This magnificent, literary, aestheticalist affirmation of objectivity then is great significance of Christian religion and philosophy, the philosophy built-in, which our poor, be-knighted comrade here, JR, who thinks he's sooooooooo "smart" (like a kike), so pathetically fails to grasp.

    2. Apsterian, I refer you and JR to the monumental website Christogenea.org for theological and historical claims supporting Christian Identity (CI). What I learned there forced me to give up mainstream protestantism.

      Your opening statement should be: Who are the "Real" Christians? Read Jeremiah 31:31 (OT) and Hebrews 8:8 (NT) to understand the answer to this question.

      It is reasonable to conclude from Biblical and other historical sources that the cast-off Israelites who were dispersed from Assyrian and Babylonian captivities are in fact the White germanic and related tribes which settled Europe and became Christians or Christendom. In my mind CI is the game-changer that completes the protestant reformation.

      Your assessment that Phariseeism (Talmudism) subverts the intent of the OT is fully correct, but you fail to see that Jews have also stolen our true identity and substituted dispensationalism, replacement, and other aberrant theologies taught in our seminaries today to keep up their charade (Rev 2:9, 3:9). The reformers didn't understand this, and most Christians don't either (CI excepted).

      Are the "Jews" evil? Absolutely. So are the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and other antiChrists. Why don't Christians separate themselves from them as 2John9-11 admonishes? Because they don't know who the real Christians are. -TS


    3. CI: Gross Hereticalists, Liars, Scum, Never Doubt

      Yes, I've hrd of Christogenea, and ck'd it out, and it's absurd. And there is no founding for any theologic or historical claims by CI or Christogenea, esp. regarding the dispersed "Israelites" being Germans or Celts--the idea is ludicrous.

      And we notice u're without ur own answers, merely and absurdly telling folks to read Jeremiah and Hebrews for "who are real Christians." U can't say, for urself? Christ tells us in New Test. all we need to know.

      U (CI) people are soooo thoroughly, completely INSANE, u fail to realize Germans and Celts were not at all Christians until they were missionized by the Christians fm the Greek-speaking provinces of the Eastern Roman empire.

      And u totally fail to understand Christianity as there is no "good-evil," everyone being sinners following the DETERMINIST (absolute cause-effect) nature of reality, following fm objectivity, there being no perfectly "free" human will, there being only God's will.

      U CI people are most gross hereticalists and liars, no better than or essentially diff fm Jews, and u'll be treated by us real Christians accordingly, never doubt. U will not escape.

    4. Apsterian writes his own history book and tells us where the Celts and Germans came from. Until you actually do refute it, Christogenea.org remains a premier resource for substantiating CI claims. You have made some good observations regarding the perfidy of the Jews, but your explanation of Christianity is incoherent and incomprehensible. I wonder why?

      The Bible references I made prove who the "lost sheep" are. Bibles can be found online if you don't own one.

      Like you, CI also blieves dispersed Israelites were indeed pagan until missionized by their Greek speaking brothers from Roman provinces. By your own words, you therefore label yourself INSANE. - TS


    5. CI: Just A Bunch Of Hereticalist Pharisaics Jealous Of Kikes

      TS: u're just the usual Jewwy-type liar in all ur blithe and pleasant equanimity. I wrote my own hist. book?--right, lying scum.

      Don't u get it?--"refuting" Christogenea would give it a respectability it doesn't deserve on any merit of its own. U lie, and then say u wonder why over ur own lie. And the Bible proves nothing, it being mere work of literature, moron, ho ho ho oh ho.

      What u are is simply one who envies kikes, followers of the Christ-killing Pharisees, and wants to pretend u're the real kikes, that's all. And Christ's msg was u scummy Pharisaic filth are all puke.

  8. Apsterian and TS,

    Does religion have any role other than to foment division and hatred?



    1. Self-Righteous Know-It-All Strikes Again!

      U little, self-righteous moron: "division and hatred" are the given for condition of life, stupid punk.

      But go ahead and continue pretending life is lovely, and it's religion, yes, that's it, religion, that makes it what it is--the Darwinian struggle.

      Dumb, self-righteous puke like u, JR, who thinks u're smarter than everyone else, that u have this insight about T. Jefferson and B. of Rights--now they didn't have anything at all to do w. Christianity, did they, stupid scum, ho ho ho ho

    2. JR, I don't think the purpose of Christianity is to make division and hatred disappear, rather it explains why there is evil. Job wondered why he had to undergo suffering, and got his answer later from God. As a theological understanding, CI (dual seedline CI) best puts it in focus for me. Two trees are woven into history - the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life. Christian social order "happens" among the people of the tree of life through their obedience to God. When they are disobedient, many times God uses the people of the Tree of Good and Evil, to administer chastisement. The Bible is the record of this conflict first mentioned at Gen3:15. As Christians we can't escape evil. We can understand the purpose of it however. - TS

    3. Apsterian and TS:

      OK - great opportunities to understand here. Yes - the problem is that we cannot escape evil - so why bother?

      Since evil exists - we must next ask ourselves if evil really is such a bad thing - maybe evil is good?

      If evil is good - why fight it? Does evil work for you? Does evil work for me? Why combat it at all?



    4. Christianity: Not For Mystics Or Pharisaics

      Christian literature and New Test. is obviously and simply the aesthetical and dramatic vehicle in which we find Christian philosophy and commentary, beginning w. Christ's affirmation of Aristotelian objective reality, basis of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), only way to Godly happiness, and then everything which follows for Christ and his lessons.

      And there is no "good-evil" in an objective, determined reality as I've noted, and this "good-evil" delusion/fallacy is foundation of HERESY of Pelagianism (ck Wiki or Google search), favorite lie told by Pharisaics by which to inculcate a subjectivistic reality within the minds of poor fools--which all I've explained to this moron, JR, literally dozens of times.

      And reality is Darwinian, esp. the human part of it which is war, strife, and tragedy, as taught by Greeks and all the greatest minds of the West, fm Homer through Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Herbert Spenser, et al. Christianity brings an internal peace and provides a means of MANAGEMENT for this war, strife, and tragedy.

      JR, in his satanic ignorance and mendacity tries to mis-represent not only Christianity, but all/any "religion" for not providing a political "peace" panacea upon which he's obviously obsessed to positively psychotic degree.

      The utterly, entirely mis-represented "Christianity" given, above, by TS, is obviously just a brainless, moronic, mass of childish, idiotic, putrid MYSTICISM, totally anti-Christ for basic nature and purpose, which Christ affirms the objective, determined reality, foundation for all reason and genuine human knowledge founded in science and logic--the Holy Spirit consisting of REASON combined w. HONESTY--which honesty leaves out the Jews, foremost satanic liars, frauds, and criminals.

      So we see both TS and JR mis-represent Christianity, indulging in moronic, mystic concepts and heresies like non-existent "good-evil." TS is a gross, horrific anti-Christ and MYSTIC, whereas JR is less overtly mystic-oriented, but still clinging to and insistent upon idea he's "good" or that he knows anything, esp. in regard to either religion or Christianity of which he not only knows nothing but actually pushes falsehoods and deliberate mis-representations. At least TS doesn't deliberately lie--he's just not too bright.

    5. Interesting questions JR. I can highlite some of the differences I have with Apsterian's view of Christianity. Apsterian views reality as: Objective only, Darwinian (evolutionary), Christian - but primarily NT and only selective portions according to his interpretive scheme. Out of this stew, he determines that although good/evil don't exist, we all should embrace reason and honesty which makes us hate the Jews in particular, and anybody else who doesn't agree is "not too bright".

      In addition to questions regarding good and evil, Christianity also addresses questions of existence and origins. Most Christians would accept all of the Bible as revelation from God. This rejects Darwinianism and blind, random acts bringing nature and us into being. We are therefore a creation of God and our responsibilities to Him and each other are described in terms of moral laws reflecting good/evil. It also teaches "mysticism", meaning life and transcendence beyond the earthly realm.

      Men's failures and shortcoming with respect to good (sin) becomes the means through which God's covenant people better understand Him, and by which He can test and discipline them as He sees fit (e.g. Job). Our free-will response to this test is probably limited by His boundaries and prepares us for the next life.

      This is a short attempt to offer a general Christian perspective on the problem of evil. I wouldn't expect it to be suprising to anybody here. It might help to narrow the subject matter for future discussion. - TS

    6. Christ's WORST Enemies: Liars And Mystics

      Thus the Jewwy, Jew-serving, Jew-imitating liar explicitly reveals his stinking, putrid mysticism--and LIES.

      "Most Christians would accept all of the Bible as revelation from God."

      This (above-quoted) is obviously false. "Christian" is simply follower of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). And we see here and now just what a brainless, ignorant LIAR this anti-Christ scum is. Thus a Christian is utmost rationalist, Holy Spirit being Reason and Honesty, as I noted, extending then to the integrity of the whole person, intellect and sentiment.

      "TS" also says: "Apsterian views reality as: Objective only, Darwinian (evolutionary), Christian - but primarily NT and only selective portions according to his interpretive scheme."

      These statements (above-quoted) are just more muddled, prejudicial, presumptuous lies. Reality is what it is, as God created it, as we have it--the objective reality, PERIOD. There's no "only" to it--reality is what it is, hence objective, God-given. And we now see what an ignorant, confused fool of a MYSTIC we're up against in TS--but he's NOT Christian; rather just another lying satanist scum.

      Bible, including New Test. (NT) is literature, period. We only get Christianity fm NT, but Christ preached the Mosaic law as we have it fm Old Test, given as back-ground and supplement.

      And as reality is OBJECTIVE it's determined in accord w. absolute cause-effect; we're all sinners, as St.s Paul and Augustine affirm, we following our human nature, God-given, as creatures of will, pursuing self-interest. Humanity is in-capable of "good"--Pelagian heresy, according to St. Augustine.

      And there's no "stew," as this scummy liar pretends, Bible is literature properly seen, much as possible, as an organic whole. And Jews, liars who worship lies and lying (see Talmudical.blogspot.com), are worthy of hatred simply as Christ indicated at Gosp.s JOHN 8:44 and MATT ch. 23.

      So we see "TS" is simply another satanic, mystic, anti-Christ liar and heretic. And it's interesting to observe, once again, just WHAT these "Christian-identity" scum really and truly are: just hereticalist filth who want to replace the Jews as the "chosen" who are thereby entitled to murder the rest of the goyim, evidently, because it says so in the "mystic" Bible, as this mystic puke explicitly asserts.

  9. The only religion aside from Catholicism I know of that uses the term 'heretic' is Judaism. I think 'infidel' is Islams version. All 3 seem okay with 'Convert or Die'. evangelizing.


    1. Well, do u think there may be a pt. to Christianity as foundation of any military/political movement? For there's un-questionably an enemy: the Jew-led satanist faction behind Agenda-21 genocide, pop.-reduction, and global-dictatorship. And if u want to subvert the Christian-led opposition, aren't u then simply an enemy?

      See buddy: perhaps u need to take life more seriously, I submit. Why should Christian soldiers abide ur lies and lying?

    2. Besides, who gives a shit whether u "convert" or not? The military effort against Jews/Satanists simply must not be subverted by the enemy prop.--why isn't that obvious?


    3. Conditions Of Christian Anti-Heresy

      And upon reflection, Christianity being a literary, intellectual -oriented sort of philosophy embedded within a religious form, the "command" style and form is limited and restricted to the military sphere, under military conditions.

      Because honestly, and again, we really don't give a crap whether anyone in particular "converts" or not--we of the military just want to make sure u don't get in the way of our military/political effort. Christianity is worthless unless freely accepted and endorsed by the individual upon the individual's free judgment.

      For Christianity, the real thing, is something acclaimed by the people. But un-like the "golden calf" which (reputedly) confronted Moses when he came down fm mountain, Christianity, the real thing, is something which arose in the midst of the "golden-calf" -type satanic corruption, LED BY THE JEWS, but also abetted by their satanic allies, like CI, as we observe right now in Jew S A.

    4. No, I know what your saying. I just find it interesting that the 3 entities I mentioned share a word. Especially against the backdrop sharing banks. All 3 using Swiss banking. Or vice versa. Additionally I would like you to explain this; Since religions are not material substance, how could anyone ever know a jew iss a jew, or a catholic a catholic, a muslim a muslim by looking at those without costumes? Why only crypto jews. Can't khaazarian's be regarded as crypto white's masquerading as 'jews' reardlesss of how pure their bloodline is? Please, this is very important. Militarliy important, So if you can, try to not be such a kunt.

    5. Punk: what u need to try to attempting to doing is making a pt. or an argument, or a "case"--u comprende? Don't waste people's time, moron--like the time I took to read ur above idiocy about crap u know nothing about ("Swiss banking").

    6. Punk: what u need to try to attempting to doing is making a pt. or an argument, or a "case"--u comprende? +++Don't waste people's time, moron--like the time I took to read ur above idiocy about crap u know nothing about+++ ("Swiss banking").

      Speaking for others is false witness.

    7. Exodus 20.16
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

      The scriptures resonate in genetic memory, as they were designed to. It appears they resonate loudest in 'C.I'

    8. https://sschmwp.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/yahweh-and-christian-identity/

  10. Commenters,

    Thank you for explaining these viewpoints.

    I am not sure I understand them.



    1. U're "not sure [u] understand"?--but u're determined to mis-represent and slander Christianity in midst of the Jew-satanic -led continuing assault against humanity which Christianity seeks to defend.

      And u're a liar, anyway, it's always been Christian truth vs. Jew lies, as u've been informed numerous times--as u easily could have verified for urself, but rather ignore.


    2. Most Accurate Characterization Of CI--What It Really Is

      An important pt. needs be made about CI (Christian Identity) which is that it's such a disgusting, putrid, mystic heresy--hence a deliberate falsification. For note how the CI people envy and seek to emulate the Jews, who make the basis of their putrid religion one of race, race being be-all and end-all.

      But racial loyalty and integrity is important simply on rational grounds, and racial loyalty is virtue which merely comes AFTER the primary Christian virtue of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other premise, tenet, principle, etc.

      Thus note how CI, like the Jews, places race above or ahead of the necessarily primary principle, TRUTH.

      And never doubt Christian virtue of TRUTH is available and possible to anyone of any race whatever--why wouldn't it be? Further, this Christian principle of TRUTH available to all/any races is explicitly admitted by St. Paul, apostle to the gentiles.

      Thus note the manifold virtue of Christianity as it's LITERARY-based, and designed to appeal to the intellect--unlike Judaism or Islam which feature mere COMMAND as the foundation for acceptance by the individual.

      So CI is NOT NOT NOT "Christian" at all, in the least, rather a pathetic, mystic knock-off, or cheap imitation, of Judaism, and this putrid imitation of satanic Judaism which gloats over the killing of Christ is actually the best, most accurate characterization of anti-Christ CI hereticalism.

    3. Apsterian admits he is a universalist. His JudeoChristian theology gets a pass from the Jews, who he thinks are convertable, but it is not true Christianity (i.e. CI), which the Jews hate. He spouts the multicultural mantra: I am not a racist. Of course TalmudVision constantly reminds us that only Whites can be racist. Anyone watching should also notice nonWhite invasion/genocide presently occuring in all White Christian countries. All other ethnicities are allowed to be homogenous (including Jews). How can Jew-wise Apsterian not know this? Here is his quote:

      "And never doubt Christian virtue of TRUTH is available and possible to anyone of any race whatever--why wouldn't it be? Further, this Christian principle of TRUTH available to all/any races is explicitly admitted by St. Paul, apostle to the gentiles."

      No references of course, just more of Bishop Apsterian's inane conjecture on what he thinks Christianity is. -TS

    4. Apo commentary in text of "TS," below-copied, capped, bracketed.

      * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Anonymous Feb 20, 2016, 2:58:00 PM

      "Apsterian admits he is a universalist. [A BLATANT, OBVIOUS LIE.]


      "...gets a pass from the Jews, who he thinks are convertable, [ANOTHER LIE.]

      "...but it is not true Christianity (i.e. CI), which the Jews hate. [THIS PART MAKES NO SENSE--TYPICAL FOR CI MORONS.]


      "Of course TalmudVision constantly reminds us that only Whites can be racist. Anyone watching should also notice nonWhite invasion/genocide presently occuring in all White Christian countries. All other ethnicities are allowed to be homogenous (including Jews). How can Jew-wise Apsterian not know this? Here is his quote:

      ""And never doubt Christian virtue of TRUTH is available and possible to anyone of any race whatever--why wouldn't it be? Further, this Christian principle of TRUTH available to all/any races is explicitly admitted by St. Paul, apostle to the gentiles."

      "No references of course, just more of Bishop Apsterian's inane conjecture on what he thinks Christianity is." -TS [THIS CONCLUDING PART AGAIN IS IRRELEVANT AND OTHERWISE MAKES NO SENSE, OBVIOUSLY, SO I'LL JUST LEAVE IT TO "TWISTING SLOWLY, SLOWLY IN THE WIND."]

    5. https://sschmwp.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/yahweh-and-christian-identity/

  11. OH, TO readers...

    when I was talking about "selling hamburgers to each other" I was being sarcastic as that would not be a good division of labor - although I believe there are those out there pretending that is all we need for an economy. I admit I know absolutely nothing about economies or even any particular economy...



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