Trump cares about veterans? What about Navy veterans?

Since Big Donny can't make it to the debates, despite the pleading of Billy O'reilly to please, please reconsider...

Big Donny is going to have a benefit for veterans - to try to capture the veterans vote.

Support our troops!

A good question to ask Donald Trump is what he intends to do to find the terrorists that performed the terrorist attack on the USS Liberty.

What will he do to stop terrorism?  What will he do for our soldiers sailors airmen and marines?

Ha ha ha ha!

I'll give you one GD guess!


He will do nothing for the survivors of the attack by terrorists on the USS Liberty.

But he WILL wave flags and talk about things like "Making America Great Again" and stuff like that.

Don't forget bashing Muslims - very selective bashing - but they weren't Muslims that did the terrorist attack on the USS Liberty were they?  Oh  - that was a long time ago you will hear.  That doesn't matter anymore.  That was necessary to ignore that terrorist attack on our sailors and cover it up in the mainstream media everywhere in this "land of the free and home of the brave."  UH HUH!

Big Donny will tellem what they want to hear - but if he pledges to bring the terrorists to justice that did the attack on the USS Liberty - I'll vote for him.

But he won't.

None of them will.

Which brings us to where we are right now... just watching this goofy public spectacle.

Watching our country burn to the ground and selling each other hamburgers.  Yes - that will make America great again.

Here's the cheapo interview of Billy and Big Donny -  Pulleeez pulleeeez Big Donny - please!  We neeeeeeed you!!!!  Please  - milkshakes!  Please!!!!

Huh?????  This is so fake I don't know where to go.  Both of these guys will have nothing to do with heroic survivors of the USS Liberty because that would involve real sacrifice.....

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  1. JR: Makes No Sense, But Insists He's "Moral"--Which Is All He Cares About

    So what's ur problem, JR?--The Jews rule, and note Trump's daughter actually rejected her religion of birth, Christianity, to convert to being a filthy kike, which, according to their stinking Talmud, gloats over having killed Christ. See Talmudical.blogspot.com.

    So evidently, u're against the Jews who killed the sailors of USS Liberty, but otherwise there are good Jews? And we KNOW already fm previous statements by u that u think Jews are a-ok.

    So ur observations lead to the fact USA is owned and controlled by Jews who control the US Federal Reserve Bank (see Mises.org for expo on Fed) legalized counterfeiting.

    So u make no sense, again, as usual, as u pretend there are good Jews, like there are good Talmudists, good psychopaths, good Christ-killers.

    Psycho, politically-correct liar as u are, which all u think is funny, evidently, we understand u're gonna stick-up for Jews (a), pretend there are only some "bad" Jews (b), (c) equate Jews and Christians, and (d) protest u don't have a "hateful" bone in ur moralistic body.

    (e) Then u'll throw in a cliche' about Jefferson and the B. of Rights and have a good chuckle.

    So the obvious question on anyone's mind is what u imagine u're accomplishing? U make no sense, but evidently, u just want to impress everyone w. ur "moral" "feelings," right? For moral feeling TRUMPS everything else for u, isn't that it? The heck w. logic and facts, MORALISM is the end-all and be-all for u, right?


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