Federal Reserve Explained-video

Please watch this video - is it really all this simple?  This post - as usual - horribly written and shallow - but there's no time for much more right now.  

There's a lot that needs to be looked at to fix this problem.  An analysis of winners and losers is probably a great place to start - regarding what will happen to everyone if a shift is made in this system.

As with most problems involving big big amounts of money - fighting amongst winners and losers must be factored into our expectations of what to expect as the problem is first discussed, then revealed, then attempts are made to solve it.

Compartmentalization seems to work in our lives for lots of things and it would probably work pretty well when it comes to solving the problems of our money system.  But we won't have many options available internally to fix this problem when there is a globalist agenda working every day - while you and I are at  work (those of us working) - globalists at work every day to usurp the sovereignty of the United States and take away forever the options available to us internally.

I agree with the video where eventually a UN bank will be the be-all end-all "solution" that will enter the picture at just the right time to "save us."

If the only way out is for the bigshots to save their own asses by selling us all out they will do exactly that.  What is in it for them to keep their money if the whole country is going down the shitter?  Why would the elites and ultra-rich give up their fortunes for the betterment of the rest of us?  I don't see that happening.

I also don't see any cohesion between the average American citizens.

Most of our problem is that most people listen more to what Sean Hannity and Rush told them than to what their neighbor, possibly a banker who understands all this has been trying to tell them for years.

Americans ignore that we are all where we are because of very basic problem - and are soothed with the images beaming out of their Telescreens.

Our media - needs to be forced to help us fix this or we will never have the basic public discussions that have to happen - at a personal level.

This is a short video - why is there not more serious discussion of this matter on the telescreen?

Who owns your TeeVee stations?  Why do they not explain this to the public if it is such a serious problem?

Our media remains PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1 - the problems can be solved - including this money situation - but since the solutions that benefit you and me are not what those who own our TeeVees are after - the problem will remain a "conspiracy theory" bringing opprobrium to those discussing it with their "friends" in public.

My experience discussing serious matters with so-called "adults" I know usually ends with discussions of hollywood stars I cannot identify - so we have a ways to go before the public can face this matter.


  1. People Are Lazy--No Less Than JR

    Jews-media is NOT NOT NOT "public enemy no. 1"--why?--because Jews-media is mere appendage, reflective, and symptomatic of something more basic, the fiat-currency system of legalized COUNTERFEITING, literally.

    So as long as u have the corrupt and fraudulent fiat currency system nothing will change, including Jews-media. Jews-media will simply keep pumping-out same sort of lies and lying to maintain the currency system which benefits criminals at the top.

    U may as well say, "what's problem?--answer: it's too much stupidity."

    Too many folks cannot figure-out what's money--it must be commodity (having its own exchange value on market), LIMITED, not infinite, in quantity. Hence the best, for practical purposes, for monetary standard is gold/silver--always has been.

    Regarding people, remember MOST folks are always in the "middle"--they don't know too much about anything--they rely upon leadership supplied fm one of the polar ends for any issue.

    So the way things typically go in the CYCLIC course of things is that people, esp. after the culture/economy has reached victory, "prosperity" and matured, have become hubristic and BELIEVE IN LIES--they're NOT realistic and honest. Like children, people can always be relied on to do what Jews-media persuades them is "good." "Good" is the cheap religion and opiate of the people.

    The original pioneer, founder generations who were truly brave, heroic, productive, and honest give way to an over-populated generation of spoiled brats who indulge in Pharisaism and moralist "good-evil." All they want is "bread and circuses."

    Thus the media will always REFLECT the intelligence and honesty of the mass population, "lowest common denominator," who merely want entertainment, "bread and circuses." Don't annoy them w. hard facts--they get offended, u know.

    After all, JR, u don't want to face-up to the cultural conflict btwn Jews and Christians, do u?--how are u any better or different?


  2. How "Simple" Does Simplicity Have To Be?

    "Please watch this video - is it really all this simple?" -JR

    Remember, the "it" is simply legalized COUNTERFEITING--literally. "Criminals" who are caught counterfeiting are often dealt with quite severely. At origin of USA, counterfeiting was punished by death.

    And "it" merely requires and entails the replacement of real MONEY (commodity-based, hence gold/silver) with what's now called "currency," paper (also, nowadays, digitalized computer numbers) and ink. See Mises.org for best expo on money subject.

    And one of the legalizing measures this counterfeiting entails is "legal-tender" laws which forces people to accept this currency.

    And this sort of legalized counterfeiting has gone on throughout history, so the methods are well-known--it works because people too easily fail to understand what MONEY is and must be and why.

    "Money" is actually quite an abstract subject-matter, so it's easy to fool most people, people so easily confused and taught to lack confidence in themselves for ability to think--especially under the right cultural circumstances.

    So JR, when u ask about the "simplicity" of "it" all regarding this legalized counterfeiting, u need merely consult history.

    HONEST Christian people, or such as the original Roman farmer-soldiers, are and were not so easily fooled, but the HUBRISTIC sort, like u, JR, are always fooled, sooner or later, one way or another. And that sort of hubristic mental-conditioning is what happens in the CYCLIC course of things historically, esp. in mature and evermore corrupt empires--like the Jew S A.

    So is it (legalized counterfeiting) really "all that simple"?--well, it only requires the right circumstances, as we see fm history; otherwise the basic elements of the central-banking criminal enterprise are fairly well-known, I'd say, including especially the element of hubris present within the people and civilization. Hubris of the suckers thrive in way of politically-correct sort like u, wouldn't u say? How "simple" does "it" have to be?


  3. The Real Nature And Consequences Of The "Problem"--The "Big Lie"

    "This is a short video [on the US Fed] - why is there not more serious discussion of this matter on the telescreen?

    "Who owns your TeeVee stations? Why do they not explain this to the public if it is such a serious problem?" -JR

    Well JR, it's (inflation) "serious problem" ONLY for the people--NOT the topmost satanic bankster master-minds--they profit. Thus u see, inflation is an effective TAX which devalues the dollars sitting in the people's wallets and bank-accounts--that's "problem" for the poor suckers among the people being (effectively) taxed and expropriated, NOT a problem for the satanists and Jews at the top.

    It's (inflation is) legalized counterfeiting, JR--LITERALLY--but the poor saps among the goyim morons, who are now so over-populated among the "citizenry," think this is mere exaggeration--"it's not really 'counterfeiting,'" they're told and tell themselves.

    It's how the "BIG-LIE" operates, this legalized counterfeiting gets by BECAUSE the goons refuse to believe that's exactly what it is--"it's GOT to be more complicated," they say to themselves and thus fool themselves into believing.

    And now the big come-uppance is upon us, JR--US Dollar (especially the "petro-dollar") is going to lose over half its value--SOON (petro-dollar will be ended entirely). The great post-WWII economic boom for Jew S A is OVER, gone, pooof, FOREVER. Get a clue, buddy. God help us all.


  4. Basic Problem: Hubris Vs. Determinist Reality

    "There's a lot that needs to be looked at to fix this problem." -JR

    No, JR, u're not getting it--"problem" can't, won't be "fixed," as u childishly imagine. It doesn't matter how much u "look at" things.

    For the forest fire cannot be put-out now, at this pt. ONLY thing now that will happen is the fire must and will simply burn itself out, as I've noted.

    For the problem of central-banking (see Mises.org and RealityZone.com for expo) is and was caused by the excessive stupidity of excess population of goons bred-up by the original and founder generation(s)--and u "can't fix stupid." Such is inexorable course of CYCLIC, determinist (according to absolute cause-effect, no "free" will) history, according to Spengler's "Decline of the West."

    This excess stupid people now must simply die-out and be killed-off--that's ultimately what happens. U can't reason with them--they're stupid, and not only stupid, but filled w. hubris--they think they're smart--most EXTREME stupidity, which cannot, won't be "fixed."

    So the goons will never accept removal of central-banking--and they must suffer the consequences. The forest-fire cannot be put-out--it's got to take its inevitable course--can ONLY burn itself out.

    Ur HUBRIS, typical of the general over-populated masses of TV-addicts, is u think (a) there's "free" human will that (b) can "fix this problem," as u write, above, imagining determinist, historic course can be changed by mere (and non-existent) human "free" will.

    Do u grasp the irony, JR?--by believing, as u do, in "free" human will, u suffer fm the same result as the masses of TV-addicts who are similarly deluded by the Jew-tube--believing in "free" will.

    And u LOVE ur Jew oppressor too, don't u?--u spout the very same cliché's taught over the Jew-tube to the goons--the "politically-correct" non-racism, non-anti-Semitism, etc.

    Such then is the cultural satanism taught and spread by means of the corrupt stage of culture and hubris, as through the Jew-tube--fm which u imagine, evidently, u're immune--But that's simply the supreme IRONY of the determinist reality which u reject, ignore, and imagine doesn't affect u.


  5. Irony And Sublimity Of Hubris, Political-Correctness

    "I also don't see any cohesion between the average American citizens." -JR

    Of course, JR--u're AGAINST that "cohesion" which is and was essence of the Christian-based society which spawned Jefferson, Constitution, and B. of Rights.

    And in ur politically-correct HUBRIS (which of course u can't admit), u imagine, golly gee, but we can have rule-of-law and B. of rights even after removing that basic Christian foundation.

    Such is ur madness and hubris, JR--lamenting the lack of "cohesion" after u've done everything possible to destroy and under-mine it within ur own mind, thinking u're sooooooo clever and "moral" as u do so.

    U're tooooooo "smart" and "advanced" in all ur hubristic "thinking," such as it is, to consider there is and was solid, distinct, and GOOD reason to hate, reject, and exclude Jews. But u're not the only one, for sure--THE ENTIRE CULTURE AND POPULATION agrees w. u, and thus u and we suffer, don't we?

    Thus u find u suffer for ur "political-correctness"--even while u imagine u're immune fm such political-correct delusion. Such then is the supreme and horrific IRONY of hubris, veritably most sublime madness.

  6. "This post - as usual - horribly written and shallow...." -JR

    Well JR, but it (ur post) was good and sufficient enough to inspire no less than 5 substantial responses I was able to generate, as u see, so I count it as successful and quite worthy effort--what blogs are supposed to be all about, right?

    1. Apsterian,

      So are you telling me that every cloud has a sliver lining?



    2. Humanity Desperately Needs Anti-Semitism--The Real Christianity

      Well, if idea for blogging is to create dialectic, then ur blog succeeded well enough, right? I believe I've done my part, so now u can either continue upon a particular train of subject-matter or prepare ur next blog posting.

      I submit ur ideal of Bill of Rights and Jeffersonianism is built necessarily and demonstrably upon Christian ideals and hence anti-Semitism.

      And if u look at history, after French Rev. and "liberation" of Jew criminals (see Talmudical.blogspot.com), it began definitive "Decline of the West" for all humanity, the American War of Northern Aggression in 1860s and steady, continuous descent into evermore horrific dictatorship, dear unc. Adolf trying his best to free humanity in the 30s and 40s a tragic failure.

      Prosperity of humanity requires and necessitates suppression of Jew psychopaths and criminals.

    3. Upon reflection, let me clarify--it isn't ONLY the Jews who are the problem--they're simply the leaders of the satanic trend of statism and dictatorship, all built upon subjectivism and moralism (Pharisaism). Jews are simply the leaders of the satanist criminality, dominating the criminal hegemony which presently rules, Jews being most organized, most collectivist, most "connected."

  7. Apsterian,

    I don't know where your perceived battle between so-called Christians and Jews exists - as far as I can tell the Christians consider the Jews their friends. Of course I am speaking in general and simplistic terms.

    In any case yes, as usual you do your part and it is important otherwise this whole exercise is a complete waste of time.

    I do think it is time to move onto the next posting.

    1. JR Seeks To Negating, Ignoring History

      "I don't know where your perceived battle between so-called Christians and Jews exists - as far as I can tell the Christians consider the Jews their friends." -JR

      I've explained the Christian-Jew dichotomy at least DOZENS of times.

      As far as u "know"?--u make no effort of knowing; on the contrary. What u try to doing seems to be in creating ur own little reality which excludes Christianity and/or Judaism and any facts having to do w. them--which quantity and range of facts amount evermore to actually a great deal.

      U seem to want to preserve the B. of Rights and Jeffersonianism while doing away w. the facts of history and all context which precedes and gives the foundation thereto.


    2. JR In His Solipsist Wilderness

      "I don't know where your perceived battle between so-called Christians and Jews exists - as far as I can tell the Christians consider the Jews their friends." -JR

      Above, JR, u (a) mockingly feign ignorance, (b) of well-known fact (Jew-Christian hatred), and (c) u do this as way, evidently, of expressing contempt towards what u consider "religion" which u seem to consider synonymous w. mysticism, superstition, and ignorance--regardless of all the history and sociology that's explained to u--u just ignore it all, living within ur own little reality, truly.

      And the mystery is WHY u do this brainless sort of ignoring of plain reality--and WHO u imagine u impress. For everyone knows about the long-standing and traditional enmity and intense hatred btwn Jew and Christian--and that there's solid reason behind this hatred--which all u just blithely ignore.

      (d) Then, on top of everything above-noted u want to babble about B. of Rights, Jefferson, and rule-of-law, this without understanding anything about context, history, and foundations.

      So u can go ahead and express ur contempt, pretending to ignorance as u do, additionally pretending it's soooo cool to be so ignorant, but u prove nothing (that I can discern), and I don't know who u think u impress--OR WHAT U'RE REALLY TRYING TO PROVE. Ignorance and contempt for the facts of history and sociology are "cooool"?--I doubt very many at all would agree.

    3. "I don't know where your perceived battle between so-called Christians and Jews exists...." -JR

      JR: what's purpose of this blatant lie?--what are u trying to accomplish?

    4. Apsterian,
      I am not a solipsist.


    5. What?--so then why don't u answer the question about ur lie, quoted no less than 3 times in entries, above--what are u trying to accomplish by that lie and lying?--tell us about ur agenda implicit in ur lie(s); give us some details.

      A solipsist, after all, is just a subjectivist, who thus imagines he (you) creates his own reality. U believe in a "free" human will, right?

    6. Apsterian,

      It's so easy. I need to be elected, somehow into the guvvermint - then I'll do what I told everybody I would do until either

      A. I'm shot or otherwise killed
      B. The job gets done

      In the meantime I'll sit here, as the Socratic gadfly and point out all of the injustice.

      What else is one to do?"


    7. U're a liar, a solipsist, and a psycho, buddy. I GUESS u just think u're funny, evidently.

  8. Apsterian,
    So what if I were those things?

    I can't help but wonder why you are such a fountain of personal attacks. I thought that you would have learned by now that you are wasting your time if your aim is discouragement. Nobody else has ever succeeded - but I appreciate your efforts. They, too, will fail.

    Blogging, writing; these are nothing more than art and will be what they will be in the eye of the beholder.


    1. JR Continues To Baffle Reason

      "Personal attacks"?--but they're the truth, aren't they?--liar, solipsist, and psycho. I asked u straight question--WHY?--what are u trying to accomplish by means of lying, solipsism, and psychosis?--just "art," we guess, as u insist.

      So evidently, according to u, u do this all (lies, solipsism, psychosis) because u consider it to be "art." And so we guess u just have this mad attachment for what u consider "art."

      But then why this sort of "art"?--u think u're clever and funny, right?

      And u're determined that logic and honesty in the face of ur "art" consisting of lies, solipsism (subjectivism), and psychosis will "fail"?

      But note I've asked what u're trying to accomplish.

      So this is just ur sort of sadism to be pushed and applied against the world, eh?--u want to enforce "FAILURE" against anyone who opposes u w. logic and facts, right?

      So we see this is ur enforcement of solipsism (subjectivism) and psychosis--lies and lying are just mere means to ur ends (solipsism and psychosis).

      And I like ur final sentence:--"they will be..." whatever, right? I consider I'm a legitimate "beholder," but my simple perceptions don't count, eh?

      So I think it's worthy of note to find-out what u're trying to accomplish--that's why I ask my questions to which u oppose counter-question of ur own, "so what if I were those things."

      Thing I find interesting is u interject Jefferson and B. of Rights within all this psychotic babbling u do.

      So I came up w. another question: isn't it legitimate thing to "discourage" lies, lying, solipsism, and psychosis?

    2. Apsterian,

      Are you OK? You sound like you are flying apart.
      Are you a psychobabbler too? Psychotic? Whah?

      You keep calling me a liar - but to be a true liar I think intent must be demonstrated - of which it is plain as day that I have no intent to tell falsehoods.

      So I must reject your charges.

      As far as solipsism - I don't accept that charge either as I've said before that if you want to label me I can only take the label of Socratic ironist - I think I know that I don't know that much.

      I have to think about your question - as I was working on a post about the debate but it is unedited and unfortunately as America goes down the dilly writing becomes more and more difficult as sources of information become more and more politicized ...

      As far a psychosis - perhaps that too is politicized. Nobody called Stalin a psycho and look at all the people that fucker killed.



    3. JR: Indicted By His Own Works, Nothing Else

      Well, I'm just trying to figure-out what u're actually doing and trying to accomplish. "Socratic gadfly" is just an excuse and pretext. Sure, u may psychotically beleeeeeeeeeeeeev that's what u're doing, beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin' no less than the "Christians" u so much hate.

      Looks like u want to be 2 things, (a) politically-correct, sticking-up for Jews even against humanity and people of USA, but then, at same time (b) u want to interject T. Jefferson and B. of Rights in an idealistic kind of combination.

      U throw in some wrinkles, like w. the USS Liberty, though u still defend kikes and say there are "good" Jews, etc.

      U're absolutely INSANELY prejudiced against Christianity and Christians--which is plain anti-American as USA is product of Christianity and Christian people who made it, regardless ur pathetic difficulty in admitting to this simple fact.

      But there's no doubt u lie, as I noted in several entries above, regarding Jews and Christians. Evident fact is we're ruled by psychopathic satanists (extreme subjectivists) as I noted, satanism carefully described and defined.

      And we noted HOW the satanists rule--primarily by means of legalized COUNTERFEITING and central-banking by which they buy-up all the establishment media, including significant part of I-net.

      And these satanists are necessarily controlled, directed, and manipulated by Jews, Jews being most organized, most "connected," most collectivistic, by their nature and philosophy of Talmud, etc., ref'd by Talmudical.blogspot.com.

      Thus the satanists are capable of FUNDING AND FINANCING well-paid Judeo-Christians to backing, supporting of Israel--no less than they own the establishment media. And all the rest of the establishment "Christians" are surely intimidated by the ruling satanists and Jews at top, including for example, the "Vatican."

      So I simply take careful note of what u write--remember, I don't pretend I know anything about u personally, only what u write here in ur blogs, and that's what I use as basis for my own entries here. So quit pretending I'm making "personal attacks." Anyone can read and see for him/her -self.

    4. Apsterian,

      I try not to "join" Christians because they are haters. Otherwise I wouldn't have a problem with them. They are the ones always advising everyone to think exactly like they do or they will "go to hell"

      Fuck that. Complete waste of time.

      Yes you are right that you don't know me personally and you are correct in attacking "jack rabbit"

      As far as defending "jews" I couldn't care less about anyone calling themself a jew other than their actions - not their words or who they identify with.

      If someone calls themself a jew I don't care - what I care about is whether or not they


    5. JR Explicitly Mis-Represents, Hence Lies, Lies, Lies

      "I try not to "join" Christians because they are haters. Otherwise I wouldn't have a problem with them. They are the ones always advising everyone to think exactly like they do or they will "go to hell""

      Above statement about Christians is false, hence it could only be a lie. Christians follow Christ, by definition, whose philosophy is given in New Test., esp. and pre-eminently at Gosp. JOHN 14:6, Christ being truth, the only way to Godly happiness.

      And how is it wrong to hate lies, liars, and lying, upon which is built all of satanism? For hatred of lies is mere reciprocal emotion for love of truth. Christian hate is only PART of the real story.

      And Christians are only honest and forthright when they say one must heed truth for the only real happiness to be found, and that following lies leads to perdition and heck.

      Thus the story of New Test. is Christ going about preaching the original Torah word of God, esp. in way of simplifying to making it understandable, all of this against the Pharisees who interject and intrude their own "Oral Law Tradition" (later known as "Talmud") by which they change and "interpret" ("midrash") the original Torah, "making the word of God of none effect" (Gosp. MARK 7:13), which Christ condemned, and for which condemnation the Pharisees determined to kill Christ (= truth), but which truth gloriously resurrects as it cannot be killed, God's reality being the only thing that can exist.

      Such is the Christian story and parable. So the Christian heeds to truth (= Christ) regardless anything else, truth being highest value, and it's lie to say (true) Christians insist everyone else has to "think like they do" excepting only for truth being only way to Godly happiness.

      So u PLAINLY mis-represent Christianity as u cannot deny, and that's not my fault, and it's not my fault to pt.-out ur false testimony and allegations.


    6. "As far as defending "jews" I couldn't care less about anyone calling themself a jew other than their actions - not their words or who they identify with."

      I explained about the Jews DOZENS AND DOZENS of times and gave u references, but evidently u're soooo blinded by ur insane hatred of Christians that it's ok for anyone who opposes them, including satanists and Jews, leaders of satanists.


    7. U see, JR, slowly but surely we're finding-out about u. I've always wondered about this strange Jew-friendly political-correctness of urs combined w. ur ref.s to T. Jefferson and B. of Rights.

      So we see now u're actually at war w. Christianity, hence reality, and Jefferson and B. of Rights is ur weapon to be used against Christianity--this is what it looks like.

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  10. Apsterian,

    (I'm typing this for the second time. I suppose google blogger software is written by the retarded segment of society)

    ...anyway...notice Adsense is gone - quite a mystery....hmmmm just wanted you to notice that on this blog - given jack rabbits viewpoint and yours


    What exactly is your definition of Solipsist? I can't even really talk about what your bitch is with Jack rabbit if you can't tell me that.

    I will try to address some of your intriguing questions in the next blogz as they always do contribute so much - but for me to address them specifically - planned - without sponteneity will subtract from the brutal honesty I sometimes publish here. I've probable retracted 1/4 of all the real blog posts I've written as I know they are too harsh for the public - and espe cially people who know me who hate me for telling them the truth. I gues it is called survival - physically - not mentally - I have no bodyguards.

    ha ha


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