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I don't often mention many positive things because from my high horse I feel there are too many important things to discuss that I ignore important tasks like mentioning what is actually going right once in a while.  Although it does nothing to provoke argument I got such a feeling of greatness tonight that I came back to the candle flame like a moth-writer does.


I admit that there are great and awesome Christians out there.  I know some personally and - as this blog is not really about people I know - I need to make it that way for a blog-post cycle.

The Christians that I know personally - and exist with in my daily life accelerate their greatness to me in so many ways that I cannot really get into.  They will and do constantly try to find a way to fix things - that is a fact.  They are not brainwashed masses - but the most generous and thoughtful and caring friends a person couldn't even ask God to supply - because the Christians I know are too good to even imagine once you get to know them better.  And so far it is all of them that I know personally who enrich my life and give me reason for gratitude.  And in their honor, I wish to give that gratitude to them and God.


I don't know enough - maybe they are afraid to speak out in this country - but as a good friend said - the fervor has died down for the moment - but wait....

Since the fervor from the terror attacks on the homeland have diminished - does that mean we are in for another self-inflicted terror attack to get the masses begging for security and more war?

The Future of America

I am convinced by recent discussions that our American future is at a crossroads and that the public would like it to go in certain directions - away from war and more toward the "homeland."  Fine - let's keep up security if you wanna' have all the drama - but let's get part of the economy back to reality and start fixing this place up and get some people back to work.  It's still business!  What difference does it make if the government spends all our extra cash on weapons or on peace projects to "protect the homeland" from poverty?  What is the point of being poor to support war, if the same expenditure - on a project at home will provide jobs and prosperity and preserve lives?  What is the point of losing lives when the war isn't necessary?  And why are so many wars necessary?  Why do we have troops in 140 countries?  Are we at war with 140 countries?  If we are in financial trouble like everyone says wouldn't it make sense to slow down on our expenditures and maybe make peace with ten of those countries so we can shift that money from the war industry to homeland businesses and construction?  Think of the schools and libraries and cities we could build with all of that money.

Think about the solar energy available in our deserts that we don't use - and the fantastic energy independence this nation can truly achieve.

We are on the verge and can move this country toward greatness - but that requires boldness on all of our parts.  We have to all, someday be willing to sacrifice for real - in ways we didn't previously imagine to save the greatest nation in the world.  A nation made great by a Constitution that works - if it is followed.  We don't need a new form of government we have a great model that can really be followed and monitored with all of the security cameras the government installed that can now be made public online so we can all watch the same cameras the government is watching.

And while the government is busy doing all these things we need, they can make sure the public law supports the citizenry owning military equipment equal to or better than that the government -after all we will never need it until the government isn't able to protect us any more - then since their equipment must have failed protecting us we'll have to use our superior stuff in a last ditch effort to protect ourselves.


  1. JR Speechifies And Spouts, But Doesn't Really Care About Reality

    Well JR: this blog essay of urs started out ok, but then it just seemed to fall apart w. gross inconclusiveness. USA turned into Jew S A, and u gotta face it--like people gotta face reality. Jew S A is mired in hubris, subjectivism, satanism, and ONLY a miracle can save it, which isn't at all likely.

    For note a corrupt civilization has bred-up a great mass of inferiors, scum, weaklings, and Jew (hence satanist) -sympathizing puke--not to say there aren't lots of good people, still. But the filth, morons, and dip-shits are still too powerful, too well-organized by satanists, it seems, and the good folk are still horribly dis-organized in the face of triumphant satanism--at least as long as satanists still control the legalized COUNTERFEITING of central-banking.

    JR: get a clue--Jew S A is toast, US Dollar is collapsing guaranteed to lose at least 80% of it's value soon, Petro-dollar bubble busting, beginning probably this yr, in maybe 3 stages, beginning w. a smashing 30% drop--according to Jim Willie of GoldenJackass.com. Jew S A has lost around half of it's previous manufacturing base, the foundation of its erstwhile strength, now gone, gone, never to return--within our life-times, anyway.

    And when food prices begin to sky-rocket, then there will be civil-unrest, rioting, and martial-law, calling-in of UN troops, esp. Mooooooooooslims, who will kill American citizens w. great, gleeful gusto.

    To be sure, USA could revive a good deal, at least theoretically, but it's not likely--there'd have to be serious and drastic cuts in spending (esp. war-spending), taxes, and regulations--which just aren't likely to happen given the conditions and circumstances.

    For in the great CYCLIC course of things historical, once the satanists take control of the "money" supply, they'll simply inflate and spend whatever it takes to keeping control ("bread and circuses")--UNTIL the currency totally collapses--only then will they lose substantial control, but it's still not a sure thing Christian heroes will be able to come-back in any decisive fashion.

    Only thing we can really hope-for is a sort of Christian revival, resurrection, resuscitation--hence ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-satanism and anti-subjectivism)--as of St. Constantine the Great's revival of the old Roman empire, all too brief, as the Christian establishment, even then, degenerated so much into a sad mysticism which failed, esp. for the Western part.

    [-------------SEE BELOW FOR PART TWO TO ABOVE PART ONE------------------------]

    1. [-----------------HERE'S PART TWO TO ABOVE PART ONE-----------------------------]

      Just look at urself, JR, a total coward, utterly TERRIFIED of truth and necessity of anti-Semitism, spouting nonsense and cliché's, babbling about the "Constitution," as usual, ignoring it requires honesty and objectivity, rejection of subjectivism and childrens' "good-evil" lies and prop.--all which too many inferiors, scum, traitors, and weaklings insist upon, what w. "feminism" and "gay-rights," etc.

      Thus the great mass of weaklings and inferiors must fall by proverbial "way-side" in order for the "good" (meaning HONEST Christian) folks to survive, the top satanists falling-out w. one-another as the mass of goons and slaves dwindles, this on principle of "no honor among thieves."

      And states must regain full sovereignty, the Fed gov. withering away, along w. the green-back dollar.

      And worst enemy of real USA and Constitution is people like u, JR, who are too cowardly, dis-honest, and weak to face-up to necessity of anti-Semitism (anti-satanism). U don't really want to live in reality, actually, u preferring the dreamy, wishful, pretend world of ur idealism and friendship for Jews, subjectivists, and satanists.

      Real US Constitutionalism requires honesty and realism, JR, as of the original patriots, which u're incapable of--in fact, which u disdain, actually, in favor of speechifying and pretend "idealism"--u're too "good" to be anti-semite, human, honest and fit to live in the real world. I wonder if u're really survivable.

  2. I saw this, following at top of ur page: "Your Propaganda Antidote ...... "The beginning of a revolution is in reality the end of a belief" Gustave LeBon"

    Yes indeed, JR, and that belief is that Jews are ok, or that they're tolerable, or that "toleration" is good, even of Jews, etc.--it's what u believe, isn't it JR? But like the most insistant and stubborn of those pretending to "faith," u absolutely refuse to abandon ur beloved kikes.

    1. JR: Patsy For Jews

      And remember, JR, when I say Jews, I'm talking about the leading satanists--subjectivists. There are other subjectivists and liars and criminals, but NO ONE is so sublimely organized as Jews.

      And it's nearly comical ur un-bending, absolutely obsessive insistence that u gotta, u just gotta defend ur precious Jews--against EVERYTHING--against reason, history, everything--this insane obsession then degenerating to convolutions on law, Constitution, etc.

      It's so easy to under-cut ur arguments by simply pt-ing to the premises of law, society, and constitution--reason, hence truth and the objective reality, which Jews hate religiously--which u don't want to face or entertain, no matter what.

      It's like the Jews taught u so well: "hip people always defend Jews--after all, USA was made by and for Jews," ho ho ho hoo ho. U're tooooo easy, JR.

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