Being Boethius

As an American I can relate to "B."  The dude in the picture above.

I started out the same way he did and have ended up the same way - except - which is obvious from the fact that I am still alive - I have not been executed.  That's great for now - but if that is where it has to go.....no prob ..... this country .....as great as it is....being the best......solving everyone's problems all over the world.....with unlimited resources (your money and you r grandchildren's grandchildren's money) ) can do anything anywhere, solve any problem - we are fucking incredible!    Have a problem?  We'll fix it!  Kind of like a globalist pizza delivery empire!

What's wrong?  Do you have a continent, like Africa, with non-christians multiplying like rabbits with flies on their faces with no food to eat?  No problem!  We will save them!  You and me!  How?


Oh that's right - uhm, well heh heh, uhhhhhh, we can't really....uhmmmmmm.....we're ....unmmmmmmmmmm.....broke.

Laugh out loud.   HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Look around you.  See all the "bums?"  If they are Americans they would probably rather have a job than be out panhandling - just my opinion - but the jobs are just not there anymore in this nation because they have been outsourced to slave labor in places like fucking China.  I heard that "they" had to put nets outside the windows of the factorys in that polluted New World Order paradise to catch the bodies of their "employees" taking permanent "vacays" frum their hellish existences.  I've seen documentaries produced by heroes who have been producing similar documentaries since we atttemped to bomb the will to fight out of the Vietnamese back in the 60's and failed, - these documentaries show the slaves working to produce quotas of undergarments for slobs like me - living in filthy fucking RATHOLES built from the fucking wooden crates the fucking yarn was shipped into their filthy country with.  ARe the "lazy" working shifts so long they would prefer to commit suicide?  Get a clue.

You see, my fellow American - that is where we are headed - FAST!  If you think for one second that your betters don't have Your Kids' enslavement built into their business plan I can only say - SUCKER.    You poor sap.  I feel sorry for your kids - with a parent like YOU.  A coward and slave to corporate americun.

I've heard all this talk about how bad unions are - especially from people living in that vipers den called WAshington DC (District  of Criminals).  WEll not really true.
My grandfathers were both coal miners, Anthracite, and if it weren't for unions I'd probably be working in a mine right now.  I knew about the company scrip.  I knew about the company towns and company stores - 'cause the old timers told us kids how bad it got - and that they would just throw the body of your dad on your front porch if he got killed in the mine - if they bothered to drag the body out.

I knew about the mine disasters caused by these greedy fat filthy pigs - where they had to throw BOXCARS FROM FUCKING TRAINS into the holes these idiots created, that were so big they didn't know how to stop the fucking water from the river from getting into.  The Wyoming Valley - the sinkholes go on and on.

And the mine fires.  Oh man. I thought this shit was normal.  Entire towns fucking incinerated, just fucking ash.  With Sulphur Dioxide or some sick white gas "smoking" out of the fucking ground EVERYWHERE!  A fire underground for MILES DESTROYING EVERYTHING.  Ever hear of Centralia, PA?

You see that "smoke?"  That is gas escaping from the ground from the coal burning underneath.  Do you see all of the workers trying to put the fire out in the background?  Do you see all of the money pouring into this place to fix this rape of our land?  You don't?  That's because there is NONE!  YOu fool!  Do you really think, are you really that fucking stupid to think that the coal=barons - the robber-barons that occupied those mansions down on river street in Wilkes-Barre are ponying up the bucks to fix this fuckup?  If you believe that I have a bridge for sale....

Folks - the show must go on - and the next "mine fire" is bigger , badder, and gonna cause more problems than any mine fire from any corporation you can imagine ever would - and that includes Chernobyl.  

Fukushima - another corporate koksug of the world - another disaster - another human tragedy with fish and wildlife death frosting is ready for your consumption you pathetic voter.  Do you understand that fucking GE and some corrupt fucking NIPS just fucked the PACIFIC OCEAN AND EVERYBODY IN IT - AND YOU - AND YOUR KIDS AND EVERYBODY - FOREVER?

Hey - Jack Rabbit - you are exaggerating!  Cool out mannnnn!

OK.  Maybe I will.  But I'm not eating any fucking fish until I find out more.

But - it's prolly OK.  Right?


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  2. I'll have to think about a good reply for this blog, ho ho ho

    I think ur response to the Fukushima mess is pretty appropriate, however--things seem to be pretty bad. And the corruption responsible for Fukushima is good reason people ought to think twice about the satanic oligarchs who've taken over--they've got to be exterminated--it's them or us.

    We need another revolution of the sort of early 4th cent. Roman empire, led by St. Constantine the Great, I submit.

  3. I'll have to check out that revolution you are writing of...

    I thought I'd throw a "racial slur" in there just ... Nipponese -

    I wonder if Apsterian noticed the following?


    I wonder what your thoughts are on that one. Seems a bit contrived, overdone, and too well focused

  4. Satanic - agree there apsterian - because I turned on a TV the other night - gave it up for a coupla years and am working my way back in.....
    I agree that the Haloween strip show called the "Grammys" or whatever the hell that was ....
    I described a TV scene to fellow workers, I'd already turned it off cause I didn't like the chick that was dancin'

    But anyway - WTF is that doing on TV at that time slot - under those circumstances - put up there by the people running that show.....

    Satanic for sure, predicted endlessly by folks like yourself who claim that Satanic people control our media - and there it is - I saw it with my own eyes.



  5. Follow Historic Example Of St. Constantine The Great For Serious Christian Revival

    Jack: I don't think much more could be said about the Fukushima situation, which u've described pretty well, basically, SOOOOOOOOO, I think best thing now is to putting it in context/perspective--the CYCLIC, "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    See, the corrupt, hubristic society, now over-populated due to the former success and "victory" of previous generations, has bred-up a bunch of perverts who've now abided Obongo-Care death-panels and AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" (genocide).

    So, it seems a bunch of poor, stupid suckers gotta DIE, eh?--what else? For at a certain pt. it's difficult to figure out what to do without someone having to take a bad fall.

    Hence we can only look-back in hist. and observe fm a parallel instance, the declining Roman situation in early 4th cent. when heroic St. Constantine the Great revived and resuscitated--at least briefly--the otherwise moribund Roman empire at the time.

    We have something of an advantage, perhaps, in the Christian under-current already well-established, BUT we see that it's terribly perverted by the hereticalist "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) traitors who follow the "neo-cons" and support terror-state of Israel, etc.

    These JC hereticalists and traitors are the primary, immediate problem--these most deserving of ur well-expressed vitriol and denunciation u give in ur blog article, I submit.

    Thus the situation requires a genuine effort specifically aimed at these hereticalists, and then further, towards the positive resuscitation of that basic Christian culture, Christianity, the REAL thing, only needing a re-definition for the grasping of it by enough of our fellow-citizens.

    So we have to face-down our hereticalist opponents, I think, in a forceful and effective manner. Pastor Carlson at Whtt.org does much for showing the way, I think, though I myself would be much more emphatic for exposing the satanist psychopaths, like the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers who are openly working for "population-reduction" and genocide, as I note.

    For one thing, I submit we have to acknowledge at the outset that Christianity is indeed anti-Semitic, which will be predictable and immediate protestation of satanists and opponents. For Christianity, at root, is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ), according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6, and against lies (JOHN 8:44). Thus, observe Christianity actually upholds the Aristotelian objective reality, necessary basis, premise, and criterion for TRUTH, this against the lies of the Jews and associates, including esp. these JC cohorts, the single, strongest gentile political influence.

    Thus we have to be capable of understanding Christian TRUTH, hence objectivity in contrast to Pharisaic SUBJECTIVISM and phony, hereticalist "good-evil" (Pelagianism), Pharisaic "good" the greatest enemy of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

    This rationalist-inspired anti-Semitism, anti-Pharisaism may seem difficult, but it will become easier as economy continues to collapse and degenerate, never doubt. Think of this necessary Christian campaign as similar to Pastor Carlson's, but more stream-lined and explicit in certain ways--Christianity understood in more emphatic philosophic terms, Christian objectivity against subjectivism and the "noble-lie(s)" of Leo Strauss, for specific example--a more outright anti-Pharisaism in general, aside fm anti-Israel (or anti-zionism).

  6. The first thing somebody will ask for is "evidence" of a "death panel" that they can find for themselves.



  7. Just google: here's one, http://www.infowars.com/halperin-death-panels-built-into-obamacare/

    Halperin: Death Panels Built Into Obamacare

    Democrats who said Sarah Palin is a lunatic and death panels don’t exist are uniformly silent

    Kurt Nimmo
    November 25, 2013

    Mark Halperin, a senior political analyst for Time magazine, told Newsmax TV that Democrats and the corporate media did not level with the public on death panels built into Obamacare.

    Mark Halperin makes his remarks on death panels at 8 minutes into the video.

    Halperin said the death panel concept is a cornerstone of Obamacare. “It’s built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled,” Halperin told Steve Malzberg. Halperin makes his comments eight minutes into the above video.

    Democrats have used the term “death panel” as a pejorative after the former Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Plain, used it in a debate on Obamacare in 2009.

    Democrats and the corporate media boast they have “debunked” the claim and insist eugenics practices are not part of Obamacare. PolitiFact characterized the term as its “Lie of Year” in 2009 and FactCheck said it represents one of its “whoppers.”

    Democrats and supporters of the Obamacare fiasco have fought a running battle since the Keynesian economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said in February that in order for the collectivist welfare state to run smoothly higher taxes and death panels will be mandatory.

    “Eventually we do have a problem. That the population is getting older, health care costs are rising,” Krugman said, admitting that “there is this question of how we’re going to pay for the programs… So the snarky version… which I shouldn’t even say because it will get me in trouble, is death panels and sales taxes is how we do this.”

  8. Note the NATURE of ObamaCare is RATIONING--costs get to the pt. that some people will only be able to get certain kinds of care, this determined not by the person or his/her doctor, but by bureaucrats.

    This rationing is ALREADY apparent and "EVIDENT" in Britain, for example. Instead of genuine care to satisfaction of patient, u're prescribed some pills and told to go home and not bother us anymore, scum, ho ho ho ho ho

    "Evidence"?--it's there right before ur very eyes--OPEN THEM.

  9. Here's even better page for a range of articles on the subject of "evidence" for death-panels.


    Note: whole pt. is U will NOT decide for health-care--it will be decided by someone else, hence "death-panel"--get it?

  10. Apsterian,
    I think the cyclic theory is a good one and like other theories can be used to explain a good part of the whole.

    I would support the concept of an "emergency leader" being used in history by mentioning Plutarch's mentioning Solon of Athens handling their debt crisis as people-appointed wise-man/king for a while to get the mess done.
    Debt was forgiven in the case of the Solon issue - and since it wasn't kept perfectly secret ended up being abused by those always present that do such things.

    Constantine: I don't have a firm enough grasp on that particular era of history to say enough without reading more.

    I can see your point about the Spengler theory - but it is fatalistic in the end - which I don't think presents a good analysis of things in the end because there is some free choice out there - otherwise there would be no point in saying we want people to do "good" things - if individual choice weren't a reality - there would not be consequences since initiating actions would no longer matter.

    That said - would you agree that Spengler simply forewarns us of patterns we can use to better understand where we are in these simultaneous and overlapping cycles of history - that we can take action to turn it around before its too late - and by too late meaning there is no longer anyone left fighting for the Bill of Rights.


  11. ...also the Maya /Aztecs - somebody did a cyclic debt forgiveness jubilee every so many decades..

    I've been looking into the Constantine era as you mentioned and can already see its importance as pivotal point - so let me do some digging first on that.

  12. ...a blending in of religions to bring people together means fewer people control larger populations - don't know if that is the y type of religious reform some speculate he was involved in - if that were to be done now somehow - why bother - if we all give up religious individuality for the greater good-why not get all the preachers of both religions under pressure to get people to knock off certain behaviors - like violence etc... aren't people getting their morals from their religion - or do they really really get it from mass media and cell phones, apps, emails, texts etc... A common set of moral guidelines is essential - why not use our existing Bill of Rights and obey the Constitution just for starters before we start redesigning it. You got me on a roll there -


  13. The Horrific "Noble Lie" Of "Good-Evil," "Free" Will, Leading Us To Heck

    Jack: regarding Spengler and determinist history--which u call "fatalist," note this is the very principle we're contending about--does TRUTH exist?--Christ says yes, in Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8

    Sure we have will, BUT it's not, couldn't be, a perfectly "free" God-like will--as this would be HUBRIS (madness), by definition.

    And the large pt. is that dictators ALWAYS invoke "good" (hence "free" will) for excuse for their dictatorship. Thus it's "good" for society to have that Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam, which then allows oligarchs to print-up nearly ENDLESS funds by which to own and control practically everything and everyone.

    My pt. then is if u observe this presently, utterly lawless and satanic society, u see Obongo, not a natural-born citizen, now committing criminal, un-Constitutional acts, now issuing monarchical-style edicts, by-passing Congress, his appointees committing gross crimes--and this is excused upon moralistic grounds, always.

    U see then how "good" and expedience is such the excuse/pretext for violation/destruction of law, justice, reason, humanity, and civilization.

    "Good of the public" is excuse for gross violation of prop. rights, due process, TSA groping, NSA ignoring of 4th amendment, etc., etc. Jack, we're being mass-murdered for good--LITERALLY--ck AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" genocide and ObongoCare death-panels--for the "good" of the earth/environment, etc.

    Forced toxic vaccinations is for "good" of public health, etc.--all according to the "noble lie" (Plato and Leo Strauss) of "good-evil" founded upon fallacy of a perfectly "free" human will.

    Humans are SINNERS, Jack, and we'll NEVER be able to change this sinfulness--NEVER--that's why we have LAW which is now being destroyed by subjectivism and lie, fallacy, delusion, and heresy (Pelagianism) of non-existent, childrens' "good," upon which is the road to heck paved.

    Thus this "good" and false (perfectly) "free" will is the ESSENCE of cultural degeneracy in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. True Christian revival, resurgence, resuscitation--hence DETERMINISM ("fatalism," as u put it) would go far to arrest horrific momentum towards perdition we're presently embarked. Take care. A.

  14. Here's for further expo:

    Below-copied first published at comments, http://aphilosopher.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/homsexuality-choice/#comment-33435

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Homosexual Perversion Natural To "Decline Of West," By Spengler
    (Apollonian, 12 Feb 14)

    TJB (see below): note homosexuality & irrationalism (they go together) is quite understandable in socio-biologic (deterministic) terms when u consider the Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline of the West" and it's necessary progress, such as it is.

    Thus the original culture arises as people are HONEST and objectivistically-oriented (Aristotle), but as the culture advances in military victory and prosperity, it breeds up generations of spoiled brats (as we see) who didn't have to fight and struggle for what they now have, provided by earlier, more intrepid generations.

    Thus the evermore corrupted culture falls-away fm honesty, objectivity (Aristotle) and begins to adopt the wishful-thinking and HUBRIS of SUBJECTIVISM, and this esp. in form of Pharisaism-moralism (Immanuel Kant, especially) whence the corrupt suckers of the society pretend to HUBRIS, "good-evil" and the perfectly "free" human will--we see this in the Roman example, and now in the West, as so brilliantly and definitively described and exposited by Oswald Spengler.

    Thus, if u think of society as a biologic sort of organism or super-organism, u see the very same process of Aristotelian-styled "GENERATION AND CORRUPTION."

    Thus in USA, for example, u first see the definitive and horrific destruction of US Constitution in US "Civil War," whence Lincoln mass-murdered nearly a million white citizens of the south, plains Indians were next on the list of ruthless extermination, explicit imperialism ensued in Spanish-American war of 1898.

    This destruction of the rational culture was then confirmed in 1913 w. passage of US Federal Reserve Act which set up literal, legalized COUNTERFEITING of the money-supply, the definitive enthronement of a criminal class as overlords, this rapidly moving, as we see presently, to total world domination and dictatorship of United Nations, IMF, NAFTA, etc.--now moving to explicit GENOCIDE of AGENDA-21 "population-reduction" and, as we see here in USA, ObongoCare death-panels, not to mention the on-going slow-kill mass-murder of the people by means of poison fluoride in water-supplies, toxic vaccines, GMO poison foods and additives, forced drugging of population, poison "chem-trails," not to mention the horrific radiation-poisoning of depleted-uranium weapons--which kills our own troops--and Fukushima.

    So when u understand the Aristotelian, objective, hence determinist nature of reality in general, u then see how things happen and manifest more particularly in definitive CYCLIC mode, historically, as noted by one of the great geniuses, Oswald Spengler--thus u see the part played by irrationalism-as-fashion, esp. in way of homosexual perversion, destruction of family and humanity, etc. as evident before our very eyes.

    ---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

    T. J. Babson said, on February 12, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Mike, are you aware of any sociobiological basis for homosexuality?

    1. I do agree with a lot you say - agree on the moral corruption - although difficult to define -easy to see since the effects thereof are visible , for example the successful degradation of the public's value for human life as evident in violent crime, violent police forces, murder lists, torture - the whole attitude of the public is one of non-chalance. This change in culture can be accounted for, I believe in some, all or most part by the reasons you listed.

      I think, finally, on the Spengler thing - perhaps another way of looking at our situation would not forget that we must account for partial populations as effective cadres if properly placed within the organizational structure of a nation. This is how change is done by the crooks and this is how it has to be done by the honest people - the question is a matter of tactics I suppose. That puts the good guys to a disadvantage in the short term -

      On the homosexuality question - there is way way way too much homosexuality portrayed in television comedy/drama etc... than is in proper proportion to the actual number of homosexuals, in my opinion. Yes there are more homosexuals today simply from this media blitz as there seems to be a nature vs. nurture sub-debate within the whole homosexual question. That tells me it is a behavior that although is natural for some can be brainwashed into more via this media portrayal.

      A half hour sitcom with a homosexual character is essentially a half hour commercial in favor of the "normality" or "normalcy" of being gay. But as with AIPAC influence in the US, anything can be sold to the public. The question is why?



    2. How Is Corruption Sold?--Easily, In Hubristic, Pharisaist Circumstances

      JR: u ask WHY "anything can be sold"?--well, it depends, but for sure, note my expo in above entries.

      Observe as the culture continues it's "progress" fm basically honest agriculturalists, as it becomes evermore "successful," victorious in war, and "prosperous," it naturally generates and breeds WEAKLINGS, so to speak, who otherwise would not have survived on their own without their stronger, more intrepid forebears--get it? The very success of the culture breeds its own eventual destruction w. these weaklings who now proliferate.

      This breeding of these weaklings then is necessary, natural course of things, and can be distinctly observed in the great Roman example, and now in the West, since Renaissance, esp. since American Rev., the age of Kant and Hume, et al.

      And the sine-qua-non for this cultural corruption is "moralism," which as it corrupts in HUBRIS becomes Pharisaism, God-like pretension to perfectly "free" will, hence "good-evil."

      Basic Christianity teaches us we're all sinners, hopelessly doomed to heck, only God's grace capable of bringing us to Heaven, according to St.s Paul, Augustine, and Martin Luther.

      Do u doubt it (regarding this Pharisaist self-righteousness)?--just look at present Israelis marching into what's left of Palestinian lands, shouting the "land belongs to us!" Wouldn't u like to nuke these scummy Pharisaists?--that's why we white people LOVE unc' Adolf--who would be a saint, surely, if it wasn't for his blunders, not taking Moscow in fall of '41 and gratuitous dec. of war against USA which he didn't have to do.

    3. Didn't have to do?"

      Maybe he did it out of principle

    4. "Principle"?--well, FDR was trying to get USA in war w. Germany, for sure, FDR having ordered US Navy to attack German ships in N. Atlantic, etc. So Hitler was justified in principle.

      Pt. is Germany was already heavily engaged in Russia; dec. of war on USA suddenly opened up possible Western front which wouldn't have been possible without USA.

      THus Hitler was forced to call-off Russian Kursk campaign in 1943 which was going favorably for Germany in order to send troops to bolster the Italian front against allies moving ominously north there.

      "Principle" could easily have waited for getting done w. Russia first.

    5. I think we may have reached agreement on this. FDR wanted us in the war. That is for sure and it is all politics - I think FDR is the one that said nothing happens by accident in politics.



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