Amerika 2014: Stuck in Stupidville-but is the sky really falling?

I hafta say it's still tough being an American.

Not an Amerikan - an American.  Lots of time spent learning, questioning, having answers - thinking of solutions - ways for people of all nations colors and creeds to come together.  Lot of work - but we Americans are "up to it."

Yes there is a difference between the American and the Amerikan.  Do you know what that difference is?

An American is a person who exercises their rights as explicated in the Bill of Rights.

An Amerikan is a person who agrees that their rights are not as important as their personal safety and neither are the rights of fellow citizens.

An American approves of war only when absolutely necessary - then says something like "Where's my rifle?" as they head off to war.

An Amerikan approves of any war that will ensure their personal "safety" and approves of anyone doing whatever is necessary to ensure their and their children's safety including having blue nitrile gloves on the hands of perverts in uniforms at the airports rammed up their and their childrens you know whats to make sure that no pervert pretending to be an authority figure will ever don a uniform and ram a blue nitrile glove up their kids you know what.  Hmmmm-  they used to call that circular logic - but I digress indeed...

An American would defend your right to call them an Amerikan.

An Amerikan would have an American executed  for saying "The War on Terror is a Hoax - here's some evidence."


An American would say (and prove via actions) "I respect your religion and will defend your right to worship or not worship as you please."

An Amerikan probably has a problem with your religion or lack thereof.


An Amerikan approves of torture and cruel or unusual punishments.

An American would NEVER.


Recent conversations have left me with the impression that discussions are quite open in this nation (USA) - regarding topics of all sorts.  War, con-jobs, taxes, corrupt politicians etc...   I'm quite relieved that these conversations are taking place because open discussions about phony war, false flags, and 911 inside job certainly were NOT just a decade ago.  Thank you bloggers.

I hate to speak in terms of decades but as I learn more about how tough it really is to turn a nation around I can see clearly that only long term plans can save the United States and the ideals it championed throughout many years.  You can say what you want but a lot of people including me are living relatively decent lives  because of our American system.  I say "our" because one of the greatest things about the United States is that anyone can become "one of us" just by "Doing it." But what exactly does that mean - and what does it mean to be an American?

Although I do not consider Americans "special" - or genetically superior - I do aver that Americans are somehow at an advantage to citizens of other nations - at least those of my generation.  This present generation - not so much.  Why?  Because my generation born in the sixties had teachers from the so-called "greatest generation."  I had teachers that fought in WW2 who were absolutely against torture - in fact they fought a war to stop torture and plunder.  At least they thought that's what they were fighting for - and they instilled our American way of "let's win the war and not stoop to their level - let's show them the high road - the humane American way" into guys like me.  The kids growing up now are in some cases learning the same values - but - in many cases are being raised by Teevee nooz, Holywood, and those members of the social engineering class that smugly indoctrinate our youth with collectivist drivel.  I am NOT opposed to helping those in need - especially wounded veterans - but how come the New World Order, UN, the nations we are supposedly freeing from terrorism and our own government - why are they never there when we need them?  If terrorists are so bad that they may take away our rights - how are they different from the infiltrators of our own govenment who are getting the job done faster in Washington DC?  After all - haven't they been successful in telling us that doom is always just around the corner?  (Sounds like an old childrens story)

"Henny Penny, also known as Chicken Licken or Chicken Little, is a folk tale with a moral in the form of a cumulative tale about a chicken who believes the world is coming to an end. The phrase "The sky is falling!" features prominently in the story, and has passed into the English language as a common idiom indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster is imminent. Versions of the story go back more than 25 centuries[citation needed], and it continues to be referenced in a variety of media."

Because it is the American system that makes America the special place that it still is - a system that rewards initiative and forgives mistakes.  A system that fosters so-called "diversity"  by celebrating the differences among peoples - yet protects those that may find their particular customs unpopular in the present environment. A republic that respects the rights of the individual and protects those rights against the tyranny of the majority. 

This American system is not something that can be left alone to take care of itself.  It is fed by each generation of Americans - including immigrants - to take into consideration the growth that comes with time and assimilation - and the settling of differences - the rising of the underdogs - the new rules that are put in place to ensure the freedom of the latest successful petitioners of their government.  But who is successfully influencing the American government?

I can tell you that we all are.  Yes there are powerful and effective lobbies getting their way with Congress - that half of the bicameral Congress of which the House of Representatives and Senate compose - the only real branch that is tasked with representation of WE THE PEOPLE.

The Senate is not tasked with worrying about you and me.  Neither are the judicial or executive branches - when it comes down to it.  As far as I can tell they are doing their jobs - trying to grab power.  And they are getting that job done.  Our problem, as citizens, if we wish to regain control of our rogue government - is to wrest back control of the House of Representatives from the AIPACS and other PACS - so that that House gets back to the business of representing WE THE PEOPLE.

What power does the half of Congress, known as the House of Representatives have that can be used to get those things WE THE PEOPLE want done done?  It is called the POWER OF THE PURSE.  This means that ONLY Congress can declare war and authorize or continue the authorization of military adventures.  Why is Congress such docile dunces?  Why is the House of REpresentatives so weak it makes me ashamed of them?  Because they are controlled with money.  And WE THE PEOPLE are broke. This leaves OUR House of REpresentatives open to the highest bidders.

So here we are, stuck in Stupidville - a land of warfare without bombs actually hitting us here on the homefront.  A land where after approximately 13 solid years of warfare with many countries - not sure where they are killing people right at this moment - a land where after 13 years of war there is no sign of it.  No sign?  Well...

Our news media would like us to believe that for the first time in world history and pre-history - we are fighting a war with no P.O.W.s.  I don't believe that for a second.  Add to this lie via omission by our media - that this very same media have been the cheerleaders for these wars of choice and intended plunder.  These media, which instead of acting as informers, as watchdogs, as tattletails on the government are just the opposite - facilitators and enablers and salespersons justifying torture, extrajudicial murder of US citizens, incessant division of the population via hot-button issues, false-flag attack and false-flag side show participants to keep the public distracted from more serious concerns etc...  This media has been caught presenting retired Generals from the military as civilian "experts" sitting in as patriotic commentators informing the public all the time that if we just wipe out this next country, kill a coupla' more people (human beings without trial) that we will be OK until they have to take more of our tax money.

So as I remain here, Stuck in Stupidville I assert that WE THE PEOPLE are still going to come out on top in the end regaining control of OUR country.

The Stupidville I refer to is the idiotic crap in the news about somebody losing an airliner.  About the lies propagated in the fake news.  The unending bullshit from our  rotted immoral and perverted Amerikan media - that's what I'm talking about.  Some people actually believe this garbage - because - the bigger the lie...

Getting America back on track means, at a minimum, the absolute and total restoration of the Bill of Rights in the actions of our governments.  If they cannot get that job done they, at the least, need to be FIRED.  If that doesn't work I shudder to consider where things will end up.  I firmly believe that there still enough Americans out there that understand that our government has lost its way - that it no longer serves the basic and simple purpose for which it was formed - to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS.

YOU - my dear reader - must fight for those rights.  Yes - there are many doing your fighting for you if you are not yet involved - but don't you want to get into the fight?  I always do - maybe it's a personal foible - but when there's a fight over rights I want to be in it.  Don't you?

You can always identify enemies of the United States in general, WE THE PEOPLE in general, and YOU in particular very easily - the enemy always self-identifies.  YOUR enemy is anyone - including ME that attempts to deny your rights.

Whether they are on the fake left or the fake right matters not.  All that matters is that whichever side of the fence somebody claims to be on - either they are with us or against us - either they will protect your freedom of speech or they wish to deny it.  If they wish to protect it they are your friend.  If they wish to deny it they are your enemy.  Pretty simple huh?  No need to check their voter registration now is there?

Let's say somebody wishes to protect your right to worship - that is a friend.  But if this same person wishes to protect your freedom to worship or not, but wishes to deny another person their freedom to worship or not - they are still your enemy.  Why?  Because rights are for everybody  - and a Republic - our form of government - is supposed to protect those unpopular people who worship some other god you may not care for.  Again - no need to check voter registration.

If you are still trapped in the moribund Republicrat Demopublican circle-jerk - you may still be having problems getting your head around all of this.  But the remedy is simple and painless - read the Bill of Rights - and realize those rights are for everybody - and that our government is tasked that making sure that each and every persons rights will be protected - whether they are well liked or not.

Folks - I feel the next major push coming to take our country back.  WE THE PEOPLE need your help.

For now - unfortunately - we are still in Stupidville - just turn on the evening fake news.  But this next effort, push - call it what you want - is here.  It has already started, the last one has never stopped.

Remember - freedom isn't free.  Pony up.  Do what you can - and we can take America back.


  1. "Bread & Circuses" Still Successful Strategy For ZOG, Don't Doubt

    Well Jack: of course, I much sympathize w. u, BUT u gotta realize and take due note of present circumstances--ZOG presently is supplying sufficient quantities of "bread & circuses" to the now over-populated goons who are determined to sit-still for giving-up rights for sake of "security."

    For the "success" and "prosperity" produced by preceding generations bred-up this present population of goons, morons, and scum who swallow the BIG-LIES dished-out by ZOG, and it doesn't look like much will happen till we get MORE disasters and catastrophe. Even then, the goons, by themselves, won't be capable of much.

    Rather, as the goons, suckers, and scum all begin to seriously dying out and falling by "way-side," the top masterminds will, we hope, begin to fall-out w. one-another upon principle of "no honor among thieves," they suspected double-cross by their erstwhile buddies.

    Thus, ironically as it may seem, the worse, the better for the cause of true patriots. Meantime, we have to work for something like the Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, as I've noted, esp. in way of opposing those horrific cohorts and gross traitors, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref. on JCs) heretics who support terror-state of Israel. Note these JCs are the single strongest political interest group among gentiles, heavily funded fm the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam.

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  2. Apsterian,

    Please forgive me but I am not sure of ZOG definition.

    Your comment regarding the irony of "the worse, the better" makes sense.

    Take a look at the idiotic computer spying issue - it is a program that is backfiring as people no longer trust the perps. Nobody likes these government peeping Thoms - that's why they have to maintain such secrecy. I've said many times that if information came out about the identities of the government flunkies carrying out the orders of their slavemasters to bite the hands of the Americans that feed them - I don't think they would fare well. So yes - it looks like in that case that the worse the better.

    Same with all the meddling in other countries. Our "leaders" aren't smart enough to understand that there is a point where after enough enemies are created through US driven wars of plunder - eventually it will become difficult to kill off all of the families of the people our "leaders" have been busy drone-murdering etc...

    It is also fascinating that our media seems to continue the concept-sale on TeeVee via stupid programming about benevolent spies "taking down" bad guys. AFter a seven year vacay from teevee and holywood moovys I have a Teevee with an antenna and can see the way the public is bombarded with entertainment that makes heroes out of liars, killers and con-artists. Our population, having been introduced to these concepts via entertainment are they ready for the next step - the Teevee nooz - which has become a bizarre mix of the real, fake and absurd.

    I am completely against censorship - but look at what commercials cost. If a population is bombarded with images of people shooting each other it has to have some effect. People are shocked by nothing. Police are glamorized as heroes while they shoot family dogs and laugh about it and essentially can kill citizens without really worrying about punishment.

    I wonder if it is fair to say that when a cop murders a citizen - that the cop should get away with it since the public is so docile they accept such sick and twisted extrajudicial "justice" from our brain-dead militarized cops?


  3. ZOG is Zionist Occupation Gov. Yes, I agree about the corruption--it's why citizens are supposed to be armed--to kill these corrupt cops, which will have to be done anyway.

    As Alex Jones (InfoWars.com) says, the cops are being poisoned w. the fluoridated water too; their kids are being given the toxic vaccines too; their pensions are going to be confiscated too, ho ho ho. The worse the better, unfortunately.

    To get a grasp of the absolute corruption of the culture, just observe so-called "Christians" (actually "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists) are supporting terror-state of Israel--this would have been un-heard of 100 yrs ago, Christians traditionally opposed to Jews who brag about having killed Christ in their filthy Talmud.

    But such corruption is what happens when u institute something like US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING which then totally over-turns everything about the society, buying and controlling all politicians, judges--everything and everybody.

  4. That is a great point: That the cops are being screwed just like the rest of us. If they don't believe that - why don't they ask the veterans being left to rot? All they have to do is think about who is next on the list.

    1. That's incredible great pt.--about the vets--for sure. "Death panels" are being demonstrated--at the VA


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