Video: Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq war

Every American owes it to the people that made this video to take the time to watch it.

I've beat up on the spooks from time to time - this video serves as a reminder that the intel organizations must be like other organizations - whereas a very small percentage of the entire group does most of the work.  Like other groups - there are the few brave souls that do what their conscience tells them - at high personal cost - in many cases possibly being murdered - who knows - but these folks did their duty - and thanks to the corrupt and complicit shameless media personalities and executives in this nation - have not been heard by the people/taxpayers of the U.S..

I can't help but wonder what is going on in the minds of the rest of the spooks who are supposed to be "serving" our nation.  I know the price of housing in the DC area - heck I used to live up there.  It's pretty tough making that mortgage payment without that paycheck from Uncle Sam - you know - the one the rest of us are paying for via taxes with the understanding/contract/agreement that you spooks are making sure that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines aren't sent to die for .......nothing.

Yes it must be tough, living a lie - going along to get along - surrounded by that groupthink mentality -

I wonder how many of you still think 911 was done via remote control with a laptop from a cave in Afghanistan.  Some internet connection huh?  No way bin Laden had wireless down in that cave is there?

If you watch the vid there are many scenes that bring back memories of the lies leading up to the war - all the way up to Colin "corn starch" Powell holding up that famous vial with the now-bemedaled Tenet behind him.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Yet there you all sit - complicit in the web of deceit that has turned America from that so-called shining city on the hill to just another penniless dictatorship.

Clever methods are used to prevent blogs like this from getting the word out.  I've noticed that some of the posts on this blog appear if one types some particularly nasty things into a search engine - phrases that have nothing to do with the actual content of this blog.

Oh well - I guess we'll just have to wait for the next false-flag attack to see where "we" will be fighting next - and for what.  There never seem to be a shortage of greedy psychopaths hungry for the next buck - at any cost.

I would ask you, reader, to consider the possibility - however remote you may think it is - after all - we Americans can be quite smug no?  I ask you to consider the possibility of the world turning on the US - and us possibly losing an Army or even a war.  Is that worth giving your son or daughter over to a corporate war for?  Is that worth remaining silent for?

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