Put Me on the SH%T list: Occupy with 2nd Amendment help - vid

Politically incorrect - yes.  Necessary for liberty - yes.

I saw some things written about the gentleman in the video - claiming he is a NAZI or some other stuff - whatever.

For me - and for now - I'll take him at his word.  He is exercising his 2nd Amendment right peacefully - as are those behind him exercising their 1st Amendment right peacefully.  There is no reason to amend for a second our understanding that anyone is advocating that violence ensue.  

During the cold war there was a philosophy of MAD - which meant Mutual Assured Destruction - this concept emphasized the "power for peace" concept - where two parties equally armed pose no threat to each other.  

The militia member - and I know nothing of him except what I hear him say in the video  below - is that he is a veteran - as are some of his colleagues - and he trusts those behind him - because he knows - as we all do that they are peaceful protesters.

My hat's off to the guy in the video and his brave buddies.  We'll see how everything works out - and what dirt they can dig up on him.  But any way you look at it - he is doing nothing other than exercising his rights.  There should be NO OPPOSITION TO THAT.  And there should be NO OPPOSITION to the OCCUPY protesters either.

Yes - there's nothing like a nice balance of power - I learned that from my own government when they were "fighting" the Soviet Union - excusing away countless spending on nuclear weapons etc...

Well - it works for us, the citizens, too.  

Thanks Second Amendment exercisers.


  1. The gentleman on-screen makes one particularly good point: the 2nd amendment puts teeth in the first amendment.
    That's EXTREMELY important to understand.
    You may have rights ON PAPER.
    But when the cops or the SWAT team or whoever else comes after you willing to use lethal force, willing to falsely arrest you, indeed, willing to "disappear" you without so much as a nod to due process -- when that happens, what "rights" do you have?
    Only those you can defend.
    And using force in self-defense is not "violence," even though they spent a lot of time, energy and money to convince you that protecting yourself from a criminal assault is the moral equivalent of the criminal assault, itself.

    Now, yes, let's all hope and pray it doesn't come down to that, and strive for change by peaceful means. Always hope for the best and work for the best.
    But always be prepared for the worst, too.

    As a wise man once said, "Truth and a firearm is more effective than truth alone."

    liberty & justice,


  2. It's true, the only amendment that can guarantee all the others is the 2nd.
    Without it we have nothing to enforce our rights.
    I am one of the tens of millions that will die (and kill) defending my right to maintain possesssion of the tools necessary to remain free from slavery and genocide.

  3. I salute you JT. Job well done. I only wish that you were on duty in Oakland. Scott Olsen was unarmed.


  4. Buy more ammo....buy more ammo....buy more ammo....buy more ammo.... you get the idea. I can't say it enough.

    Without bullets, the best gun you can buy is only a bad billy-club.


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