"Shimatsu credits retired CIA agent and mercenary Roland Vincent Carnaby with learning the warheads were being transported from Houston. In a strange twist, Carnaby was mysteriously shot dead less than a year later by Houston police at a traffic stop. He was shot once in the back and once in the chest. He did not have a weapon in his hands. Intelligence sources said he had been tracking a Mossad unit that was smuggling U.S. plutonium out of Houston docks for an Israeli nuclear reactor."
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Note:  Let me guess.  We are all supposed to brush this accusation aside with the usual bumper-sticker mentality that it is nothing but a "conspiracy theory."


Here's Carnaby getting shot-I'd warn about brutality but this is America - you know somebody is going to die:

Here's Wayne Madsen on this event-tells more of the story:  Was reaching for his Blackberry...make sure you listen to this...

Who can you trust?  The "mainstream" media, as usual, omits lots of important facts.  One must dig into these stories to find information beyond the facade of redacted info provided to the general public.

The whole thing stinks.

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