The Trouble We're In


That we're in trouble is not a surprise.  But how much trouble we are in is astonishing.

Although, as an American, this blog is Amerocentric - as kind commenters have pointed out - this post is not.  When I say ALL of us I mean all life on this planet.  But what are we going to do about it?

There is a presidential election pending - I like Ron Paul.  I hate everybody else running.  Cain was picked because he is a Federal Reserve crony and...bonus...he is black - a perfect front-man for the powerful monied interests controlling American politics.  No more race card for the phony opposition.  Why?

Obama is a coward, a liar, and a loser.  He's an outstanding orator, when equipped with a teleprompter - projecting verve and vigor and conviction and everything wonderful - problem is - it's all lies.  I don't care to beat up on the man - the way I see it - as if he didn't know it would happen - once in office - he was sat down- for "the talk" - where he was "educated" in the "ways of the world" and given generous offers no one wishing harm on their loved ones can ever ever refuse.  Maybe I'm wrong - but let's get serious here - his past is a wild card - his public life brief - his meteoric rise to commander-in-chief faster than a rocket engine takes to burn out.  Payback's a bitch, as the saying goes, and Chicago politics is all about payback.  Opinions and conjecture - yes - but I'd love to hear a better explanation.  I wish the man well - as I do all fellow human beings.  Even murderers - I'm against the death penalty - except for treason - not even for public officials murdering the American citizens they are sworn to protect.

The trouble we are in...yes...extrajudicial killings...torture....banks gone wild....media strangled - and now - having lost their grip on public opinion - soon to "go dark" when "national security" requires the public get NO information since the only thing to report will be riots, revolts, and revolution.  There's no way the boob-tube can report true America rising against their slave-masters is there?  

America is now Amerika for one reason and one reason only:  because WE are NOT abiding by the Constitution.  PERIOD.  Commenters to this blog have reiterated this simple fact to me when I've explored other options like internet-driven direct democracy - the Mike Gravel plan - etc...

But why has our republic failed - and why have we not kept it?  

Moral fiber and Ethics:  Yes - these words hit the hammer blow to the nail right where it counts - but then we are mired in the swamp of "what is ethics" - "what are morals" etc...

These issues get fogged in religious debates etc...  Rightly so.  After all - if we say that our "inalienable rights" are not from a creator - whether or not one believes in a creator - then from where do they come?  That's a big problem - because when you throw a creator out of the picture - you are stuck with mankind itself - and that is the LAST place that will serve as an advisor on peace, equality, brotherhood, love of liberty and the rest of it.  Why?  Because human nature dictates that the power hungry work overtime without pay to get power - then they collect the dividends in a fruitless attempt to sate their insatiable appetite for ever more more more.

The Art Closet
I remember when I was in gradeschool - one of my buddies found a way to break into the art-closet in our tiny school.  The art closet was a small room, locked always, safeguarding a treasure trove of art supplies - things like tubes of paint, colored pencils, sheets of colored poster paper, and sundry items of colorful fun for kids.

Somehow we broke into that room time and again - to the point where everybody was just raiding the place.  Tubes of paint were splatted everywhere in the boys section of the schoolyard - poster-paper was blowing in the wind, classmates were flush with brand-new pencils in a coal-mining town when they were broke - well - I'm sure you know that our teachers saw all of this.

The Day of Reckoning for the Art Closet Raids
Yep - we got caught.  One of the girls ratted us out - at least - that's my pushing-fifty view since they thought we were a bunch of crooks and hadda' go down.

It's funny - while the caper was going on - it seemed like a big party.  But when the long arm of the law showed up - all of the sudden the seriousness of our crimes came into limpid focus.  We were in trouble.  Cops and everything.

In the end the ringleaders were punished and the interrogations led the authorities to the followers, the dummies, and everyone else that thought stealing was trivial - because "everyone was doing it."  Parental discipline in those days was not a joke.  Cops were a kid's preferred punisher - parents a very distant second.


The Point
The torture party is over.  The books are coming out - Cheney, Rice and the rest of them.  But all of a sudden - torture is no longer chic.  Wars based on lies are not flag-draped rallies - but horror shows of human carnage, orphans, refugees - and shame.  The physical challenges faced by returning vets pale in comparison to the PTSD and guilt many will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  And for what?  For the greedy power-hungry authors of books  - books designed to absolve these Constitutional-rapists from square one.  Public opinion has clearly abandoned those who've been "robbing the art closet" - so what's next?

What to Do?
Yes - the electronic voting machines are a complete disaster - but the fact is - that's all we have.  

We must press on with the system in place - as a peaceful-power-transfer loving people.  We have no other choice.

If any of the voting systems can be fixed before the next election - great - but in the meantime we must assume these systems are what we are stuck with.  Are there means to ensure the integrity of said systems? Of course.  Will they be implemented?  That's a local issue - our Republic depends upon it.  

Ron Paul is the only candidate that makes sense.  Criticisms of Ron Paul - that I've heard are not accurate - and I encourage those reading this post to watch as many videos of Ron Paul as possible.  He does NOT have radical ideas - he has truly conservative ideas - and if you are allergic to the word "conservative" please look it up and ask why a conservative like Ron Paul espouses some of the very same policies John F. Kennedy did - the same ones that got JFK shot - and may get Ron Paul shot - usurping the power of the Federal Reserve - ending profit-based wars, and eliminating superfluous government lemmingocracies.

If the EPA is so good - then why were acceptable human radiation levels increased following the Fukushima disaster - a catastrophe that we are experiencing on our own, without the help of the mainstream media.

If the dept. of Education is so good - why don't young folks know what the "Manhattan Project" is?  Think I'm kidding.  As embarrassing as this is to admit - I heard Rush Limbaugh - on his propaganda show - ask the kids in his support staff in the studio if they knew what the "Manhattan Project" was - NONE HAD HEARD OF IT!  

If the CDCP - popularly known as the "CDC" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are so effective- why did my wife come home to inform me that one must ask at the (former employer) hospital she worked at that one must ask for the "bad-stuff-free" vaccine the hospital was pushing on all employees.  Hmmmmm?  Why is the public in so much trouble from flu to the point that every fluorescent-light flooded Walmartgreenetc store has a BIG SIGN at the entrance SELLING flu shots?  I''ve had a flue a coupla' thousand times and I've survived every single one.  The worst were when I went to Germany for three months in the nineties - if you haven't noticed - I'M STILL ALIVE!

What about the TSA?  

NAZIs.  I mean literally - that is - with respect to their jackboots - stupid look on their face - willingness to steal and willingness to participate in the stripping of citizens' rights, participation in the humiliation of women, encroachment on civilian travel on public interstates in Tennessee, and the rest of it.  Not only don't these idiots care - they don't know enough TO CARE.  And even if they did care - what's the difference? They joined on with the goon squad to enjoy their own sick pleasure - pedophilia - theft - sadistic humiliation of the public.  You name it - the perfect job for the scum of the earth!

Who's to Blame?
I've always followed a simple rule.  This may sound childish - but follow the twisted torturers wearing leather jackets - additionally and especially if they like brown.

Perhaps I'm paranoid - a conspiracy theorist (whatever the heck that is) - "crazy" (whatever that is) - or "an extremist" (whatever the heck that is) - or a critical thinker (we all know what that is.)

The end-game is WE LOSE OUR RIGHTS to dictators, tyrants, legalized thieves, usurers, con-artists, and the glorified greediest goons on the planet - that is - if we don't keep the pressure on the lot of them.

No - we don't want hand-outs or free anything - how stupid is that?  WE want to pay our own way - as we've been raised to do in the American tradition.  What we don't want - is to be robbed in the process of working our way to the "top" - you know - that Nirvana that each and every one of us has determined to be the place we wish to exist.  That's a very personal Nirvana - free of the constraints artificially imposed by scam-artist marketers - scam-artist banksters - crooked politicians - has-been generals working for Rupert Murdick false-news network, liars like Sean, Neal, Laura and the rest of the Rushbies -

we want what we want - our own goals - our own self-determined "success" - our own money - our own mental peace - free of the fluorescent-light-polluted prisons these manipulators of mankind wish to incarcerate all of us in - 9 to 5 for a one-bedroom - and 24-7-365 for a two-bedroom.

It's time for the war mongers and the usurers and media liars to take a hike - or face the public.  Hopefully for them - and I'm not hoping for them - they won't have to deal with the tar and feathers, pillorys, or oh man, this can get bad if we keep up that train of thought.

America is an all-welcoming place - still.  We don't care where you are from.  We don't care who you worship.  All we ask is that we can put all that aside and have a peaceful nation.  That means come together.


  1. The enemy is no holds barred anything that works. They like what works. The enemy tells the public everything. They were first to calculate what could stop them, then made it illegal and brainwashed it to be the ultimate taboos. Take the military suicide rate for example. By its nature, suicide is lacking fear of death in some critical way. It is seeking death. In the movies - the betrayed soldier would kill his evil commanding officers. Our soldiers generally kill themselves. You can't get to the elites and live. What they fear most is you getting to them and dying. They teach us that violence never works. They use violence the most. Violence works perfectly, so it is their option of choice. A screaming and helpless young girl is beaten and abused when kidnapped from a protest. Then they charge her for assaulting them. The Republic was born of violence. Violence brings the blood of tyrants and patriots. Like many before me, I see 1984 as the natural course of humanity being what it is. What I see as the real danger is not the New World Order. The real danger is that a revolutionary needs to transform into a leader - after he wins. The New World Order are terrorists, murderers, thieves, and degenerates. The decline of Rome involved a ruling class of stoics that became a ruling class of hedonists. After they win, and the probably will short of a rogue wave changing the game - after they win - they don't have the ability to build civilization. They are not poets, artists, or statesmen. In their fantasy world, they emerge from the ashes and build a glorious classical civilization. That isn't going to happen. They are very much like rats at super population. There are so many of these rats that they rule the world. Much like Israel however, when the rats run out of grain to eat, they eat each other. The New World Order will die, and it will fail - problem is that they will destroy us first; they will rise from the ashes to discover they are hedonistic rats - then devour each other. If the elite were here to speak for themselves, they would admit to their fantasy - their profound certainty they are higher beings. The worst part of the whole thing is that they are not actually elite. After they win, there won't be any utopia police state or otherwise. As far as what you should do, there isn't much you can do. When a vast empire of Huns or Mongols or an evil empire is steam rolling your small humble society of philosophers, you are going to die. The unwashed thug horde serves your enemy and it is steamrolling you, and like all the humble minorities before you, you are probably going to get the axe regardless of what you do: out manned, out gunned, out funded, leaderless, and utterly overwhelmed. I would say your odds of surviving are equal to your odds of going to Federal Prison and transforming the place to your way of thinking using love and reason. 1 in 50,000,000.

  2. Great commentary anon above - but remember - the dangerous factor is that the American public is not only armed and dangerous - but heavily armed and dangerous - and also trained by the best on the planet - the US military.

    The vets are home and they have eyes and ears. Why else are they the next targets of "terrorism" but that they can tell their neighbors that they were guarding oil lines and poppy fields? Surely some in power would like them all to shut up forever - and we all know what that means.

    Right now - peaceful power transfer is our best bet - and think about it - the alternative will happen anyway if peaceful power transfer fails. So why not give it a try if not only to observe the lyin' Hannitys and the rest of them cling to the "program" and "talking points" to the bitter end - only to be unmasked as traitors. At that point if the elections fail and violence takes over - what the hell at least we did, as Lennon asked : "Give peace a chance."

    The problem with settling everything via violence is that you may not end up with a George WASHington refusing the throne - abdicating to a presidency = but a lyin' crook like we have now taking over - since they somehow win the military chess game and are now the tyrant.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. With regard to Ron Paul in 2012, I have several objections to endorsing him.

    Texas is a state where one will easily find ballots with candidate choices of libertarian or republican only. Paul has worn both hats. It is curious that he continues to use the libertarian label while remaining party faithful in the 2008 republican presidential primaries, particularly since he was ignored and at the same time was collecting millions from individual donors for 'The Revolution', as it was termed.

    Paul chose not to contest the ballot count in NH(?) in 2008, at a time when vote fraud needed the exposure. It may not have resulted in a win but it had the potential of demonstrating his solidarity with those who questioned the electronic voting system.

    With his remaining campaign money from 2008, Paul formed a PAC yet he speaks out against special interests. He is against earmarks but puts them in bills, explaining that earmarks are the way the system works. Listening to his YouTube blurb on the matter, he places himself in the position of third-party in the transaction when he is actually acting as second party in the transaction. It is disingenuous to set up the deals then vote against them.

    Paul's audit the fed platform is a non-starter. The fed is nearly, if not completely, bankrupt and will be replaced. As a former coin dealer (between terms in Washington and longer) he has more than a passing interest in precious metals as the basis for a new monetary system. I question that there is sufficient gold and silver to sustain this system and whether or not it would, if implemented, add to the 'national interest' of managing the gold and silver mines located throughout the planet. Furthermore, any replacement system for the fed will not be the president's decision to make – only to sell.

    Following nine-eleven, Paul sponsored the Letters of Marque bill (2 actually, not passed) that would have authorized the president, rather than congress, to issue these, arguing that this was in lieu of foreign military intervention. However, GWB's penchant for power and close ties to private contractors was well known to Paul which leaves me scratching my head as well.

    Finally, I do not see how Paul would differ in response from any other president when they sit him down after election, and tell him the way of the world. He has family to protect as well.

    My presidential choice will be a write-in vote, currently undecided, but a right I plan to exercise.

  4. Indeed, anon at the top seems to have hit the nail on the head. Is there a weakness in the argument somewhere to give us hope? Not really. I'm just waiting for the final wave to wash us away and hope and pray that I am chosen by the creator to survive and repopulate the planet when all is said and done. How big is the wave gonna be? I don't know. It all seems so cosmic to me, like cosmically ordained. The worst thing that can happen is the propagation of the current status quo, not really life at all. We need cleansing. We have called it upon ourselves and we are due. It's not just the banks, its our whole way of life. We may now trash our leaders, but there is a saying: "Every people has the government they deserve". I call and pray for all reasonable and enlightened persons to use their power to shift the balance of history. That is our only hope.

  5. Yeah great thoughts. Regarding Ron Paul:
    He ran as a Republican last time for prez - to maintain his integrity to the Republican voters that put him in office - an office he was currently holding while running for office. Somewhere he explained that he had to remain Republican since he was currently holding an office as Republican.

    The Federal Reserve: Yes the gold standard - so quaint indeed - but silver was good enough to Kennedy to get a start - as a method of sapping away a portion of the Federal Reserve. Eventually the backed notes would take over - but at the very least - the public would be presented with an alternative with which they could vote with their pocketbook.

    Look up the tally-sticks and how they were used as money.

    Ron Paul has been criticized for not being strong enough on 911. He's already said we've been lied to - and if you want to pick a subject that brings political suicide - even today - with the iron grip the media has o the 911 truth issue - this one issue could be used to destroy his campaign. It's just not an issue that would do anybody any good right now. I think the same is the case for the other issues you bring up.

    Ron Paul has a long track record and I don't see where he's changed course. If he has been waiting to make money on gold - he's been waiting a damn long time and he's getting up in age. I hardly think we're dealing with a Rockefeller or Cheney here. The guy did OB/GYN charity work down in Texas - he was a flight surgeon during the VietNamwar - but he's always the last person to bring these issues up.

    Ron Paul has said he'll stop the wars.

    If Ron Paul gets in - he must be protected from assassination. I mean really protected somehow with a backup just in case.

    And if Ron Paul doesn't work out - well I'd say we are in deep trouble indeed. We are set up for dictatorship - now - just look at how it was done historically. We are right there.

    Thanks for coming by!

  6. Yeah - write in vote - I need to see if I can do that. Thanks!

  7. just browsing the internet:
    Here we go again - yet another police killing: what else is new? I sense a promotion for the "officer" -

  8. That cop shooting going unpunished is probably one of the oldest and most common evils of human leadership. It would be difficult to find any examples in history where it is not the normal truth. France had a website showing police crime videos. The government took it down. The police argued openly - the public becoming aware of our crimes will reduce public faith in us. That reasoning is universal: all nations, all peoples, all governments, all religions, all corporations, everything and everywhere there is a 'ruling class structure'. It is called consumer confidence. One should not overlook that it is in fact true; as people become aware that their leaders are criminals, they do lose faith in them. It was true in Ancient Egypt as it is now in every corner of the world. Is it their true motive? They want their crimes covered up for the good of the people? Of course not; that is the cheapest transparent sophistry. Their true motive is identical to a 4yr old stealing cookies. They committed a crime and want it covered up. And yes, he will get away with it. If by some miracle it goes to trial, he will be charged with 1st degree murder, which it wasn't. It was definitely manslaughter and certainly lower degree murder, since it was murder - just not premeditated. He will be found innocent for the charge he never actually did, then walk. If properly charged with 2nd degree murder he would be guilty. He shot an unarmed man in the back while not honestly seeking to protect anything or anyone. And yes, all cops are 'trained' to lie that 'he was coming right for us', when they murder. No need to ask for his version of events. His story is pre-written and universal. Call the victim an animal, say he was a mad dog or charging bull, say you felt in danger.

  9. Thanks for that on the shooting anon above - so that's the logic of it - I'd never had someone spell that out for me so clearly. Thanks for taking the time.

    Somehow it makes it more understandable - but as someone seeing only the result - I see a person with absolutely no business being a cop. That is the problem.

    It is for those choosing who gets a badge and gun to take those decisions - who to hire for police work - so we can remove the murdering cop from the situation by blaming the idiot that hired a dangerous idiot - a gun-slinger should differ from a police officer. So it was the hiring of this murderer that is a faulty process - ??

  10. Jack, I consider that issue to be a tough topic. Generally speaking, most people are 'regular'. They are not super great or super bad. They sort of go with the flow. If the society of police was honest, they would play along. In a dishonest society, they play along with that. As to - how do I make a hero? I'm not sure I could manufacture a hero. You can teach the skills of writing, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, you name it - will that then 'make' a genius artist? I would say no. A realist required to make a real plan for the real world, your job would be like boot camp in the military or police academy or public school, to take a 'regular' young man and turn him into a useful and adequate soldier, cop, member of society. It is not in the nature of a regular person to be a super hero. There was that Bart officer who shot a handcuffed man in the back and murdered him, then lied he was reaching for his taser. Try this yourself: get a classic mousetrap and arm it. The mousetrap is a spring loaded snapping machine. You are more than intelligent enough to know the nature of the mousetrap, but if you have not armed a 1,000 of them, you are overly careful. My point is, 'mastering fear' comes from experience. Bart officer has no actual experience as a warrior. He was excited, nervous, his shaking hands trembled off his trigger and he shot his victim by accident. Getting tunnel vision when excited and shooting your partner by mistake is a really common problem. How can we train regular young men to not be afraid in a conflict situation? I don't think you can. True of most anything. Like a surgeon or delivering a baby. I have never delivered a baby. My first time I would be nervous. After you deliver 1,000 babies, you are cool as ice. Do I think that cop shot his victim out of malice? No. I think he was a coward. He was crazy with adrenaline. His actual mass experience is being a bully. He actually has bullied thousands of people, 'Obey me punk or I'll throw you a beating!' How much experience did he have being a man against a person not a helpless victim? None at all. How I do train people to master their fear in a crisis? I don't know of a way. The only way I have heard of, is the Jedi way, the Marshal hero way, the mountain man way - you need to apprentice yourself to a true old man seasoned by life, a man of philosophy, a man of benevolence. Your 'heart' needs to pull that weapon with a real actual feeling of 'protecting'. A trembling bully pulling his weapon is a dangerous fool as likely to shoot himself, his partner, or a bystander.

  11. So it is an individual characteristic that must be already present in a police recruit, or the system must be such that it weeds out the bad ones before it comes to our present situation - where they've not been properly screened, are not properly schooled to hold the power of life and death, and there is no negative feedback from the legal system to remove those who are demonstrated failures.

    One complication that arises often that cannot be blamed on the individual is the "repeat offender" situation with police brutality/lethality.

    For example - when the cop shot the blind wood carver with a closed knife to death - as the story came out - this same officer had been involved in another lethal shooting not long before. Without checking my facts right now, if my memory serves - the first shooting occurred not long into his career.

    I remember when I was growing up there was a folk legend that most police officers never drew their weapon in the line of duty - for their entire career. Something has changed.

    The problem is for sure rooted in our culture - as violence has become the favorite dish in media - raising generations of citizens to become desensitized to all this violence. There used to be underground "snuff films" I'd never seen but heard about where people would be killed and this would be documented for the voyeur. There was a video my buddy told me about when we were younger called "Faces of Death" where unfortunate people meeting their end were caught on film and this was considered a sick disgusting gory thing to watch. Nowadays - who would even notice? "Faces of Death" has become the norm in our culture - and I find it hard to disregard this cultural shift as a major factor in the problems we face - not only with police - but with our military.

    Look how all these dead dictators and recently killed people are paraded before the public - whether they are staged or real - it's a mixed bag - but no longer shocking. No longer shocking - the loss of human life.

    We are supposed to be better than that. But perhaps you are right most people aren't.

    I remember my Grandmother saying to me after seeing some bad crime on TV back in the 70's - "J, things didn't used to be this way."

    I said "Gram - it's only that the media is making the information available and we are getting news of things you didn't know were going on anyway."

    She said: "NO, people just weren't like this. This things didn't happen."

  12. oh, on the exception to blaming the individual on repeat offenses... yes of course the individual is to blame - but the system should have taken that person out of that position. A red flag should have been raised. Someone responsible should have nipped the bad egg in the bud - or punished later for failing to do so.

    Again the system must be such that those within it perform to the standards required or are replaced.

  13. You are exactly right on repeat offenders. To me that circles back to the consumer confidence problem. Whether it is the Catholic Church or the police, they are far more interested in 'protecting their reputation' than removing their bad people. When one of them goes dirty, they cover it up so they don't look bad. And I think it is true that honest cops would go a whole career without pulling a gun. I read on swat teams when they come up. Pretty rare that anyone ever shoots back and pretty common that they killed people with their Rambo assaults. They even have a reputation for executing all the pets in the house just for fun. Recent case of the man who released his zoo animals. The police went out on safari, and massacred all the rare animals on purpose for the fun of it. Even when real professionals went to dart the animals, the police shot the tranquilized animals too then lied. I was with my brother, and we were joking that it is lucky the zoo didn't have pandas, ant eaters, and other cute docile animals. The police would have looked extra silly when they cried out on tv, "That 3-toed sloth was coming right for us!" It is a triumvirate of bad medicine: jolly violence for fun, zero accountability, automated coverup 'get behind the badge' even if they do something outrageous like gun down wood carvers or shoot that little girl in Detroit.

  14. Sorry anon above for tardy reply,

    Yep - that thing with the zoo animals - I saw the pictures - just ridiculous. They could have even dropped drugged food on them etc... No these guys wanna' shoot something that bleeds and dies. I am convinced that a great number are simply empty shells of human beings.

    Check out the top story for today on the three cops in three different cities killing their own sons at home.

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

    You can tell the news reports have already been prepared to excuse everything away:


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