Ken Doll for president or a statesman?


......whatever.......the staged BS is so much fun to see how ferocious these puppets are.

Watch a true statesman explain the gravity of our predicament:


  1. Funny you should mention that. Before Obama's nomination, I knew he would win the Presidency, if only because of the 'racist' factor: If/when anyone objected to his policies, they would , automatically, be racists. Simple as that. Unfortunately, it was true. When my son, at university, voiced concerns about O's policies, he had to spend minutes explaining WHY and How he wasn't racist rather than minutes on the policies.

    But, the summer before THAT I had begun shopping for old Ken dolls-- the ones with the suede hair which may be before most peoples' acquaintance with Ken--- in order to create a photo montage of my imagined 'future presidency'.

    Unfortunately, my technical skills weren't up to the challenge (though I can still imagine the scenarios in my mind's eye) and it never happened. However, I just ran across the box of old Barbies & Kens I bought on ebay for the purpose...

  2. Ha Ha! There is a philosophical concept - can't remember who championed it - hadda be an ancient Greek - of the "collective mind" -

    The ideas are out there in the ether for sure -

    Thanks for coming by!


  3. ...which also reminds one of the "genius" of running Herman Cain!


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