Awaiting the arrival of our next master

Who will they pick?  Both parties have candidates playing it safe to get votes - as if that is the way to get votes.

Maybe it is.

It is a bit amusing to drive past the broken people and broken country I see every day and take these suited clowns on the Teevee seriously.

I know they will keep the perverts at the NSA busy spying on us.

Try this experiment if you want to know how retarded the people around you have become - thanks to their dumbing down from the teevee nooz:  Pick up your friends phone and start digging through it.  Laugh at some of the pictures of their wife and kids.  Joke about the way they live and the things they are interested in.  You are now experiencing what it is like to be a government worker.  Observe the reaction of your previous friend.  They will NOT treat you the way they've been trained to treat their neighbors at the NSA who make a living doing the same thing.  The scum in the telephone companies are also just cowards - Americans in name only - assisting the enslavement of their friends and families.  Hardly a group worth saving.  But is it really fair to blame the victims?  No - it's their leaders.  And as usual - living in the Bible belt I blame the leaders of the churches here.  After all - these fuckers have their own TV stations too you know.  Ha ha.

Being a peeping thom has become a perverted sport in this country.  It undermines much of what we used to call "decency" but in a culture where people have been brainwashed to accept torture you cannot expect much more.

A roll of hundreds will get you farther in this country than just about anything else.  The money has been concentrated into fewer and fewer hands.  But somehow natural law has a way of evening things out over time.  Greed is still a "sin" whether you believe it or not - it eventually eats away its owner.

The Demo and Repub parties are trying to find a way to resonate with the public - but it is not happening because the public has been deliberately divided by those who own and program our media - meaning the Pavlovian bells the public has been conditioned to react to.  The public will still piss their pants on cue when the next "terror attack" happens, is staged or whatever.  By the way - it seems to me that the stars are lining up for another big event - since the last one is fading and newer generations are coming up that need to be taught to hate.

As I stated before - as we ignore how we got where we are - we are in for difficult times ahead.  By difficult I can see war.  Hopefully a revolution - but probably a civil war if we allow the suits to continue their crap.

The intel agencies, via compartmentalization, have successfully kept their own people in the dark to a frightening degree.  Some of the most brainwashed are amongst those in the employ of the government because they have never been exposed to alternate views - views that are so easy to grasp they are capable of shattering entire belief systems - like the temperatures and means by which physical events really happen.

As we continue to ride the rollercoaster that is the global corporate takeover of our once-great nation - I ponder every day "what can we do?"  Right now I can only say we need new leaders who find that by being truthful they are put in office - not the other way round.  Until moral foundations are corrected this is impossible.

Here in the Bible belt the churches have a lot of power over not only hearts and minds but money and media.  Too bad they are as much on the take as everybody else.

Forget the bake sale - not enough money in that - better to sell "get out of hell free" cards.


  1. satanic Forest-Fire Burning Itself Out Is All Folks Can Look Forward To

    Well, if u grasp the BASIC forces at work, one sees it's Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) on the one hand and satanism, built on lies (JOHN 8:44) on the other.

    And the great satanic force is not nearly spent, the poor stupid, over-populated people still reeling, Israel still sitting pretty, still killing Palestinians at will. These observations are good picture-assessment of things. Dumb people still think Jews are cool?--well, they're going to suffer.

    And after all, the Bible and New Test. were written for purpose of anti-semitism, but that's the power of central-banking instrument of Jews they can so easily just BUY and bribe the preachers and pastors, the Vatican now turned into a club for queers.

    So it's horrifying prospect to imagine what will have to happen for any serious turn-around in things cultural. But bad things happening is necessary for the exposing of satanism; people only need to take heed.

    Proper monetary system MUST be commodity-based, hence gold/silver; otherwise the currency that's "created" is only used by satanists to fund their wars.

    Otherwise, people need to de-activate satanism by means of US Constitution, 10th Amendment, and states-rights, nullification, primacy of local gov.

    For eventually the satanic fiat-currency MUST and will lose its buying-power, and it looks like this is all folks can look forward to if they can't take most positive steps, as I note, adoption of commodity-based money, observing US Const., active anti-semitism.

    1. Satanism: Subjectivism And Hubris, Have Taken-Over Corrupt Culture, Formerly Prosperous, Successful, Victorious

      Re-reading above entry, I see I left-out a solid definition of satanism so the random reader would understand, not having read my previous entries on other blogs.

      Thus satanism is simply (extreme) subjectivism, hubristic making oneself God, holding reality is same as one's view of it, one's view and consciousness/mentality the creator of such reality.

      And this subjectivism now dominates the culture as the corrupt population, having been bred-up by previous generations of conquerors and winners at war, suffer profound HUBRIS--that satanic delusion that they can and do achieve "good" vs. non-existent "evil."

      And it's a tremendous revolution which has happened, this satanic up-surge and madness which has taken-over popular mentality and culture, that smug self-righteousness which justifies gross invasions of other people's nations, etc.

      Satanism and satanic revolution has accelerated in Jew S A since the "Civil War" and overthrow of US Constitution, truly an amazing, mind-boggling development, from the Christian worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) to worship of Pharisaist, Platonic, non-existent, un-definable "good," which has truly paved the road to heck, as we see.

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