Yoo to Speak at UVA; Protests Planned

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" Protesters will gather today at the University of Virginia to speak out against John Yoo, the author of the infamous "Torture Memos" written during the Bush administration.

... Morgan Taylor is a member of several activist groups in Charlottesville. She plans to be among the protesters on grounds when Yoo arrives to speak at Minor Hall. Although Taylor believes Yoo should be prosecuted for war crimes, she says she's happy he's here. "I like free speech; I want people to be out here. I'm all for that, I think it's wonderful but we also want him to know we know who he is what he did and what he's responsible for and then we want the rest of the folks to know.""


Note: And from the shouting I heard on the radio today they gave the torture advocate a pretty good earful. Congrats to the protesters!

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