Don't Blame the Military - Blame the Leadership

One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior while expecting a different outcome.

I am not saying that military leaders complicit in the run-up to our recent wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere) should be exculpated. Any who were part of the plan to deceive the American public and our friends abroad, and can be shown to have known what they were doing are culpable.

But those giving the orders haven't personally killed anybody so why not blame the soldiers on the front lines for all of the death and destruction? This is where things get complicated - because there are valid arguments for those condemning our soldiers for following illegal orders. I for one do not support those arguments because the propaganda that is crop-dusted onto the people of Amerika is very effective - especially when directed at the youth.

Many soldiers think they are defending the country from the perpetrators of 911 - many have not yet examined evidence that may give them pause - reason to consider domestic involvement. The information also may not be available to them since wartime always requires strict censorship.

Although troops are tasked with carrying out the orders of their higher-ups the buck cannot simply stop there. No way.

Our system assumes a declared war - debated by Congress - and once that declaration has been made - after the most solemn reflection by elected representatives - the order to go or no go is given- and the machine goes into action. That is how it is supposed to work. There is not much wiggle room in there for soldiers to buck the system - especially when the country exists, like NAZI Germany, in a permanent state of emergency - where the exigencies of the moment ALWAYS require immediate obedience. And when, with the mind properly prepared early in life through propaganda, and just the right data-set presented to those joining the cause - many cannot fathom why they should question orders that make perfect sense - when viewed from within their world-view. No, It should never come to the point where the solder is expected to go debate in front of Congress. Such needs belie a broken system. But many people want somebody to blame - the leaders or the followers?

What precedents does history afford from which to clear this up?

Perhaps you will find the information HERE regarding one Charles Manson - who never killed anybody either. But his powers of persuasion were such that he could lead others to do the most evil and vile acts imaginable. The powers of persuasion are enough for some to fight a war of aggression based on lies based on torture to secure opium and pipelines. Not me. But it is possible that many don't know that they are actually fighting for those goals. Maybe - like Manson's followers they are under a magic spell too strong to resist. In the Manson case both leaders and followers went to jail. Maybe not a good example - because this ignores the deriliction of duty shown by Congress in shirking their responsibility to We The People that the military and CIA (since they wage war on behalf of We The People too) are under civilian control.

The means by which that civilian control/power is (no longer) exercised by Congress over the U.S. military is with the so-called "purse-strings" - or control of the money alloted for war. Congress is supposed to declare war - not leave trampling on other nations up to the president. This exercising of control assumes that the Congress actually wants to control the war - but so far the Fatherland remains untouched except for a few well-timed false flags - so the masses are only half-awake - aroused at the critical moment when it's time to advance on another front in the still-undefined "War on Horror."

Unfortunately - with a CorporAmerikan Propascamda media acting as no more than a Pentagon loudspeaker it is hard to bring awareness to the public - or bring pressure to bear on politicians too spineless to stop the madness. This war seems to be practically without trigger-words like P.O.W.'s - realities that bring public focus to dark side of the war. Although an internet search shows that there are a few the public knows about the media maintains a predictable silence regarding such matters. But isn't that S.O.P. in America anyway - to leave it up to the public to ensure our P.O.W.'s are remembered? The U.S. government/CorporAmerikan propascamda puppets seem too busy forwarding corporate and foreign interests to be concerned with such matters. And the weak-minded followers of the villians running this losing enterprise "War on Horror" demonstrate their nonchalance regarding troops who may be in captivity by torturing opposing fighters held in our custody. May I be so bold as to suggest this is a horrible policy?

To complicate matters further the CIA has been caught, via at least one crashed drug plane, dealing drugs to sell on the black market to finance their quixotic military misadventures. So even if our Congress represented We The People - they can't do a damn thing about it - since their power to control these secret scam-artists has been usurped by the Agency's willingness to do whatever it takes, the end (corporate agenda) always justifying the means. (War on Terror - undefinable)

Now we are seeing moves to attack Iran - a country that has not attacked us. Is it just me or is there a pattern here?

Many have accused me of chauvinistic support for the U.S. military, and others have accused me of hating the U.S. military. Neither is true - but neither will be convinced. So I borrowed some pictures from HERE and added a video/music for you enjoy while you browse the pictures - an appropriate song since we are, after all, fighting first-strike, preemptive wars of aggression - attacking those who have not attacked us. Kill 'em all let God sort 'em out - that's what the t-shirt used to say- and that is the logic the believers use to rationalize their willingness to commit acts of violence, espionage, propaganda campaigns, false flag attacks, lies - against Americans and our friends abroad regardless of the rule of law. Regardless of our Bill of Rights and Constitution - like it is "just a goddamned sheet of paper." I just hope we still have some friends left after this disaster is over.

So please - take some time out to listen to a famous song - a product of the last people who fell for the same tricks we are. Please compare the pictures in the video with those posted below. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

Is it sane to expect a different outcome this time?

+ CIA drug plane crash pic from here +



Abrams tank pic from Wiki

UPDATE MARCH 19, 2010 Navy and Marine Corps have blocked all access to such services from overseas

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