Condi Should have talked to that Dick Cheney: Video

Contradictions are one of the best tools for discovering truth - and untruths. Recent statements by Condi Rice present contradictions...

Read entire article Condoleezza Rice admits some regrets over Iraq war

" However, she suggested the U.S. government failed to understand "how broken Iraq was as a society" and should have focused its rebuilding efforts outside of Baghdad, the capital."

Oh really Condi? Then how do you explain this?

From the Video: "Because if we'd gone to Baghdad we would've been all alone...it would be a US occupation of Iraq - once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Hussein's government then what are you gonna' put in its place? It's a quagmire..."

Let me guess - invade the rest of the country and ignore Baghdad? Sounds like double-talk to me.

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