Vids: Firefighters for 911 Truth+Explosions

UPDATE Mar 22, 2010: Analysis from WRH regarding WTC7 collapse report prior to event
UPDATE MAR 22, 2010 THANKS TO COMMENTER... please watch....Gold more important than heroes?


  1. One question I have never heard asked is who was the insurance company that paid Silverstein over $4 billion dollars and didn't they do a thorough investigation before paying out all that money, or is this all part of the undisclosed bailout of a hidden subsidiary of AIG? Just a thought.

  2. If you watch the video "Missing Links" on this same page - click title "American's Journey" at top to all recent blog posts - in there is discussed a little about who was involved with the insurance deal.

  3. http://www.rudy-urbanlegend.com/
    No douby Rudy Juilani (Guilani) gate keeper of the 911 operation

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  5. I'm still pissed about Greg Quibell and I didn't even know him. There may be some profanity in this old post...


    Notice the Jane Standley vid is deleted in that one - I'll have to find another copy and post it. 'Tis amazing - the certain videos and links that magically disappear from this blog from time to time...

  6. ... it's the video where she's reporting that the "Solomon Bros bldg" AKA WTC7 had collapsed when it is clearly visible behind her on the television screen.

    I can't imagine why anyone would want to delete THAT video in the context presented...

  7. Go to time=1:31:26 in "Missing Links for more on the insurance take for WTC - watch the entire video so you don't take things the wrong way - definitions are discussed at the beginning of the video

  8. also 1:37:20 in "missing links" on insurance haul-states the amount


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