Video: Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - Getting Away with Murder?

Note: I believe the sailors. The result of this attack - almost was - nuking Cairo, Egypt. That's what it says in the documentary. This supports the false-flag attack theory in my opinion. I've seen in another documentary that the attack was performed to cover up things the ship may have listened in on. I don't agree with latter theory because What could the ship possibly have heard that would enrage the United States more than slaughtering a bunch of American sailors and almost sinking a US Navy vessel in a surprise attack? False flag seems the best explanation.
UPDATE Mar 23, 2010
Unless the Liberty had to be disabled while some planes were swapped to grab an already loaded nuke off the first flight that was supposedly armed to hit Egypt. That's another gamble somebody might have been willing to take. Who knows - that's the situation we are in - all these secrets - so all we can do is speculate.

Have some fun and try to pick out the lies.
Eye movement and lies

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  1. yes not many people know the United States nearly nuked Cairo, I was interested in it enough to write about it myself awhile back:



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