Wachovia pays $160 million to stop drugs probe

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" Wachovia has agreed to pay US prosecutors 160 million dollars for its failure to stop drug money being laundered to Mexican affiliates, the DEA said Wednesday."

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  1. '"Wachovia Bank has fully cooperated
    with the federal government throughout
    the course of its investigation,"
    the statement said.'

    What an insult to the already open gaping wounds of our countries. Making a point to tell us that Wachovia is behaving nicely to the almost silent slap on the wrist. At least the government got a share in the deal, right?!

    Bailout money, or no bailout money, it's all from our blood and sweat - and they just go on and on and on spewing shit in every direction. Projectile injustice.

    They want everything. Nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits. This is a story that is muttered under the breath of the media, just like so many stories that would have had our forefathers up in arms.



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