What are the Naked Body Scanners really for?



In light of recent news that Naked Body scanners are to to be installed at more airports the question comes to mind - Why?

As a "conspiracy theorist" I can't help but question why the United States government - whose primary purpose is to protect my rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness would spray me, my loved ones, and your children with radiation of an unknown danger exposing our most private areas in the process. I've seen the images and agree with many critics of the technology that in the case of children they should be banned simply from a child pornography perspective.

Although the TSA website claims:
" Advanced imaging technology is safe and meets national health and safety standards.
Backscatter technology was evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST), and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL).
All results confirmed that the radiation doses for the individuals being screened, operators, and bystanders were well below the dose limits specified by the American National Standards Institute.
For comparison, the energy projected by millimeter wave technology is 10,000 times less than a cell phone transmission.
A single scan using backscatter technology produces exposure equivalent to two minutes of flying on an airplane

I am not impressed. As a person who has worked as a manufacturers engineer on medical equipment that produces radiation for imaging purposes I was taught that the most effective protection against radiation is DISTANCE. This means - don't get irradiated in the first place. Period. In fact it is considered good practice while in an X-ray imaging situation to stand behind another person while X-ray radiation is being produced. You are trained to do that. Now we are asked to simply stand in a radiation bath - and don't worry the dose is minimal. What about the cumulative dose?

But I have further suspicions - and I'm going to go out on a limb here just because this is my "conspiracy theory" and I can make it as big as I want to - perhaps you will find it worthy of consideration?

Our security-obsessed government is intent on tracking each and every individual as if they are guilty until proven innocent - that's the un-American trend whether you wish to admit it or not. But this is not an easy task since there are many technical hurdles for engineers to overcome in providing such monitoring capability to their paymasters. One hurdle I would expect is proving difficult to overcome is the identification of individuals using remote cameras since the cameras can pick up an image - but must decode the image and then try to match it up with the person from whom the image was taken.

When trying to identify a fingerprint the same problem exists - and for a long time presented a hurdle for law enforcement since although fingerprints may have been collected at a crime scene - there may not be a matching set in their database. Further complicating matters is the matching process - where highly trained specialists would have to pore through volumes of fingerprint images in search for a match. Enter the computer.

There are companies that provide fingerprint identification systems that take the time-consuming part out of the fingerprint matching process - and national systems synchronized using the miracle of the internet can link departments across the globe instantly performing scans of known prints versus newly lifted prints - matches can be found quickly - provided there is a "known" set of prints with which the system can make a match.


It seems feasible to me that our protectors can easily expand on the fingerprint identification system to identify persons at a distance using cameras, RFID chip-reading technology and a database of "known" images from Naked Body scanners.

By scanning people at airports the images can be stored and keyed to the person from whom they were acquired simply by sychronizing the image acquistion simultaneously with a reading from the multiple RFID chips one now carries around in their drivers license (or NATIONAL ID CARD), credit card or other place. This match would ensure that the images were "known" samples from a specific individual and can then be easily stored in a database.

Facial Recognition Cameras mounted everywhere in todays world would now capture images live - then by using the massive computing speed and power of the internet - especially the NEWER VIDEO-FRIENDLY INTERNET provide real-time tracking of just about everyone - by using the database of images stored with positive identification information simply by finding matches with stored images in the "known" database previously acquired.

Airports would not place a limit on this capability since there are presently commercially available systems with capability to do this job surreptitiously and in volume - here's a sample from the link:

" Corridor system that can be deployed overtly or covertly
High volume throughput capacity of up to 900 people per hour

Since practically everyone carries RFID chips - a hidden corridor system synchronized with an RFID reading system could read and store that many images - eventually capturing the data of almost the entire population - especially by synchronizing data capture with events where all citizens were required to show up - for one reason or the other.

The final question is - what are they really doing with all the images? If they are being stored perhaps this is why.


I know they are from the government - but are they really here to help?
TSA Begins Testing New Airport Scanners
Non-lethal Ray questions - on millimeter wave heating guns*
a vendor of some systems
Face Recognition Systems
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
* It seems to me that the easiest way to defeat the millimeter wave heat guns is with a good healthy water-air-fogging system to scatter and absorb the energy
** Image borrowed from here


  1. You are on to something. I have heard the US is building a super mainframe to control all the others. I think the reason for all this tracking, purely commercial. We are all going to be commercial assets with economic values. This is why they want our DNA, there will be pre-programed death for most and for the elite, or truely gifted, there will be an Avatar style life extension. The fact that the star was a cripple, is really an adage of old age being given a new lease of life.

  2. All I can say is if I'm wrong - at least I gave the folks working for these nutcases something to work on as they waste more and more of my money perfecting the police state.

  3. All those people who have private planes or hire them with pilot or having a pilot's licence themselves are not going to be required to undergo naked body scanning, are they ?

    I want to know whether First Class passengers on normal commercial flights will be required to go through the naked body scanners as many of these would be the very legislators - or their wives and kids, having paved the way for such scanners?

    Just someone from cattle class asking.

  4. How 'bout this for raving paranoia:

    1) Since TPTB want us all dead (Georgia Guide Stones -- "Reduce the pop. to 500,000,000". An aside: why is that g.d. thing still standing?!), body scanner radiation is a good weapon, among many others, such as: ubiquitous corn syrup in all our food; certain corps. eventually patenting & controlling all our food; fluridation; endless aerosol spraying; et. al. And now government-controlled health care. That's a fine recipe for disaster, if not outright control and death.

    2) With universal body scanners extant, maybe fewer and fewer people will fly. Pass Cap and Trade, fewer and fewer will drive, take buses or trains. Few people will travel anywhere but to work and home. Result: population is localized, constrained, & much more easily monitored and controlled.

    Are any consequences actually "unintended"? And you think YOU'RE a conspiracy theorist!

  5. I should add that I don't think radiation of any kind is good for the reproductive system - to put it mildly.

  6. We all know the FDA never approves anything that is later proven unsafe or even deadly to humans. Right.

  7. Right, Anon! We also know that Universities and Research Centers always feed us unbiased data, and always have our best interest in mind!!


  8. There is also a possibility - since nobody is putting lead over the genitals of those of reproductive age, whatever the fuck that is, that they are willingly allowing those reproductive organs, by accident or design - to be ruined.


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