Situation Possibly Hopeless - no signs of life from the media...

Right now - I have to honestly chronicle here - the situation is ..... not even close to normal and definitely all f'd up.

Our media is a nest of traitors - snakes - liars - and people with loyalties to something other than the United States of America -the personalities polluting the airwaves here in Charlottesville are exemplary.

Coy Barefoot or whatever his name is on AM radio - condemned the Tea Party movement today - for.... nothing. His entire show - including guest appearance from the ever-busy congresstool that represents me - consisted of condemning the Tea party movement for an attack on the gas lines of this congresstool's brothers' house - but we don't know who did it - don't know why - don't even know if it is for real - especially since the incompetent police-pussies in this town hadda' call in the FBI to solve the crime.

We've got a town-full of useless turd so-called lawyers - not one called in to straighten out good-ole-Coy:

Wikipedia knows what this means:
"Post hoc ergo propter hoc, Latin for "after this, therefore because (on account) of this", is a logical fallacy (of the questionable cause variety) which states, "Since that event followed this one, that event must have been caused by this one." It is often shortened to simply post hoc and is also sometimes referred to as false cause, coincidental correlation or correlation not causation. It is subtly different from the fallacy cum hoc ergo propter hoc, in which the chronological ordering of a correlation is insignificant.
Post hoc is a particularly tempting error because temporal sequence appears to be integral to causality. The fallacy lies in coming to a conclusion based solely on the order of events, rather than taking into account other factors that might rule out the connection"

To decode for the stupid (Coy Barefoot and the frightened Central Virginia Audience minus benefit of Jefferson-trained law men):
This means that a gas line cut at congresstool's brothers' house after brothers' address is supposedly published on a Tea Party blog on the internet - and NO facts are in means .........ready?.....wait ....for .....it.....NOTHING! This was hyped to the extreme to where out-of-breath grandmas and soccer moms (preparing their precious ones for duty in Iran) called into the show calling for the arrest of these Tea Party people!

But none of these idiots ever asked the jackass in the mirror why they themselves didn't commit a violent act when the Tea Party published this address. Maybe because they are Albemarle County residents - the smartest people in the universe - immune themselves to such instigations - but ready to lock up anyone for saying things that will effect those weaker-minded crazy people out there. Thanks Coy for your hard work diffusing and educating this under-educated population of robots in a land of high tax rates. As long as you've been on the air Coy - why is your flock so uninformed? Maybe YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB - nah - deny deny deny.

But boy oh boy the radio station had a field day here in TJ's home-town in between Randi Rhodes and Glenn "shoot-him-in-the-head"Beck and the rest of the Thom Hartmann crowd (between mutual pats on the back for their "service to the country"). Pathetic and embarassing. What is the tuition at Thomas Jefferson's academical villiage? WAY TOO MUCH! THAT'S HOW MUCH! HA HA HA. Yeah - I know - it really isn't funny - it is tragic.

Anybody spending their money sending their kid to school at the University of Virginia is either naive, stupid, or just wants to get'm outa' the house 'cause this school is a complete waste of time. Where are the "professors?" Sitting on their asses doing zip-shit while the airwaves are consumed with contumele. Shame or guilt - pick your poison you pukes - for me - I wouldn't give you a penny. I don't believe in wasting money.

The FBI has to come in to solve a crime? Why? Don't the police officers coming to work at 7AM downtown in the old woodland camo have the training to solve the crime with the big van with the slogan on it?

Calling the FBI in to solve a politically motivated crime is like calling in Al Capone to investigate bootlegging! But that's the situation here in Charlottesville, Virginia - where the kids wear the helmets in the showers until they can be shipped off for duty as 7.62X39mm bullet-catchers in the next oil-war as soon as they reach the age of 18. Stupid soccer moms - I'm still trying to get used to that paradox.

Hey have we bombed Iran yet?

It's ironic - the FBI just ordered silenced 20mm cannons - obviously so they can use violence to achieve an 'aim' somewhere quietly - while the media screams non-violence to the public. That's odd. The Feds constantly use violence - albeit - from a distance - via TV screens outside of Las Vegas to control drones firing missiles into wedding parties in Pakistan - to control - via violence - people they don't like in sovereign nations - but tell the public "don't ever use violence." Whatever you do - repeated over and over and over again - "don't ever use violence" - while what they really mean is " that's for us when we are ready for YOU to SHUT UP!" Sorry - but unless you are a complete idiot that is the exact situation - any argument to the contrary falls on deaf ears at American's Journey.

Is it me or is there a double-standard here? I wish these useless scum would stop the violence and practice what they preach. But I guess Muslims are the target for today - and there are plenty of followers of Jesus to pull the trigger when they get out of church and get the kids home safely on Sunday.

I've spent enough time tryin' to talk sense into this public. Not only don't they react to the absurd - they react to whatever they've been conditioned to react to - like whether or not junior has a neck-ache. In my house - neck-aches didn't exist because there was work to do. Hey mommy - wait till they pick up the rucksack, rifle, grenades and ammunition - then wait till they carry it - over a couple of mountains a couple of times. Then you will hear about a neck-ache - maybe permanent injury - maybe PTSD - maybe they'll come home in a box - but the neck-ache etc... will pale in comparison.

Sorry for the rage - but you Amerikans make me sick. But it doesn't matter. As the bombs fall on Iran and the war finally comes home for real - you will bear the burden while those like me who finally wised up and got busy saving ourselves instead of playing Paul Revere - will get out our lawn chairs out to watch.

I hope y'all enjoy your war in Iran!

Have fun!
UPDATE MAR 25, 2010 As of today the CorporAmeriskam media has only told us mere citizens that there was a gas line cut to the GRILL - GAS GRILL - of the brother of the monkey's uncle to the senator's son of a bitch of a congresstool. That is the best information available at this time - but with the FBI on the job - rest assured wink wink - all will be well - Hail Victory


  1. Hope your lawn chair is on foreign soil or you'll be suffering the same fate as the mobs of useless eaters you tried so hard to wake up and shake up. NWO'll sweep ya all up together.

  2. Hey man don't despair so much. Some of us are still Americans and yes we know the difference between a U.S. citizen and an American. Groups like the pacinlaw.org one that i am hosting are the beginning of a rebirth of what we gave up to the deceivers over generations. Yes some of us are even aware of who these deceivers are and have been throughout history. One good way to know right off the bat if a man is worth the time and energy it takes to divulge the truth and debate it is weather he watches tv or not. If so you are dealing with a child and if you can talk on their level (very taxing)sometimes you can shake them out of their delusion. If he does not watch tv a little conversation will usually bring him to a meeting and get him started on seeing this government for what it is and what must be done by each of us to kill it.Simply stop feeding it.

  3. If you are going to write a blog, try to make it inteligible. I can't make heads or tails of this rant, and it doesn't help any of us.
    I wonder if you are a government shill, trying to make the rest of us look badly?

  4. Good point both of you - yes I've been thinking about leaving only from the perspective of continuing the fight - as fighting from behind bars for offending Cass Sunstein won't do me or anyone any good.

    I'm in a holding pattern for now - I know the movement has grown but no progress has been made on the media and without that nothing at all can be done other than as the other commenter said - stop feeding the beast - but this propaganda lock down is way out of control - especially when the shows in a place like Charlottesville are manned by people so ingenuous...

  5. Anon above who said about pacinlaw: I just looked at the website... where it states that pacinlaw has been going since 1998?

    You'd better step up the pace. The dinger on the clock is about to go off. These insane people are going to bomb Iran.

    Whatever you are doing multiply your effort by 1,000,000 because at that rate you'd be better off learning to speak Chinese if you don't already and get on the next boat.

  6. Hey ya! I'm a Cville denizen/Albemarle county boy also. We should get up.


  7. . . . "including guest appearance from the ever-busy congresstool that represents me . . .

    Sorry, dude, but nobody in the District of Criminals is a legal representative of anybody in this "country." If you believe otherwise, then ask yourself a question: if you wanted to appoint me as your legal representative, what would you have to do? There's your answer.

    Anyway, you're right in the main. Nobody ever went broke from either underestimating the intelligence or overestimating the stupidity of the average Amerikan.

  8. Anonymous above said:
    "I wonder if you are a government shill, trying to make the rest of us look badly?"

    JR: No you are doing a good job of that yourself - you do look "badly" - by the way - this blog is for adults - you may have to do some homework - but don't bother with UVA - as best I can tell their highest profile person right now is Laura Ingraham

  9. To anonymous who says:
    "Sorry, dude, but nobody in the District of Criminals is a legal representative of anybody in this "country." If you believe otherwise, then ask yourself a question: if you wanted to appoint me as your legal representative, what would you have to do? There's your answer."

    JR: This is fascinating - lemme guess - I'd have to pay you?

  10. Anonymous above also said:
    "If you are going to write a blog, try to make it inteligible. I can't make heads or tails of this rant, and it doesn't help any of us."

    JR says: You must be a teacher - authoritarian in tone as if you have some power of who writes blogs and who doesn't - as if you somehow have a golden standard. The fact that you can't make heads or tails of this rant doesn't surprise me at all since you look "badly" - but how do you make a universal statement like "it doesn't help any of us" unless you are the one that is a member of a group - ALL of the members for which you tacitly represent in making that statement.

  11. Dear JR:

    No, you wouldn't have to pay me. You'd have to fill out a legal form, commonly referred to as a power of attorney, with all the whys and wherefores, signed, dated, and witnessed, and delivered to the representative in question. I'll wager that neither you nor anybody in this country has done so with respect to these reptilian agents of a foreign power in DC.

    And secret ballots, which are the mother of all vote fraud, should never be considered legally binding on anybody, because there is no written contract between parties. Right?

    Perhaps not fascinating, but true all the same.

  12. Hi Anonymous 1:47 -

    But what about elections? If the elections can be done in a manner to show receipts - or some mechanism for verification we can all agree on - doesn't that mean a person is a legal representative of those in their district? Perhaps I'm missing the point you are making - forgive me.


  13. http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2009/05/why-are-wars-fought.html

  14. Today - 27th - same AM propaganda outlets repeated this story as if the case had already been solved - a foregone conclusion - permanently cemented into the public mind. This event - may actually turn out to be real - but that part won't matter - all that is now real is the image branded into the citizens listening to AM radio in this area for the last three days. And that image is that Tea Party extremists caused a vigilante to cut a gas grill hose on Periello's brother's house instigated by what he saw on the internet. That's where they left it today - I heard it - and I stand by the rant above because I haven't heard a confession - haven't heard who is in custody - haven't heard if it was a rubber gas hose, haven't heard if there was any gas in the tank, haven't heard if there is a suspect - haven't heard if a rat chewed the hose. But rest assured...


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