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Since I have no television - just internet my nooz arrives as I poke around online.  For the most part I have less of an idea as to what is going on in the world than I've ever had before.

I am not sure if my ignorance has multiplied as I've learned that almost everything we see, read, and hear is simply B.S.

Somewhere I heard some marketing person mention that online media is "saturated" with advertising - that's an understatement.

Trying to read news online has become a game of whack-a-mole - this was an arcade game where one held a mallet and mechanical moles would pop up from various holes and the player would whack them for points.  That is what it is like reading news on the internet.  It has become such a pain in the ass it stops one from digging into things too much.  With this advertising there is an added dimension of disrespect for events - if those events really are happening in the first place and weren't simply made up.

There may be a news article about a child being burned alive by the babysitter - then I'll go to click on that article and an ad for diapers pops up.  I must search this idiotic ad for an "X" to close the ad then the story isn't really there - I must sign up by providing a username and password to "join" the website so I can read a story possibly written by a computer.

This information wasteland does nothing to inform the public - just to sell them promises that are never intended to be kept, news about manufactured events etc...

I am not complaining - just pointing out that this is a situation that makes tough to remain informed about anything as the news is really infotainment with much of the news actually about the news characters themselves.  Many news articles are about entertainers who have political aspirations or entertainers who called someone a name or entertainers behaving badly.  I would imagine they are as bored as the rest of us.

My pet projects lately have been 911 and chemtrails but alas - nobody seems to care.  The public is determined to let their children be poisoned quietly - they, the parents, certainly won't say anything since these crimes remain out of their sphere of perception.

There are new "theories" being spread around the internet with truth movement hijackers everywhere giving speeches and discussing new theories of how the buildings were demolished - with no end in site.  There are folks saying nukes were used and others saying directed energy weapons - and the classical ones still saying it was thermite - or a combination of thermite and explosives.

The intel agencies seem to have an endless supply of money and liars to pollute the information available in what seems like a successful effort to becloud the minds of those interested in finding out what really happened - whether it is building demolitions or chemtrails - there are plenty of liars on the payroll to bite the very hands that feed them - the American public.  I wonder how much they laugh at all of us as they spread their lies for public consumption.

Coffee shop playing music that has an echo to it with dreamy sound.  I had my coffee and must get on to other thing today.

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