Don Robertson Commentary on: "Roubini: India May Overtake China within a Year"

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" Acknowledging one, I do not mean to encourage responses to my comments. I will re-focus on some obvious common misconceptions that have cropped-up, -mistakes that have the world on its current reckless course.

The dichotomy inserted between technology-and-humanity is disaffecting recognition that -humanity has been on a scientific-trial-and-error course -building frail and complex technological crutches -that have made these bloated human populations possible.

These populations are now being let adrift -due to the ongoing social collapse- crowded into conditions otherwise insufficient to maintain any of the basics of human dignity or long-term healthy-sustenance.

Our species is NOT stronger due to science. It has instead foundered in the wreckage of a compacted, fragile, scientific existence -created largely- since the Enlightenment.

This phenomenon is truncating the potential of EVERY human life. The Enlightenment-fashioned-world is NOW beset by poisonous pollutions and systemic failures of critical systems -systems created by an overly optimistic, pragmatic culture intent on aggressively cutting a dangerous path into an ever more perilous future.

Humanity ALREADY COULD BE walking-dead -thanks to science.

There is a misguided belief in the ability of some-scientific-genius to continue indefinitely solving the increasing problems arising from the previous meddling of other such tinkers. Generations of scientists -no less deluded than this generation- have meddled with an infinitely complex reality creating temporary solutions, -every one of which- has always broken down, always leaving worse problems than these efforts were meant to address.

The constantly whirring machinery of this infinitely complex Universe of reality is unforgiving of those who make too many assumptions about genius and competence.

The too often asserted god-like-proficiency is never real. We are three centuries from the Enlightenment. Planes still crash; buildings still burn; plagues still riddle our communities, and all are more deadly than before.

Because of THAT WHICH these scientists have degraded the planet, -EVEN IF- for the next three centuries it were somehow possible to make everyone cease the reckless preponderance of scientific pursuit -AND EVEN IF- humanity could reverse scientifically-enabled population trends, humanity likely could not in three centuries more -resurrect the life-sustaining potential of a single Earth continent.

We do seem doomed -to a continued scientific meddling with the planet. We seem on a highway headed to Hades -in a hand-basket -paved with our god-aspiring intentions, following directions handed-out with the assurances of genius -each- that really has no clue about what is going to turn up in the future -due to their faulty, blind assumptions.

All these scientists are individually using the world in trial-and-error experiments -conjured- as if by new-age-Gandalfs -who have the intention of creating a-cult-of-genius surrounding their individual, and absurd -god-aspiring- persona.

Altruists will say -just as if there really were a social psyche with god inspired -consciousness- "WE-ARE headed in the right direction. And science is OUR only hope."

The social psyche is a myth. -In reality- WE are just letting generations of individual pretenders PLAY GOD WITH THE WORLD.

I write not to cast a gloomy pall over this wonderful world.

I write to shed a bright light on the immorality of genius-worshiping.

Don Robertson "


  1. DR,

    I am glad to see you post this as I do think you are correct for the most part in what you have said and even if you are wrong the thought still has validity!

    The World is manipulated as most cannot understand or comprehend or even care to as the I and Me always overwhelm the Truth and Reality!

    ^5 DR Good to read you again!


  2. Wow - not a single concrete example proffered to support the anti-science rhetoric posted, ironically, into the high-tech world of "cyberspace".
    I think I will believe anyway, because the promoter of violence, the Malthusian misanthrope Don Robertson, who calls himself "THE American Philosopher" (there are no others, after all) said so.

    All I can say is, thank science for the modern medicine that keeps me alive and registered as a "population problem" in such warped minds.

    Paul Erlich was famously wrong too, but it never stop him spouting his hatred for humanity.


  3. Of course he`s right. The whole is stronger than its parts. One adult is stronger than one adult and a child, the adult must make sacrifices. This model can be used to judge every size of society. Most areas of the world do not comprise of societies..huge swathes of humans are dead. They live, but they are dead in societal terms.

    The main reasons form our current global construct, is capitalism...which really never existed...communism with incentives and the globalisation model brought about by corporations, which have grown so big and now that large numbers pf people are being dropped out of the model, including the US and EU, these corporations are failing. This corporate collapse has been hidden by the 12-15 trillion Dollar spending. Remember,the US was bust before the DESIGNED collapse and even then, is economy was worth 14-15 trillion US.

    What does the future hold? WW3 and designed population reduction...both are constructs and all the main players, irrespective of which side they bat for, ARE COMPLICIT!!

    Science has not failed us, it is that tiny super elite who controls the governments and central banks. After the war and human cull, they will release most of the suppressed technology so that humanity can reach the next level. Of course, this can be done in other ways, but this is the only way it can be done and still keep the same nutters in power.

  4. "Wow," yourself -Already Published. The barking dogs who did Christmas carols had a top 40 hit one year. Woo hooo, Homer.

    There are a lot of interesting Congressional races going on right now. One in particular is Rachel Brown versus Barnie Frank.

    You can read about 29 year old Rachel here, and retch at some of the typical Barnie Frank crapola -too.


    Barnie Frank quips in today's online version of The Washington Post, "I regard her as an example of the price you pay for free speech. I don't think she is very rational."

    This is a rough quote Frank has lifted from Lord Chesterfield, made famous to contemporary readers by his posthumously published -Letters to His Son-.

    Lord Chesterfield is an 18th Century antique who said to his son (in a letter) that -he never met a woman who was rational.

    Frank is a very typical sort of CORN-HOLING-GENIUS, someone who has worked very hard to impress those around him of his quick wit, and subtle intellect.

    Power is its own aphrodisiac for the queer Frank.

    This doesn't mean Barnie Frank is in touch with reality. It merely means he has convinced a lot of other queer people -other than himself- that he's a very clever fellow. LOL!

    WHAT Barnie Frank has neglected in his bizarre education that began in Sporters Bar & Grill on Cambridge Street in Boston, is to note that while women are NOT generally very rational from a man's point of view (something most men can laugh about in private company) -men themselves - ARE NOT VERY GOOD EXAMPLES OF WHAT MIGHT BE RATIONAL!

    The fat, homosexual, male-gorilla-type that is Barnie Frank (when he can with some difficulty keep his pants from falling down) is so far from anything I would consider rational, he's a hell of a lot funnier in the crowds I travel in, than his quip about the rationality of women -he stole from an 18th Century antique like -Lord Chesterfield.

    I don't really have anything against homosexuals. But -I'm pretty sure it's not a valid qualification for being a member of Congress, -even if it is something the fat queer has aspired to accomplish in his short stay on this lovely planet.

    I just wish the fagot-fucker hadn't helped bail out all those god-damned banks.

  5. I wish people who hate "faggots" would shut down their computers and not use them to spread hate ever again.

    After all, computing was invented by a faggot, who killed himself, probably as a consequence of persecution by the "enlightened" British government---- but only after he saved their asses.


  6. As far as "faggots" and "hate" - I like your approach to wishing they would stop their efforts.

    I applaud you for that. Why? Because I didn't hear you crying for more laws to silence them - you just expressed your wishes -

    Freedom of Speech is to be held sacred. There is no grey area here. None whatsoever. Limitations on freedom of speech are for the losers - the weak - who find themselves on the side of darkness and tyranny because they are too cowardly to fight using the same freedom of speech to earn their position of dominance - a position worthy only of ideals representing the highest of moral standards.

    The highest of moral standards are not levels any individual can define - they are standards that result from open debate unfettered by the weak too meek to meet the challenge.

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