Really - What is "National Service?"

National service? I hear the left-wing collectivists pushing this idea on the public on talk shows and written media. Yeah - we're all going to get together, bring shovels, pickaxes, hoes, hammers, saws - and with donated materials we will, together, rebuild our now-crumbling police state into a shiny new police state. But there is one thing President Soetoro and his NWO cronies ask you to leave at home - your brain.

But first you may wish to visit the following websites to familiarize yourself with this "big idea" brought to you by the brilliant "representatives" divorced from reality intent on steering our ship toward Eutopia:

Americorp website. Here's a sample:

" The number of Americans volunteering in their communities jumped by 1.6 million last year, the largest increase in six years, according to the 2010 Volunteering in America report released by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

More than 63.4 million Americans volunteered in 2009, giving 8.1 billion hours of volunteer service worth an estimated $169 billion, and demonstrating America’s spirit of generosity at its best

Also at the Americorp site:

" 9/11 Day of Service Organizers Launch Comprehensive Education Resource for Teachers, Families and Students Nationwide"

Interesting concept. Work without pay. This is how we will compete with the cheap overseas labor - we'll GIVE our time away! What a brilliant concept. And while we're at it - we'll pretend that WTC 7 wasn't "pulled" and commemorate the fraudulent lies we were told by our inept government about the 911 attacks. This will ensure that a generation of children will be fed lies by their "educators" about what really happened on September 11, 2001. Notice that no critical thinkers need apply - only teachers who have absolutely no concept of the laws of physics or the melting point of structural steel. What's the saying? "Close enough for government work?" Yeah that's it.

So let's think about what community service really is.

Community service means serving your community - the place you live. This can be at a national, state, or local level. But who is to define exactly what actions a citizen can take will serve the community best?

Personally I like to think for myself - I don't need some government-employed goof who can't make it in the real world doing my thinking for me. No. Government workers today, as has been pointed out by others, are basically the modern version of "welfare queens." And by the way, I pay their way in the form of taxes - so why the hell are they coming up with ideas? Aren't my ideas better since they work for me and I have the ability to make it on my own without needing "Big Brother" to supply me with a job? And now that I think about it - anybody who needs "Big Brother" for a job doesn't have anything worth selling - or they would be selling it on the open market -you know - like good "free market capitalists" our government pretends to be.

That said - I'll present an alternative that the government stooges haven't thought of: Start a blog. Start a revolution. Exercise your freedom of speech - express your opinion - to this goofy government that, in concert with a corporate-owned jingo media - is doing their damndest to prevent.

Serve your country by being a citizen in thought and action. Read our founding documents. Read alternative websites and become educated. Turn off Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck when he pretends to be your friend as he lines his pockets while your pockets are being picked by his handlers.

Serve your country as a citizen - not a slave. Hold your "representatives" accountable - there is strength in numbers.

That's real community service. It is priceless.



  2. Fuck Facebook.

    Volunteer? Sure. I volunteer to don the black hood as the executioner of the literally scores of millions of American bureaucrats and financial swindlers who need to have their fucking heads cut off.

    Someone is paying people to spam for Facebook.

    Anyone who's connected with Facebook should be summarily taken out and beaten to a god-damned bloody pulp.

    Fuck-off -Facebook.

  3. By all means perform community service to fulfill your sense of turning around a bad situation for someone else. But by no means do it to reinforce the sense that the event which happened on 9/11/01 should be commemorated as advertised. One image I cannot get out of my head was the crew of cafeteria women (volunteers?) in hairnets, cheerfully flipping burgers for the workers clearing away evidence at the Pentagon. They were playing to the cameras like this was Pearl Harbor II and we had to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off and go to war immediately.

    Don't for a moment imagine that mere ignorance of physics is stopping the analysis of WTC 7 and the other buildings. Someone I know with a very good degree in physics, however, recently was astounded to discover that when he welded something, he could still hold the metal bar he was working on because the heat transfer was so slow. I cocked my eyebrow in the way that I do when I am saying "Only connect!" about the rationale of the towers. He doesn't want to know the truth - many do not - because they might have to act and this might - yes - cost them their lives their property and require a pledge of their sacred honor. Rather keep mum and dumb. It is that shame rather than the initial attack which I have carried with me since the attacks - shame that our great men say and do nothing.

  4. ....here is the problem.....the people who arranged for 7/7 & 9/11 to happen are not playing around...if we think we are ahead of them in reacting/responding to 9/11, they have already moved off to the next phase of their operation,...and we are behind....it is critical to keep pointing out the lies and BS, especially from that day....but we really need to be thinking about the "end game" of those involved and try to get ahead of their plans.....or,..do you think the criminals who brought those buildings down, killed all those people and started multiple major wars..have no end game objective? We should look back, and with the end of a hangman's noose to guide our way....but we had better start to look ahead and cut off these people's ability to control and destroy...or all the 9/11 investigations in the world won't mean a thing.....just sayin...

  5. "....here is the problem.....the people who arranged for 7/7 & 9/11 to happen are not playing around...if we think we are ahead of them in reacting/responding to 9/11, they have already moved off to the next phase of their operation,...and we are behind...."

    No shit, Einstein. They have the profit motive and the force of law behind their swindling intentions. They ignore your like a mosquito.

    That's the reason it's okay to shoot and NEVER ask questions. Drop the altruism.

    What you want is to skin the cat. There's plenty of ways to do it.

    But in the end, they all boil down to one thing.

    Shoot the motherfuckers -dead.

    And don't make any excuses for it. Just level the playing field. Believe me, they'd shoot you dead -if they thought YOU were anywhere near the threat they are.

  6. Great points - I agree. Working for nothing - bad idea. I'm not against altruism - not one bit - but that is a personal thing.

    As usual we are hearing the double standard logic of the "representatives" - who tell us on the one hand that the "free market" is our friend - but not when they are the ones that are supposed to tighten their belts - as they always ask us to.

    I disagree with fuck facebook - facebook is big big big - and anyone helping get the message out with facebook - all I can say is "thanks" - we need all the help we can get.


  7. Hey...well....thanks for the Einstien comparison
    ...very nice compliment.....but it doesn't take the dead physics guy to understand the evil that lurks through our government...I worked for US DoD for over 20 years and worked in about a dozen countries around the world...and, for 20 of those years I was a"federally protected whistleblower" which has to be one of the funniest designations in the world....oh,..by the way....Einstien would have declared constitutional America dead at about 47 years ago...or did we forget that a group of men who wanted the US to be a different kind of place blew the brains out of our sitting president, and the best we Americans can do is watch the eternal fucking flame on his grave.....so if the idiot above was trying to insult me with his comment....it is a little too late in my life to even care ...well, to care too much

  8. "...well, to care too much "

    You sure did a great job straightening out the country Mister Twenty-Year Whistleblower.

    Blow harder. Blow their fucking brains out next time.

    It's people like you who think there is a civil solution, -that are most of the problem.

    Civil solutions and altruism are for sissies with their lunch-money stolen, and their pants pulled down, ripped-off and then stolen.

    Now, what the fuck are you gonna do? Die happy?

    You asshole. You ought to volunteer to teach kids how to be good citizens. LOL.

    A god-damned whistleblower amongst us.

    Who'da thunk it? I bet you were a good soldier.

    Frag the fucker.

  9. ..gee,..are you a damaged vet that has just returned from Iraq or something? Perhaps you are off your meds?...Or were they not working for you to begin with? You have an awful lot of anger in you son. Perhaps a day at the doctor's, or a few weeks in a sunny, bright place with loads of Prozac my be of help to you...

    On the other hand, well I am fairly comfortable with my efforts over the last 20+ years to point out systemic corruption and fraud, waste and abuse...billions of dollars of theft and fraud.
    I have won legal cases against DoD under the WBPA, and have done so without an attorney...in fact, I built a career that took me aboard Air Force One, to the top of Mt. Fuji and many other really challenging places. I was paid at the grade of a Lt. Col., investigated wrong-doing and as much idiocy as one soul can attempt....all without ever going to college or being formally educated....I'm pretty good with that....how about you? Other than engaging in violent, verbal masturbation....could you tell all of us what glory filled actions you've been involved with to help save the country and it's original values?



    p.s.- I also wrote and published a book (Webster Groves) and have already had my "disgruntled citizen" interview with the FBI...so you see, I can walk and talk both sides of the issue....how
    about you son?

  10. O'Guillory-

    Ah yes! You've shown the world you have intellect that borders on hard-nosed-genius, experiences that borders on Lawrence-of-Arabia, and nuts the-size-of-cannonballs... blah, blah, blah---

    But -are you satisfied with what you're leaving for the future?

    Is there NOTHING you would change?

    Is there no one whose face you wouldn't pound in deadly-concave -if you could go back a some years?

    If not, you're just a fucking slacker-coward-parasite.

    I think you missed the boat. I think you massively missed the boat on that account, O'Guillory-.

    BY THAT MEASURE -I think you're just another immoral pretender who hasn't taken the time to find out about his moral responsibilities in this world, -before marching off to so many god-damned wars -of your own imagination- and that of the recruitment office you stepped into. LOL, Jackass.

    You were in the military, and you think you've straightened-out the military to some degree.

    All you scumbag-military-boys are all the same, out to prove you're some kind of fucking genius.

    Well, O'Guillory- I'm not genius. And I say you're just some kind of fucking asshole looking for someone to tell you you did it right. LOL. You and a hundred million other fucking enlisted-assholes!

    If there was an ounce of value in the American military, the Kenya-Obama-Soetoro-the-CIA-Man-the-Heroin-King -would be -OUT-

    And some general would be running things like a true-blue Stalin, mopping up the mess with the corpses of all the bureaucrats and all the financial men.

    You tell me, O'Guillory- Did you do it right?

    Or did you just play along with the game as far as it took you?

    Parasite. You wrote a book, did you? I know nobody read it. You see, O'Guillory- No one read your book, because you were played for a common dupe.

    Now, O'Guillory, is that genius?

    I'd like volunteers.

    Please take one step forward!


  11. ....again, son...you should take a moment in life to study what goes on around you, and to work on being less driven by the mamalian section of your brain...it would help you to make better sense...if you are capable..oh, again...BTW...I was never in the military,..couldn't if you'd paid me....I'd be in the stockade most of the time....you simply presume I was in the military because, well,..you are a very angry man,...and, because you operate out of a parental ego state that causes you to look to blame others,...mostly to hide your own ...failures , so to speak...So, I did not hear anything in your response as to what you have doneto move the country forward? Did I miss that?....or did you?...So to answer your question,...did I do it right? ...yeah, mostly I did.....three grown adult kids who are emplyed and doing fine, one is a very good guitarist getting ready to break out in San Fran...has already been given studio time at the age of 19....great pension, lifetime medical, lifetime tax free retail purchase....and I never took a dime of tax payer money....in 20 + years....so dipshit with the faux violent streak,...you have no idea how the world or power work....study a bit more, then you may be able to open your mouth witout sounding like a playground bully from sixth grade.



    p.s.- also found out at 49 that I had suffered from genetic epilepsy my whole life, then I drove off a mountain cliff at 80mph...lived through abroken back, neck , ribs & tailbone...with 19 staples in my head....shit, I was smarter than you before my accident and only 1/4 of my brain ever functioned correctly...sad for you...

  12. Hi Jackrabbit....thanks for asking..It is titled:
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family Living in the Perfect American Suburb.

    Short of it--

    -Webster Groves is a suburb outside of St. Louis.

    -1968, CBS NEWS comes to town, Dan Rather, Walter and all...declaing WG as the perfect American suburb...they do an hour long docmentary called 16 in Webster Groves, detailing what it is like to grow up in the "six sqaure miles of the American Dream".

    -CBS NEWS airs an hour long, national docmentary about WG.

    - CBS NEWS comes back 10 years later and re-visits WG, producing another documentary.

    - I grew up in WG, and my father was a six-foot-nine-inch, 350 pound, racist, corrupt St. Lois Cop,....my Mom embezzeled thousands from the police department ticket fnd,...my brother had to give up being a cop because of some counterfeiting thing....

    - I released it in June 09, but my illness and accident have slowed me down....first book signing next week and I have a series of NPR interviews being set up by my editor...

    - The book is on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.



  13. I've got one book to read now, will check it out

  14. Well O'G lemme know if you will be in Virginia - or one of the surrounding areas - see if i can get some time off slopping the hogs to come to a book-signing'

  15. I just went back and read the comments - you guys had me rolling. Need a good laugh once in a while - thanks.


  16. ...and this seemed like such a nice place to visit!!!....and on the book....I know I'm not the Mark Twain of my generation...but when you can tell stories as strange as my childhood, it actually comes out pretty funny...this is the first edition of the Webster Groves and there are some small errors in it...(I refer to Ann Margret v. Lee Remick)..after all, I did go to public school....but for the most part I'm getting good reviews from the folks who have read it (Amazon)..and we know of some movie industry folks who have copies of the work as well...so my wife and I are hopeful....



    p.s.- if you buy and read the book, I'd appreciate an objective review on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.....on the other hand, if the violent smurf who keeps verbally assaulting me reads it, I'm sure he'd have a different perspective on life...

  17. O'Guillory-

    Send me a copy.

    Don Robertson
    34 Main Street Apt 2
    Limestone, Maine 04750

    I'm not only the violent Smurf, I'm also a reader, rare as they are.

  18. Mr. Robertson-

    In light of your sincere efforts to educate me on the "how to win friends and influence people" technique of communication, I'll certainly consider sending you a free copy of my memoir.

    Have a reasonable day,...I look forward to a review...



  19. I get so sick and tired of these condescending pussy-assed soldier boys who took it up the ass from their COs for years, only to respond when pressed, "Yes SIR! I like it."

    Step up here -like a man- soldier. When I get your book, YOU'LL GET A REVIEW.

    Here's the deal.

    I say -AS THE MOST IMPORTANT MORAL PHILOSOPHER ALIVE TODAY- any self-respecting human being who has had their son or daughter, their friends, relatives or acquaintances stricken with the plague of Perdue Pharma's Oxycontin, or any number of the pharmaceutical industry's many addictive, poisonous, death potions AND DOESN'T start killing everyone involved in any way with this sort of common public menace, whether doctors, pharmacology-men, salesmen, judges or lawyers who defend the right of these creeps to do what they do, or the Wall Street pitch-men who sell their stocks and bonds, WELL FUCK THEM.



  20. I think you may be a government plant,...trying to get someone to agree with you....or at least worked up as much as you....if the FBI are still monitoring my communications,....(well, hi!) but, really...I have nothing in common with the angry smurf here, and I'd appreciate it if you'd mark that down in my file or something....gee, I hope this guy likes The Discovery Channel....how about this,..se a doctor and get treated for Cognitive Disonnence (?)....that thing that happens to you when you know things are all fucked,...but you just can't do a thing about it...maybe that will help...



    p.s.- you want to know the funny thing about all your anger at me early in the thread?....guess what I really did for a living with DoD...? Everything I said is true, all the places, Croatia, Hungary, Japan etc., but...my job desription was that of a Burger King Manager !!!
    ......Ha, all of your military, elitist presumptions kind of fall apart in the face of that...huh? I spent almost thirty years teaching people how to manage some of the highest volume Burger Kings, McDonalds, Taco Bells, Popeye Chicken restaurants in the world...$400,000.00+ a month...so really, try to get to anger management this week or something....and if you are working for the feds as a violent mole trying to stir up shit,..geez, could you practice
    a bit first.....

  21. Your Burger King years were spent serving killers, killers and worthless slugs. There's nothing wrong with serving killers, though I expect you helped make a good many of them fat and problematic in the healthy heart department.

    There are species liberation groups who would paint you in a horrible light. I'm not one of those, not for that reason anyway.

    Eat what you want. I went vegetarian a while back, but only for health reasons.

    If you send me your book, (and I am impressed your would condescend to do so) and IF it plays well, -I'll continue with your education, and do my best to humor you while you swim in your ignorance.

    Life is short, O'Guillory. You do realize that, do you not?

    Mind you, O'Guillory, you're not coming highly recommended as a former military Burger King chief, -though I expect your willingness to learn (if not your ability to keep your mouth shut and actually learn something) comes almost unequaled.

    Such is the temperament of soldiers who grow up with the typical inferiority complex of a soldier.

    You were bright enough, O'Guillory. So give it up. Genius is -bullshit- anyway.

    Look at me! I'm no genius. And I made the most important discovery -in the entire history of human discovery.

    I just got lucky.

    I like your willingness to discuss matters -that is all. The moment you step out of line, I'll drop this conversation.

    No. I am no mole. The government doesn't contact me about anything, -generally.

    Besides -I am the most important moral philosopher -EVER.

    Immanuel Kant wouldn't be fit to carry my luggage.

    Christ was but a primitive tribal bigot willing to war with his own kind. He was put death at a very young age at the insistence of the followers of Moses, (-another such bigot-) and likely fittingly so, -if either even existed beyond being made-up by a bunch of perverted sickos who saw visions of gods and chariots of fire! Ha.

    And the Buddha? Don't make me laugh in two ways.

    O'Guillory, -send the book. I AM a reader.

  22. Well,...gosh...how could I refuse such an offer?If only I'd understood the real truth about Buddha, Christ and your own existence, my life would have taken a completely different course....I'll work on getting a book to you...but since I dont control my own transportation these days,...don't look for the rush mailing.....and I don't care if you quit writing here, but really....I don't need another visit from the FBI right now....so take a valium or something.....or think of our national dismantling as a spectator sport and just watch it disolve before our very eyes....

  23. O'Guillory, the FBI is a bunch of pussies, -mostly fagot-sissies with their underwear tied in a tight knot. Huh? -boys. Todd Rundgren ain't got nothing on the FBI.

    And, O'Guillory, your life -in this infinitely complex reality- takes an entirely different course depending on little things -like what you ate last night -that gave you indigestion and nightmares -reshaping your imminent personal reality today. Anything I might present for your consumption is simply mind fare.

    Don't think for a second any of us is in the driver's seat. LOL. There is no driver's seat on this bus.

    We're fortunate enough just to be able to adequately describe for each other some of the sights we see along the way, before -poof- and it's all over for us, and the next party goers have at what we didn't ruin before their existence began.

    I'll wait for the book. I'm patient.

    In the mean time, if the FBI shows up? You just go ahead and tell them about the Anthrax, okay?


  24. Geez, you guys keep me comin' back.

    Yeah - I wouldn't mind a copy of your book O'Guillory - but since I am operating in reduced cash-flow mode right now - maybe I could set up a trade with you if you wanted a copy of my WTC7 book.

    It is cheaply produced but has a fun-factor.

    send me an email at jacks21rabbit@yahoo.com if interested.



    so what , Don and O'Guillory do you guys agree on?

  25. JR-

    We both agree, the Rise of the American Stalin is likely the only thing that can save the nation, and the world.



  26. ...now..that is not very nice.....please do not use my name, or associate me with your strange belief system.....or make it appear that your comments are mine.....in fact, if their is some kind of monitoring on this site, the previous comment regarding an American Stalin is not mine, and has been malicously placed there by someone incapable of articulating himself in any sensical manner, so he is now trying to discredit me....

    dude, your life must be a fairly empty, hollow existense if all you have to do is imitate me....now, who thinks they are Einstein??? I bet you don't even see the paradox....


    (The Real One)

  27. Sorry, O'Guillory- it was a low blow, but meant to humor and keep your attention. JR is busting his nuts in a day job right now, and it's likely you and me bantering on here interminably until he finds a free moment.

    I know your type. You think you know who Einstein was, and Stalin too. You also think the FBI knows who you are.

    The FBI knows who you are, if you have lots of money they think they can lay their hands on -is all. There's a depression going on, ya know. LOL.

    I write philosophy. I can show you -you don't even know what one and one means in this reality, -let alone anything sure about a couple of dead scoundrels who were born -not in the last century, but the one before that.

    Can you imagine an understanding of reality without cause and effect? Well, O'Guillory, cause and effect are mere mental crutches. There is no cause and effect except in the head of the believer in cause and effect.

    Nothing is THAT simple in this reality.

    Send out the book. I've been compiling a list of books I've read recently, and yours will have a fitting place of public honor, -as I do not read much contemporary stuff.

    Which reminds me, I just sent JR a review of his latest work, WT7 on 911 - A Flipping Mystery. This one is a huge keeper, (if a little book) -definitely donate-able -and- will be a book of inestimable value in the future, if there is a future for books and people who can read them.

    If you want to get acquainted away from the intense public scrutiny here and ALL the creepy federal people who crawl the cyber walls of An American's Journey, send me a email. It's my name -with no spaces- at live -and- a dot com.

    Then you can stop guessing and malign me with a surer knowledge of your easy and willing target.

    Here's a little piece I wrote today- the first (and currently only) comment.


    Best, -again, sorry. I take full responsibility for the Stalin comment and the sentiment expressed therein.

    O'Guillory (if I read his response right) apparently thinks we do not need an American Stalin.

    Perhaps he would prefer another Dave Thomas?


  28. ...Ray Kroc...dude,...we need the ghost or reincarnation of Ray Kroc for Leader....well, for President if he executed his office constitutionally.....BTW...business and economics are all about emotion...philosophy is only emotion in words, lyrics and thought...it is why a song can drive you to purchase....
    so try some of my philosophy..
    The Burning Bush

    Blistered souls float scattered about,
    adrift on a sea of pain.
    Crimson waves of death crest near,
    as The Decider lies in vain.

    Fear the horde, no, the other horde,
    he plies throughout the land.
    As our children’s children disintegrate,
    perhaps an eye, or yet a hand.

    He says he guards our very lives,
    the existence of civilized man.
    But in the alleys of ancient Baghdad,
    America’s Best wish he’d share his plan.

    Vacant cries of “who could have known?”,
    amidst the pyres of World Trade.
    Lay bare the myth of his compassion,
    “My Pet Goat”, his cowardly shade.

    Proxy war and proxy dead,
    to The Shrub it matters not.
    Provided Dick can exercise Options,
    as long as Haliburton stays red-hot.

    Treasure bled in flesh and gold,
    across dunes of soulless oil.
    Simmering cauldrons of historic hate,
    churned to a gently rolling boil.

    The Burning Bush admits no errors,
    nor the ditch into which we’ve steered.
    Back into the breach he madly proclaims,
    after all, “you volunteered”


    A Time in Life

    You're at a time in your life,
    where you walk a thin, high wire.
    Like being caught in a blaze,
    without being touched by the fire.

    It’s a time to live, laugh and love,
    a time to be free and run.
    Without worrying what the future brings,
    or what your past has done.

    Yes you've come of age and spread you wings,
    and now you want to soar.
    But high above your everyday fun,
    lay realities deafening roar.

    For a free-flying soul, it’s an intangible sound
    which can cut you in mid-flight.
    And send your body crashing down,
    alone in the cold, dark night.

    Be true to your spirit, to hell with tomorrow,
    because you're worried about today.
    You can laugh and smile, and spit in his eye,
    when the Reaper comes your way.

    But in the end the Reaper always wins,
    and you won’t know who to call.
    That's the time to remember me,
    because I'll be there to break your fall.


    Search the Darkness

    Standing silent, on the edge of life,
    alone amongst the crowd.
    As laughter lays against my soul,
    and the terror screams out loud.

    Ride the banshee of loss and despair,
    briskly into the cold, dark rain.
    Let loose the reins of the beast of Hell,
    ride firmly into the pain.

    Search the heavens quick and fast,
    uncover the depths of Hell.
    Prepare to ride, accept the costs,
    for it’s yourself you will have to tell.

    Stories lost, old tales left behind,
    from a record you’re afraid to start.
    In a library mixed with pain and fear,
    in a volume called your heart.

    Your soul screams out, an endless cry,
    from the quiet darkness it calls.
    “Come to me, end this journey,
    for in life you have seen it all.”

    But in our journey of life on earth,
    false prophets trade in soiled goods.
    The pain and horrors of the journey we take,
    need merely to be understood.


    I'll work on my philosphic outlook....but thanks for owning the Stalin thing..



  29. I just breezed through the conversation - need to read in detail - the exchange is everything.

    Hey Don - where the fuck is the book review - I can't find it - but haven't had a chance to check emails or anything between "chores" -

    O'Guillory - what about a book trade? I admit not having checked the jackrabbit account since I've got so many email accounts going and have to show up for work now - but a trade would be fun.

    Don I haven't read your book - I'm trying to get the farm operation on "an even keel" - they need stuff taken care of that I do - and these things have had zero attention - mainly respect for fucking vehicles - among other technical things.

    I hafta do some surfing

    Thanks you guys for being here.


  30. ...okay, so here is the deal....I'm doing my first signing coming up here....I have no idea how the work will sell during the signing,
    .....and we have a store in Haight & Ashbury (San Fran) who want us to do a signing...so after I get a handle on my needs, it would be great to send you guys a copy....e-mail me at O'Guillory@yahoo.com and give me your e-mail so I can get back with you...



    p.s.- Webster Groves is available on Kindle if you prefer it in that format...and I think it's only like $7.00..?( Gosh, always trying to sell shit, you know....geez...)

  31. Your email address is failing, O'Guillory.

  32. try this one





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