Watching the Lightweights

Since I'm no longer working as an engineer, but as a farm-hand, it's been a great opportunity to get re-acquainted with reality.  You know - real people - the ones that don't wear suits and don't work for our NAZI government.

I was in the basement last night, checking on some peach wine - is it time to take it out of the primary and siphon into the secondary with an air-lock?

The silence in the basement - that is - until I open the windows to the cricket-cicada melody - is a bit boring.  So I have a radio with NPR (National Public Radio) going all the time.

The crickets win.  NPR - what the fuck is this drivel?  Why is everyone on NPR speaking with an English accent?  I thought we threw those motherfuckers out of my  country back in the 1700's.  Apparently they're back.

Although obvious to me - the fakery that is the media in the US is blatantly and unashamedly "New World Order" appoved.  It is nothing more than a bunch of clap-trap know-it-alls who know nothing blabbing about high-brow shit I don't care about.  You know - like what the price of Earl Grey tea is in South Africa.  And why "nation-building" whatever that is has not shown a profit - but a horrible horrible loss to the citizens of America.

I don't want to hear one word out of the UN.  They suck.  Big time.  They are a bunch of anti-American anti-Constitutional collectivists who wouldn't know Liberty if she walked up and shook their hand.

The fantasy is that they care about us.  They really do.  But nobody knows who "they" are since they are never here when you need help.  They are writing laws to take away our right to bear arms - the only real connection with liberty any free population will ever have.  We won't get into whether or not you pussy Americans have the guts to exercise that right.  I doubt you will - there must be a football game on TV somewhere.

Excuse me for my impatience - but I'm not in the mood for Americans these days.  Not the Americans of the present.  The one's who don't know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America...and to the DEMOCRACY...for which it stands..."

Are you getting the picture or are you one of the few, the proud, the thinkers who know that it is:

"...to the REPUBLIC... for which it stands."

My fellow Americans - we are being robbed badly.  By international bankers via the Federal Reserve - enforced via the IRS.

We are financing a military that is draining our Treasury - that means everything you, me, you father, grandfather, grandmother, mother and son and grandkids and everyone you have every known or  could have know has ever worked for.  You will give up everything you own.

For.......security.....so a dead man.....bin Laden.....won't hurt you.

Yeah - Americans are really a pathetic lot.  Kinda' makes me ashamed - but not really - since I am not that fucking stupid.

Anyway - get ready to vote in another rigged election.  The corporate media is still a joke - lying and lying and lying while you lap it up.  The question is:  Will you, as an American, ever graduate from the high school mentality of the pep-rally , the fraud, the "my kid is a pilot in the Navy" without realizing what your kid will be doing - that is - dropping bombs on families?

Go back to sleep.  Sleep.  Real easy like.  That's the way.... just ....go....to ....sleep....while we rob you fucking blind you goddam idiot.  



Your friends at the Pentagon and AIPAC

You are dumber than dogshit!  Gimme more money stupid!


  1. Guns? Bombs are what we all need. Guns are for shootin' rabbits. If you want to blow-up something important, bombs are what is required.

    Bombs, or a little phosphorus thrown onto the roof -awaiting the next good rain.

    Jury nullification is the way to go. Make it legal by a jury-nullification-trend to shoot the bastards.

    I think they cut a deal with Blagojevich. Keep your mouth shut about Obama, and we'll let you off the hook, Roddy ol' boy.

    That fagot Patty Fitzpatrick is a scumball that way...

  2. I'll tell you what I found "frightening" - some gangs got mad at the cops supporting the NWO out in Calif - all they did was switch some pipes around and fill the building the "bad guys" were in with propane gas.

    OMFG can you imagine the matchsticks after that mess?

    Yeah - bombs are definitely more effective than bullets - the Luftwaffe knew that when they burned Rotterdam

    NAZIs aren't stupid - they are diabolical. And anti-constitutioal. That'll never change for sure.

    But who are the NAZIs? Maybe the Dutch should have just used "non-violence" and kindly asked the jack-booted thugs to leave?

    Yeah - that would have worked. I wonder if they tried it?

  3. While it's encouraging to find someone who echos my own sentiments - almost word for word - it is more discouraging to realize how many deaf ears those words will fall upon.

    We're on the top floor of the Twin Towers and it's too late to reach the exit. I hope we can rebuild America when the dust settles.

  4. "We're on the top floor of the Twin Towers and it's too late to reach the exit. I hope we can rebuild America when the dust settles."

    Why? So the government can again trash it?

    Fuck rebuilding the country. Rebuild yourself or die.

    Buy a gun, build a few bombs, and use them.

    Moats are useless unless you are a good marksman who can pick off the waders.

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