Can violence be "kosher" ?

Somebody said:

"Anything other than "WHAT?," rabbit?
Is non-religious violence kosher?"

JR says:

I cannot comment on something being "kosher" or not since I don't know what specifications must be met for something to be "kosher" - or the pecking order of the various governing bodies that claim authority to proclaim whether or not something is kosher.

I suppose the best way to answer your question is to direct you to the lessons of history - for example:

1. Would George Washington use violence to defy an oppressive government?
2. Would Thomas Jefferson approve of watering the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants?
3. Did the Russians use violence to stop the NAZIs who attempted to enslave them?
4. Was Spartacus justified in leading a slave revolt against brutal Roman subjugation?
5. Were the French people justified in their actions during the French Revolution since they were expected to "eat cake" that didn't exist?

Finally this is a question for you:

If it required violence - on your part - would you actually use violence against someone intent on stuffing you into a gas chamber?

Well now - let's hear how you would have fixed those problems peacefully my friend.

I have to call it as I see it - and it looks to me like some are making peaceful change impossible - 

The question is - was JFK right when he said when peaceful change is impossible violent revolution is inevitable?

He took a bullet for us. He spoke the truth. A cabal used violence to rob the American population of their president. 

Seems a bit of a double standard to me. 

Please - help me clear up my thinking.

Jack Rabbit


  1. "He took a bullet for us."

    The Christ imagery is unmistakable, and absolutely nauseating.

    He didn't take no fucking bullet for me. I'd like to claim -having delivered it.

    I rather think -like the stupid Polish Pope, JFK took a bullet for his aspiration to be something more than he really was, -immortal -a god -superhuman... Who can know? Why should anyone care?

    The unfailing folly, is that some continue to believe in him and the lies surrounding his phony commemoration.

    If they shot Obama right now, history would point him as a saint too. Bull-fucking-shit.

    The man was a dog stricken with Mange. The man was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth and strung-out on Barbiturates his entire adult life. He was summarily unfit for the office he held.

    I don't believe in any of these asshole pretenders, regardless the votes they get, or the press they receive.

    Like all presidents, JFK was just a politician.

    The Popes are all just religious leaders.

    Their shit stank, and the gas they let loose with -their entire life -emptied rooms, or made rooms that -should have emptied.

    These people are ALL born liars. They play dress-up. These people are little more than great pretenders.

    And the people who follow these great pretenders -are all simpletons -polluting the earth with their commemorative-tripe and mental-trash.

    Life -my dear friend- is too-fucking-short to give these assholes a second thought. Good riddance!

    There isn't a Kennedy in the world who should draw a second glance, and certainly not this hump-your-leg, flea-bitten, mangy, mutt-dog JFK.

    That's my best take on the deal.

    I remember well the day he was shot, well.

    Since that time, I have learned enough about this liar, to know he was not at all what his worshipers portray him as.

  2. Presidents do stuff like this all the time. This just happened to be right in our own backyard.


    Fuck these assholes, one and all.

  3. ... as usual - the questions I pose are ignored and beclouding nonsense is the response.

    Exactly as expected.

    By the way - I'm not hearing anything revealing a grasp of history - mainstream or fringe. Just anger and bullshit.

    Looks like my detractors don't have the juice to argue.

    Also as expected.


  4. "Christ imagery" ?????

    Fuck Christ. Fuck you.

    Wrong on that count too.

    ... hey I think that rhymes... has a nice sound to it...


  5. "Anything other than "WHAT?," rabbit?
    Is non-religious violence kosher?"

    well i do still believe since they do promote anti-violence and they are stick to their religion rules and policy. This just my opinion.

  6. kosher new york,

    ...and I respect your beliefs. I feel it is my duty, and consistent with what I claim to stand for - to challenge those beliefs - and my own as well.

    I DO change my stance when argument (I use the word "argument" meaning a hearty no-holds-barred-debate) convinces me that my previously-held position meets one more consistent with reality.

    I know I throw some hot-headed stuff out there - I suppose I've developed a thick skin as a blogger. Sometimes I forget that I'm debating folks who are not at that point.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your opinions - that is what this blog is all about. You are one of the few passionate enough - who actually care - to put a challenge up there.

    Please don't ever stop.


  7. The word "kosher" was just a metaphor for "approved" -"halal", "cool", "okay" etc.
    Is violence acceptable, ethical, moral, righteous, hunky-dory, demonstrably necessary, etc?

    You knew that already, rabbit.

    I suppose I should thank you for writing an entire blog post in reply to my question, but I find it very difficult to answer directly, given that I wasn't raised under that tree of blood that you ask me about.

    I am an Australian: a "subject" of Queen Lizzy of England. We stole our land here from the ab-originals too, like you folks did, but we did not go through all that war for independence crap.
    When we had a referendum here to divorce ourselves more completely from the English monarchy and become a "republic", there were more people in England who supported the move than there were here in Australia! The bloodless referendum failed (the proposal was badly framed, in fact), and we still have a queen.

    It might be worth noting that we don't do much patriotic flag-waving or religiosity here on this patch of dirt, despite much social-engineering invested over the past 10 years to duplicate the American Way.
    Our current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is an atheist.

    So let me address your questions indirectly with some counter-questions:

    1. Would George Washington use violence to give birth to a new oppressive government?

    2. Would Thomas Jefferson approve of watering the tree of "liberty" (a nation with the highest incarceration rate one earth) with the blood of Iraqis?

    3. Did the Russians use violence to put millions of Russian peasants to death?

    4. Do the good victors always leave history with a justification for their glorious violence over bad people?

    5. Was life better during the "Reign of Terror" by the French lawyer Robespierre, and is there any evidence at all that Antoinette said "let them eat cake"?

    I wish that instead of focusing on my disapproval of violence, you had noted instead the cutter charge detonating so clearly on a perimeter column at WTC, included in my same post to which you replied.

    thanks anyhow,

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