Thoughts On Taking Back The Country From The Miscreants

A lot of very bright people are expending a lot of time and effort proclaiming the need to take the country back, -from the crooks and the lying-thieves. Just to be right up front with where I stand, -I'm much-more for an extended period of murder-and-mayhem -than I am for electing a gaggle of goon-brained reformers.

The problem is, crooks-and-lying-thieves -is what the brightest among us -do best. These are human beings we are talking about.

Sure, sure... I know we have all heard the story of the fella -who occasionally finds tens-of-thousands-of-dollars-CASH lying in the street in a brown-paper-bag, only to waste his good fortune -by finding the bone-headed-owner of said lost property, and giving it back. But is this the sort of fella we want in Congress? OMFG no! Can you imagine how many people would line up at his door to list what they had lost? Oh my soul! Lord have mercy on us all -if we elect reformers.

This whole notion that voting should yield able, competent and somewhat honest politicians, is wafting through the air like the smell of so-much mental excrement. It ain't so. The guys who sold us this concept, should have been shot-dead when the chance availed itself. But it is too late now. The cat is out of the bag. You know the cat is out of the bag -because he just vomited all over your new bedspread.

The truth is, the country runs best with a split in the government. Whoever is in the White House should not have control of Congress. Someone has to watch the chickens getting-stolen, and be willing to squawk about it when it happens -without fear of losing their Congressional and district perks.

These reformers who are crawling out of the woodwork right now -to run for office, -they are politicians- if generally inept politicians who need what they think of as a really-big-pile-of-payola -put in front of them- before they bow-and-bend to their own personal new-found appreciation for hypocrisy. God Bless America.

The pockets of those who subvert the government are deep enough to weather the storm. They always do.

NO. No. No!

Forget about what the reformers stand for. It is mostly a lie, or bullshit in more commonly-colloquial political-parlance.

Vote out the incumbents. Get rid of John McCain and Barnie Frank. Get rid of anyone like Harry Reid. That's the American way.

And if there is any way -you can think of - something that might require calling a special election to fill the seat of some incumbent who isn't up for election this year, go ahead. Say a -Hail Mary- and pull the pin on that thing -and throw it at them with my blessings.

Good riddance to the incumbents!

Don Robertson

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  1. I wonder: What exactly is the procedure for "tar-and-feathering?"

    I've heard the term, but exactly how is it done? What kind of tar? What kind of feathers? How are the components applied?



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