What Barack Obama and you need to do:

What you need to do is be a dissenter. How? Any way you can. That gives the good guys in our government the feedback they need to gauge public support for things they need to do on our behalf, and want to do on our behalf, but are afraid to do because of the consequences. We've already talked about Sibel Edmonds' testimony regarding blackmail of our elected officials, see links left side of this page. Anyway - there's a good reason to speak up - and I can't think of a better one if you are looking for results.

Barack - here's what you need to do. You need to get us out of these stupid-ass wars - like.....uhhhh - RIGHT NOW! Hey - who the hell is Jackass Rabbit to give the great Obamatron advice? I'll tell you who - an average citizen who can get a handle on the facts and has a memory longer than 3 days into the Corporate-fake news cycle. Oh yeah -you can get the rest of your to-do list by watching your old campaign speeches.

But if I were Obama - or anyone holding office in the U.S. government - perhaps I would be afraid too...but if the sh*t has to hit the fan - how about right now? As FDR said - "If not us who? and if not now when?" But geez' - why should Obama act boldly when he doesn't have enough vocal support from the masses? How does he know that when he stops the Afghanistan war the public will support him throughout the media smear that is sure to follow? Why should Barack Obama stop the Iraq war and put a REAL peaceful re-build plan together to really give that country back to the people? Is it too late for that? I guess we'll have to find out. But will the public support him after he actually stops the war? I don't know - I'd say once he started doing what we all wanted - there would be no power in the universe that could stop him politically.

But when the dissent in the country is unseen on television, and Americans don't speak freely to each other because they've been so severely divided by skillful propagandist's marketing prowess - in there is no sign for our elected officials - prez, sen., or rep. - any of them do what we thought we sent them to Washington for - then they will have to bow to the powers that now control them while the vacuum of public dissent persists.


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