So far the best P-51 strafing footage I've seen...Color vid

This footage is notable: This site has some really amazing stuff I think you will enjoy if you are a history or military buff.

The destructive power of the P-51 is something I'd not want unleashed on me.
CLICK here for THE LAST BOMB - Color WWII film shows P-51 and B-29 action

Did you know?
" Chuck Yeager, flying a P-51D, was one of the first American pilots to shoot down a Me 262 when he surprised it during its landing approach. " here
Not impressed? Look what the Me 262 was if you aren't up to speed on the details:
CLICK here for top ten fighters vid

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  1. Yes, I've seen this. Usually the 262s would have G-14s and Doras flying top cover for them while they take off and land, but not that day. Yeager was lucky though, under more ideal circumstances he wouldn't have stood a chance. Mustangs were impressive, though not quite as good as Corsairs.
    I've flown 262s in flight simulations, a very stable aircraft with excellent performance and 4 30mm cannons. Bombers would dissolve in front of them.
    My favorite prop aircraft in simulation was the Martin Baker 5. This was an amazing machine that outclassed everything both sides had, crushed at the prototype stage by the death of one of the principals and corporate politics. I routinely shot down Me 262s and Dornier 335s with mine.


  2. Martin Baker 5 - I have got to look that one up. Thanks!


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