Filtering Media

Discernment of Truth and Supporting the Truth-tellers: How? Give this a try before knocking it:

1. Stop believing any media outlet that speaks AGAINST 911 Truth - ignoring it may be necessary in some cases - we can't know everybody's position - but outlets that ridicule 911 Truth, the radio show hosts, television show hosts - whatever - if they are speaking against 911 Truth you can bet they are lying to you. They are soon to be outed - the evidence is overwhelming - other than pre-planted explosives no other sensible explanation for the grass-roots 911 Truth Dust Study Exists. The caper has come back to haunt the perpetrators like a ghost that cannot rest until justice has been served. I don't want to mention names of those I've lost respect for, like National Geographic and Popular Mechanics. Oh - did I just say that? Add Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Neil Boortz, Thom Hartmann, others... just remembered Counterpunch

2. Give a listen or a read, or support media outlets that give 911 Truth a fair representation of their case. See links in left column of this blog.

3. Elect Officials who will give 911 Truth fair representation.

4. Stop all support for anyone asking you to surrender your rights.

5. Start treating your elected officials like the servants they are and force them to do their jobs.

6. Realize that as a citizen, you are ultimately responsible for your governments actions - so are also ultimately responsible if your government is robbing you and you don't stop them from robbing you.

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