WRH radio show today with guest Marc Weber

I heard on the WRH radio show today that Iran has no nuclear reactor. Why haven't I heard that on any other news outlet?

Admittedly I haven't been paying any attention to the corporate TV, corporate internet, or corporate owned radio propaganda fed to me be the masters of mental contortion.

"What does it take to make the American people angry?" asks Mike Rivero - creator of What Really Happened dot com.

Marc Weber uses former Soviet Union as example of the avalanche effect that occurs once the people start seeing the contradictions in their media vs. what is really happening - the effect is that the population rejects everything they are told due to their abandonment of trust of their media. Violation of Trust is a term Marc uses.

Mike makes a point that this distrust of government can be dangerous to the society - because when the government needs to do something with the cooperation of the citizenry - nobody will do it because their leadership has so deeply betrayed their sacred trust.

Second hour coming up. If I can't listen in there is a podcast you can get via Itunes and other media.

Mike mentions that Rush et al are part of the dividers out there whose job is to keep us at each others throats. But Mike says his visit to a tea party and other reasons lead him to conclude that Americans are uniting.

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