Ford F-150 spark plug replacement vid part 1 of 4

UPDATE NOVEMBER 18, 2009 Read this person's account of plug blowouts:
" I then called back again after further research and let customer service know what I had found regarding this problem on the internet. This time the rep told me that they had a few blowout problems but at this time thye were few and Ford has no reason to recall or repair the "select" few that have failed. My next call was after even more research and talking to a Ford Engineer..."

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  1. Thanks. That was enough for me to know that I don't want to try it myself. What happened to vehicles with the spark plugs right on top where you can change them easily?!?

  2. Yeah I agree - that's why the inline six-cylinder engine seems to keep popping up in my vehicles. My personal rec: Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo six cylinder (second generation) - there is a link in the "Enlightenment" section of this blog to a purely amazing Jeep Grand site that I use to do all my own work. Hope it helps.


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