The Art of Strategic Counterintelligence

From the article:
"In order to perform illusions greater than a sleight of hand, the magician often uses a cloak. The creation of illusions is not magical, or mystical, but is a hint of suggestion, an understanding of human nature, relatively simple technical manipulations, and the fulfillment of carefully planted expectations. Despite this fundamental awareness, one is awed by the magician’s illusions of objects disappearing and appearing."1

Propaganda is for the enemy. Facts and discussion of available evidence via public-serving media is for citizens. Propaganda directed against citizens of America is illegal and undermines the American system.

Top-down control of a populace drugged with propaganda, disinfo, misinfo and other thought-limiting processes is for Kings and Queens to rule their subjects. Bottom-up representation of the people, by the people, and for the people is for United States Citizens and those who like the American system.

The 911 false flag attacks are the epitome of the top-down system and the trouble it can get us into - heck - we are in such trouble right now we can lose our Bill of Rights if we don't "keep it."

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