My Life as a NAZI

Hey, modern America, 2009 - not really so so bad - after all - I can get a cheeseburger with anything I want on it for under ten bucks with a coke too! Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are in operation - gasoline prices aint too bad since it's Fall - heck - once a person gets used to living in debt they can never repay (and might I add, never signed up for) - life is fairly normal. It's changed a bit since the 90's though - now - when the loansharks call they are calling from India. Geez - you would think when India came along we'd import Ghandi - instead we get the sonofabitch that runs 7-11!

Oh well - so what? Just don't answer the phone and keep on pretendin' it'll all be OK in the morning. Yeah I know we are torturing people - I've seen the pictures - I know the politicians are being blackmailed and controlled by agents of foreign governments - but as long as I keep my big mouth shut and do as I'm told everything will blow over.

Damn - but the war in Afghanistan - based on a pack of lies - prompted by a false-flag operation orchestrated at the highest levels of the US government - something about that bothers me. What? How about this month just took over as the deadliest month for service personnel in theater. Ah - hey nobody in my immediate family is in danger so what do I care? So what if the Afghanistan war is now the AFPAK war - which means they've added another COUNTRY to the war - so what? So what if the Congress is supposed to declare war? Hey I'm not in the war, I'm sitting here in front of my fireplace with a laptop computer - nice and cozy. Afghanistan - where's that? Oh - isn't that were Pat Tillman got three rounds in the forehead from an American rifle? Who cares?

I've been reminded often by everyone I know what a pathetic figure I am - sitting here typing on my laptop - trying to get the word out about the confiscation of my rights to fight an undefinable war (War on Terror cannot be defined to my satisfaction) when there are bills to be paid. Shit - Jack Rabbit - how much money are you making on that blog? That's what they ask me. The answer is about 20 cents a month. Yeah - it's worth it right?

Anyway - I guess I'll just have another beer and wait for the next government-led panic attack. The swine flu never scared me because we went through that when I was a kid and it was fake then too. That's the nice thing about re-runs - you know the ending! Jokes on all you young people and panic-stricken soccer moms!

Yeah - anyway - I need to get back to work. I'm getting too goddam old to carry a rifle to the satisfaction of the U.S. military in over 130 nations - so joining up is out. See - the justification for the war isn't of prime importance on the Sean Hannity show - unless "War on Terror" answers all your questions - it just doesn't do much for me since I'm educated.

Oh well, I'll keep you updated on what it's like to be a NAZI - so far it's pretty comfortable outwardly while inwardly I'm so torn I could scream.
UPDATE OCT 27, 2009 READ THIS post - right on target - WAKE UP!
UPDATE OCT 27, 2009 For Soccer moms - don't read what follows - go get an American flag and cover your face with it - look in the mirror - and pretend whatever... see ya' when junior's 18!

...anyway - I wanted to share something with you, my friend, reader, who or whomever you are, where ever you are...
I was talkin' to some Iraq vets - approximately 20 years old - my friend I'd met at a bar - related to me that so-and-so (he pointed to a member of his military group) had "two assholes"...
That's because his original asshole + the other asshole formed by an enemy bullet = two assholes. Get it? It's funny isn't it? Great gallows humor. Also so-and-so (another guy about half my age who's nuts should be in full operation) "has no dick" (shot off) and his girlfriend just left him.
Hey - what a great reward for going to fight for Old Glory huh? No dick when you are twenty something under 25 years of age.

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  1. Tragic! 20 years olds with no dicks! They can take comfort, however, in not being amongst those who will breed more "soldiers" as cannon fodder for zionist wars.

    Cold comfort. Maybe.


  2. um, most of us find our way to these sites due to common political belief, but sir, your comment was out of line. Please stop foaming at the mouth at any chance to attack zionism. Some stories are just shocking, and yes we know why these wars are fought, but to say any sentence with the phrase "take comfort" in relation to a man loosing his genitals in battle is just as gut wrenching as the story itself.

  3. That poor guys girlfriend was obviously not a dildo fan hey!
    To Anon 10.06..... to me its either try and find a laugh amongst the inhuman filth or lying naked in the foetol position sucking our thumbs.

  4. Anonymous above - thank you for taking time to comment - yes - it is tragic - so are the mental injuries that nobody can see - that's a big-time epidemic with consequences for the rest of us to share. One would think that our great leaders who send willing, trusting young people into the crosshairs would make sure it was done for legitimate reasons.

    As far as who did the 911 job - that puzzle is becoming a more focused image with each passing day. As far as Israel and US Govt. complicity - who benefited? And by "who" I don't mean the proletariat.

  5. Yes, Jack, the names of those who profitted from 9-11 are being exposed and conincidentally they are nearly all from the same "tribe."

    The fact that 9-11, the largest crime scene (aside from Hiroshima/Nagasaki and Dresden etc.) was "cleaned up" pronto instead of being thoroughly investigated should suffice to spark suspicion in even the dirtdumb amongst us.

    I'm sure you've observed, Jack, that Israel's occupation and massacre of Palestinians (first they evict them from their homes, now they're tearing down their tents) as well as Israel's arrogance and mendacity confronted by the Goldstone Report (which didn't tell the whole story, but it's better than nothing) is making many people re-evaluate the world's most nauseatingly vociferous historical "victim."

    The former US has rejected the report out of hand. Are Israeli/US bedmates? Much more than that!

    Should you need a laugh in these desperately ugly times Youtube:

    Jean-Marie Bigard's 11 september series

    The old adage goes: One can make people swallow more when they are laughing (something to that effect) and Bigard makes you laugh heartely whilst he puts forth vital questions regarding some of the more outstanding flaws in the official Version.

    He even devotes a section to Silverstein's "pull it" order of WTC 7.

    As for the military...well, I'll say only this: They are a huge part of the problem.

    Thanks again,

  6. I will check that vid out soon - I saw the first two he did - I agree he is effective.

  7. Mentionning the USS Liberty on Bill Moyer's comment section gets one's words "disappeared."

    Myself, and several people signed off with it and "poof" ... gone!

    Bill is such a shameless zionist shill.

    Seen his interview with Judge Goldstone?

    Ugh, painful to watch!

    Best Regards & Remember the USS Liberty folks.


  8. There's a Liberty link in the "enlightenment" section on left of this blog- it's a good one.



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