Lou Dobbs is Guilty of Truth-Telling While White

Lou Dobbs is no racist - he is being bullied by political interest groups. This man presents the case in a fair and unbiased manner - only to get the same smear treatment as all other truth-tellers: a barrage of idiocy from the same buffoon cheerleaders that helped lie us all into these resource wars.

So - this is the treatment truth-tellers can expect? To be harassed and threatened. To have the corporate fake-news label him with the most un-sophisticated and transparent propagandistic techniques? To have shots fired into his home? All I can say is it's too bad he doesn't have a "sporting rifle" handy to answer their next "knock on the door." I wonder if Lou can buy a gun anyway? It's not like his life is being threatened.

Lou says some good stuff in this audio - it's all been going on a long time for those who aren't aware or are still not involved. We are involved in a struggle - a war - yes - for our country - and that means our system of check and balances, our Bill of Rights.

If you are not involved - get involved before it is too late. So what will you do? Are you doing your duty as a citizen - or are you happy with Lou takin' a bullet for you?

Freedom of speech - what does it lean on?

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