Say What you want about Alex Jones - but he nails Big Brother down if you are a traveler - Audio (PCRobert interview at end Excellent)

Good description of Orwell Travel courtesy USA by Alex Jones At the beginning Alex Jones' description of US travel identically matches my own experiences and properly states my identical attitude toward the nanny Orwell-Stalag-Amerika of today.

Also, at the end of the audio clip Paul Craig Roberts speaks with AJ - worth listening to good Q and A. Some paraphrased highlights:

-This year interest rates will go up.
Those whose survival depends upon 0% interest rates will take hit.
Unemployment Increases as result
-16,000 kids in homeless shelters in NYC right now while Goldman Sachs will give out $800,000 bucks to each of its 5500 London staff. Top execs up to 10 Million Pounds.
-Alex asks PCR about Peace Prize Award to Obama - PCR says Orwell's 1984 timing was off - it just took longer for "War is Peace" to become reality in America with the award of the Nobel to a Warmonger. To the guy who started the Pak part of the AFPAK war.
-Alex: Fox News says Obama took 50,000 troops out of Iraq then added contractors instead, code pink endorsing the war - what's going on with this agreement to go into a place no army has ever defeated?

PCR: The worst part is the people over there that are killed (by our actions) . One fifth population in Iraq if you include the dead and displaced resulted from our actions. We seldom kill any of the fighters, we have no right to kill as invaders anyway, but mostly elders and people not in the fight essentially. We are committing a crazed act of murder as occupiers.

Alex: If nobody ever conquered this place why are we there? Opium? 2,300 years of war why why why?

PCR: We are there because of 911, which you and I regard as an inside job...they wanted to invade Iraq - but it was the beginning of a war they could spread ... but now Israeli's have interests there (they have influence), officers in our military get fast upward rise, now they want ten more years which would result in an 18 year-old war - higher pensions, people getting rich...how do you get out, stop - can't claim victory - Obama can't pull out 'cause of the right-wing-crazies - politics of all sorts giving this war momentum may prevent getting out - we will just expire there...

Alex mentions we are in Korea over 50 years and others...
A great interview of PCR:

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