Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism - The CELL---The END of Curious George in America?

This is even dumber than one would expect. Add birdwatchers, architects, shutterbugs, and the generally curious to the endless list of threats. Spy on your neighbors, turn them in, rat them out and cower in fear. That's the American way now as opposed to the American way of the past - where death was preferable to life without liberty.

"Elicitation" , as mentioned in the video, is my favorite out of the list of eight signs of terrorism. I wish I knew what the hell "elicitation" meant. Oh well, I'll forget that and keep my eyes open for someone using cash for "large transactions." Like the robotic woman in the video says - call 911 or the stupid agency mentioned any time you think you see an "operative" - which should be about every fifteen or twenty seconds if you are in a busy place.

Stay scared! Be safe! And don't forget your helmet when you get in the shower! *1

+++++ *1_____I should note I first heard this humorous "helmet in the shower" line on the GGLiddy show years ago. ------Sometimes I wonder about that guy...
UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2009 I watched this again and noticed come of the graphics are exactly identical to one of the dumbest TV shows ever created in the history of the universe: ...and I don't know its name 'cause the TV was on in the room, I was doing comething - came in on the rabbit ears since no cable then - sound was down - but James Caan (spelling?) was in it. Something "Vegas". The shattering glass looks like graphics I've seen in Alex Jones stuff.
UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2009 Leave it up to the government to f up binocular sales

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