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Ah, but it IS THE WAY OUR SYSTEM WORKS!  (ONLY because Congress won't act.)

It is ironic that the only people who do not yet realize that we are living in a dictatorship are the professional liars in the media and the lemmings in Congress.  Poor Webb.  I wonder what it's like being him - just kind of bumbling around talking with a paid omitter in the media about this myth that our government has checks and balances.  One such mythical check is the "power of the purse" - where Congress can take away the dictator's money - but why do that when the merchants of death that got our "representatives" into office in the first place will  be the first to feel the pain?

Our "representatives" are out of excuses - and as the pictures of the death and destruction sown by American arms paid for with my tax money trickle in - it is obvious that we are indeed simply living in a dictatorship.

We can all wake up now to the realization that if Congress cannot stop the Executive on this matter of undeclared and unending and undefinable war chasing ghosts - regardless of which actor presently occupies the Oval Office - regardless of which phony political party/front said dictator has adopted as a cover - we are doomed as a free nation.

The blatancy with which the Executive branch acts without regard to the Constitution, and has acted for many terms demonstrates a true lack of fear of the Congress - and of the people of the United States.  The total disregard for the United States Constitution is out in the open now - a troubling fact becoming impossible even for the formidable Pentagon lie factory to spin.

If Congress, and that means Webb and the rest of them, don't act now - there will be no point to the media debate regarding what needs to be done.  The public will finally realize that they are the final check on the out-of-control U.S. federal government.

Nothing I am saying is news to those of us who have followed our descent into dictatorship.  War now in Libya.  Undeclared and undebated by Congress - but gee willikers - the UN said it's OK.  Talk about stupid.

Once more the bullets fly, the kids die, the missiles flash, the bombs crash, the blood spills, the cash tills... and .........nothing.  Just more war.  Syria and Iran are likely already in the making.  But this is impossible for many a Congressperson to grasp.  Their mental capacity toggles between catering to the rich, pissing away money, deciding how they want their filet cooked, and which wines they haven't yet tried on the wine list.

Since the dictator-handlers know the American public will eventually awaken from their trance one day - it will necessitate yet a new, new  "Pearl Harbor-like Event" - and the cycle of violence can begin again - as Congressional  and the American public herds are stampeded off the next crisis-cliff.  And naturally and as usual - this crisis will REQUIRE that their unalienable rights be smashed to death upon impact.

Yes - it is interesting indeed to watch Webb and the rest of them dawdle while our new World War dawns with the punctuality of a rising sun.  I can only imagine the yet-unwritten list of the dead sure to come on all sides of this conflict.  I doubt any of the names will include the international bankers, arms dealers, or other merchants of death standing ready to profit from the sales of everything from bombs, to bullets to bodybags.  Somehow the grisly nature of the human slaughter business hasn't reached the minds of the masses.  It certainly hasn't done much to move Congress.

Thanks to all in government - Congress especially - for your blindness to reality.  For your sugar-coating of the war industry, and your never-ending "patriotism" and "support" for our troops.

Oh Congress - just remember how easy things could have been had you only acted when there was still time.  If only you'd paid attention to those warning you of the patterns in public affairs - that there really are conspiracies that involve power and control.  If only you'd read a history book and something sank in.

Yes, a Rubicon has been crossed as the dictators of today escape those entrusted to keep them on a short leash.  Let's all hope Congress can collectively realize that the monster is loose -and act -  before it's too late to put the collar back on.

Some in Congress know how dangerous this situation is - who will team up?  Will Webb team up with them?

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  1. The take over of the government by the bankers and war profiteers started with Congress. Other than Ron Paul (maybe) they're all treasonous scum who's heads should be bouncing down the capital steps.

  2. All elected positions in Government must have "term limits" otherwise corruption and crony-ism is the end result. Senators and Congress members need to work on Main Street every few years to be in touch with the real world.


  3. I am not sure I understand why you spend most of the article discussing how inept, worthless, impotent, corrupt, and bought & paid for the congress is and then parade out Ron Paul the Self Proclaimed "Master of the Constitution," and ask if the dim witt Webb will work with him and Kucinich to make things better?

    There are no demands for immediate impeachment. When Kuchiniach was asked about impeachment directly in the very video in which you linked, he immediately backed away and said NO NO I just wanted to talk about the words that are being used, WHILE BOMBS ARE DROPPING IN LYBIA!

    Ron Paul has not yet demanded impeachment for an "executive" that violated his precious constitution-WHY? Why? why?

    Ron Paul and Kucinich are both controlled opposition that keep people buying into the system raise holy hell, but stop shot of doing anything meaningful. How did the fall out for the audit the fed bill go? Zippo-Oh that is surprising, I am shocked.

    When are people going to really wake up and realize that it is just them against the world/nature? When are they going to realize they can not rely on other especially the rich, political/legal/educational class?

    Tracing history back to Atlantis we see the same game being played out by power hungry individuals that acquired immense technology, but lacked the wisdom and spiritual maturity to use it in a way compatible with life/nature and the rest is history as it is all a repeat of fateful event ever since.

    My the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  4. WEll in my previous article at least I demanded impeachment - and I still do. They are going to hide behind the war powers resolution as an excuse to ignore our once-sacred constitution.

    Good points. Thank you very much for the feedback. Critical comments are much appreciated - especially when they make sense.

    It is a globalist agenda. Perhaps you are right about Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich - but...

    Ron Paul has a voting record - and I don't see what more he can do if the rest of Congress won't join forces with him.

  5. I used to like both Kucinich and Paul ... but both have sold out, in my opinion. They are free to "oppose" only because neither one has any power or any chance of actually bringing about real change. If they had a chance of hell of actually changing things, I guarantee there would be a private plane crash in their future.

    Kucinich lost my support when he backed off supporting a single payer health care system and backed Obama's gift to the health insurance companies. Paul lost me when he had a chance to run as a 3rd party but opted to stay within the Republican party even though he knows that they do not have any respect for the Constitution.

    I don't expect Paul and Kucinich to be able to accomplish anything. I do expect them to try. Talking about stuff isn't the same as doing it. And so far they only seem to be able to act when it won't really make a difference ... If they are too afraid to act (because of no doubt very real threats if they do), then they need to get the hell out. We need fearless leaders.

  6. Great comments Scarlett:

    Ron Paul explained that he since he ran as a Republican and held office as a Republican at the time he ran he felt it would be a betrayal of those he represented.

    I agree with the Kucinich thing - he caved after the master of illusion gave him a wine-and-dine on airforce 1

    We do need fearless leaders - but they will need protection from insiders.

  7. ...but they don't have the people pushing their representatives to get on board. That is the "complaint" I heard from Ron Paul on this topic, when he explained why they are powerless to act.


  8. Note: Yesterday the videos and ads stopped working on this blog and I couldn't log in to try to fix anything. My apologies to those who couldn't access the videos. No apologies to Congress.


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